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ON THE SET: First Pics Of Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs & Harold Perrineau SHOOTING "The Best Man Holiday"

 photo bestman2_zpseeba0e7b.jpg

The first official pics from the set of The Best Man Holiday have surfaced and the male lead characters are looking pretty good.  See Taye, Terrence and Harold inside....

 photo cheesep1_zpsff41ff29.jpg

We told you a few weeks back that some of our favorite YBFers would be heading up to Toronto, Canada to film The Best Man Holiday, and now the first official photos have emerged from the set!  

Terrence said last month about the new flick:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they're doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

We see that Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau are looking as good as they did over a decade ago...and their characters seem to be taking a healthy appraoch to cooking.  We love a sexy man who knows his way around the kitchen.  Can't wait to see how everybody's relationships are going in the sequel...


Photos via O'Neill/White/INFphoto.com 




Terrance has Jumped The

Terrance has Jumped The Shark.....
Jesus H. Christ's picture

......... and neither is

......... and neither is married to a black woman. smh....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Sista why does it matter,

Sista why does it matter, when the number 1 show to black women is SCANDAL!!! Where a black woman is being a slut to some white man, and when a brotha tries to approach her she gives him the cold shoulder and says she wanted painful, exciting, love from some married crakkka!! I mean i don't see an outrage from yall when all these black women are with white men!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I get your point It's not

I get your point It's not relevant... It's a tv show, ...it's acting. We're speaking of 3 actors pictured above, who portray themselves in not one but 2 movies of a black romance, when off camera, a black women is really not their interest....sorry but it's a turn off.
Tren's picture

Are kidding to even use

Are kidding to even use Scandal as an example, when it is an extreme rarity to see a black women with a white man on television, yet we don't even have enough body parts or hairs on our entire body to count the # of black actors actually married to non-blacks but playing roles on top of roles that cater to mostly black women? Smh.
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Sunflower Jones's picture

For 3 (not 1 not 2, but 3)

For 3 (not 1 not 2, but 3) out of the four leading men, in one of the most popular black films, not to be married to 1 of the majority supporters (black women)...... yeah it's a problem. It's called... "I'll take your dolla, but I don't wanna holla"..... and then they run home with our money and support their white meat habit. WTH scandal has to do with this? Nothing! (which btw I've only seen half an episode) I take it that you're an avid watcher yourself, being that you are repeating quotes from the show..... and the 3 to 4 black women (i'm assuming you're talking about the women in Hollywood) that dates white men, doesn't compare to the 500,000 black men, that only dip their stick in flour. Brotha Please!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Absolutely on point!

Absolutely on point!
Denise2007's picture

I don't know how I overlooked

I don't know how I overlooked your comment, but RIGHT ON, SISTA!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

WHOA!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!! These

WHOA!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!! These guys portray loving a Black woman on screen giving Black women hope and real life loving women of ANOTHER RACE!!! ...e.g. Hill Harper, Jamie Foxx...
MsKnowIT's picture

You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth. LOL.
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