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Please Stick To Rap & Fashion: A$AP Rocky Tells "Brown Skinned Girls" What They SHOULDN'T Do With Makeup

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The fashion loving rapper who's currently on tour with Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, dished out his beauty secrets to Coveteur.  And while we're fans of the self proclaimed "pretty muthafu**er", we suggest he not go there with makeup do's and don'ts for black women.


Check out what he had to say inside that has folks around the net in a tizzy...

He's known for his sleek long hair, fashion loving edge and baby faced skin (his secret is witch hazel) that apparently, plenty of chicks think is sexy.  So when Coveteur asked the "Goldie" rapper to dish out his secrets about hair and skincare, naturally certain folks would be a bit interested.

When asked about how he handles his hair, he says he simply ties it down at night and only washes it once a week since "black people don't have to wash it as often."

OK, we can co-sign on that.  But then ish went left when he was asked how he likes women to wear their makeup.  He said he's more of a natural guy:

"But you girls don’t understand how much you mess up your skin. You can’t help it, but make-up is the worst thing you can do to your skin. I love girls natural, but I don’t mind make-up. There’s nothing wrong with it, there’s really nothing wrong with it. See, guys like us we just like—well me, I only speak for myself, but guys like me, I’m used to normal. I’m used to real. Like yeah, your shit is going to stink, you’re real, you know? You piss, you bleed, you laugh, you cry—you’re human. So makeup is just like an artificial expression if you ask me."

He very well could have stopped there.  But then he continues on about what "non-fair skinned" (in other words, brown) girls shouldn't do--like red lipstick:

"When it’s time to get all dazzled up or you’re going out, then fine. I like red lips, it’s fine. I’m going to be real, though: it’s bad for making out, because it gets on the guys. But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—f*cking for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the f*ck…"

Just when we were starting to love some A$AP, he goes and shows he's an ignoramus.  There's no need for us to school him or others about how and why red lipstick can work for EVERYONE, since he seems dead-set on perpetuating complexion stereotypes. 

Sometimes fellas, it's best to just stick to what you know:  Your music and your flat iron.  Folks love to give negative words publicly to the brown skinned YBF beauties out there (he could have said what he loved about brown skinned beauties, but he didn't).  Chill out. 

In the words of our fave nutty brown skinned beauty Kenya Moore: Don't come for us unless we send for you.

Photo: Coveteur





you can't just slap on

you can't just slap on lipstick and think you're fly you actually have to make sure it fits your skin tone.
j23's picture

Most people will be offended

Most people will be offended but i for one am not. I'm a light skinned chick and i think it looks horrible on me in ANY shade. Not to mention my lips are full enough and red makes them look like those candied wax lips which isn't a good look. I agree with him because personally i don't like any shade of women of color in red lipstick, i NEVER have. Now i like the fact that he likes real chicks BUT he should just be a little more cautious in how and what he says- you DON"T have to express everything you feel especially if no one asks you in the first place.

Honestly, there is not

Honestly, there is not anything wrong with what he said. I think this is blown out of proportion. He did not "diss" black/dark skinned women. And if he did, then joke is on him. He did however state his "preferences", which is FINE! I am a dark skinned black woman, and I don't like red lipstick on myself. I am pretty, and I have lots of men of all races approach me, saying that to say: I don't hate myself or have those issues, I just think red looks better on lighter shades, it pops more! I prefer pink and more neutral colors on myself.... to me, it makes our (darker women) skin pop more, which is beautiful! Let's not take everyones preferences as a negative, because that's not always the case. He is dark skinned and probably has a dark skinned mother (or/and father), It does make me sad when black men totally disregard their own race when considering partners/mates... Yes it's absolutely absurd! I don't think there is anything wrong with dating outside your races as long as you don't EXCLUDE your own race when choosing. To me, men who do that hate themselves and not black women. They came from black women, they ARE black! It makes me ashamed of them and not offended, because honestly all of the other races laugh at them! I feel like we (black people) are taken as a joke because of our own self hatred (not all of us, but the ones who make those comments), other races laugh at us. Who gives a flying f*** if you are light or dark, to the other "superior" races that these men praise, we are ALLLLLLLLL different shades of ni**ers at the end of the day! Different shades, but all the same joke.... It's sad. But ladies don't get upset and offended by the ignorant comments these rappers and bb players and other ignorant men make, because again, it's their own self hatred and not hatred of us. God doesn't make mistakes.... he made me and you black, and everything and everyBODY he has made is beautiful and perfect in his sight. These black men can "deny" black women all they want, They can go get a white woman, a mixed woman, or any other color but black, but at the end of the day they are black and hating WHO they came from means hating who they are.
maybeline's picture

Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! Unbelievable! It

Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! Unbelievable! It is VERY easy for Black men to say that Black women are being hyper sensitive at A$UCKS comments. But Black men do not go through the same issues regarding beauty and appearance as black women do. Men say they want natural woman-and many sistahs are going with a natural look. But if every black woman retired her pressing comb/ relaxer kit, wore no make-up at all, are you men truly saying you would give this sistah a second look? Oh wait-I forgot , as long as her butt is big enough to have it's on zip code, she'd be OK. right? You men may laugh and agree but that is EXACTLY the negative self images that black women are bombarded with every day. Yes, of course, bright red lipstick doesn't look good on everybody or anybody really. But there are shade of red that does. Same thing with Blond hair on Black women-Mary J Blige rocked her blonde hair styles for years and dudes in the hood were LOVING IT It seems that men like A$uck and other Black entertainers and athletes, who are in the public eye, make these disparaging comments about Black women and don't realize the damaging impact of their words. That's why you have these young girls out here in color contacts, weaves and others accoutrements to enhance their appearance because these girls hear and more importantly see these men saying they like their women "natural" and watch these guys gravitate to the women with "naturally" long hair and "natural" looks that are WIDELY accepted as the standard of beauty. How many sistahs do you know with "natural" long straight hair unless the woman is biracial? Naturally, straight hair, blue, green and light eyes are usually (not always) a trait of white women.Then these guys mask their derisive comments as "that's just my preference" to make it sound less hurtful. I can remember a time when a lot of my dark skinned brothers were usually looked over for their fair skinned counterparts. I actually heard a woman say she liked dating dark-skinned men because "they are more appreciate that (somebody wants to date them cause they're dark). Then Wesley Snipes and Avery Brooks came on the scene and Black men have been in heavy rotation ever sense. That hasn't been the case for Black women-the high fashion model Alex Wek refuses to wear weaves, is a NATURAL African beauty who happens to be dark and I have YET to see her on the arm of ANY of these rappers, athletes and/or entertainers who claim they like women NATURAL. Black women are constantly picked apart because we wear weaves, wear natural hair, wear color contacts, have ample bottoms, don't have no booty at all, have full lips or lips are too big praised for our thickness or ridiculed for being overweight. It NEVER ends!
GetAtMe's picture

The problem is when we're

The problem is when we're mentioned it seems like we get more put-downs than praises. Unfortunately, not surprised. He said a while ago that he encourages everybody to have interracial relationships so that already tells that he's not interested in any black women. No matter how subtle or insignificant his comment may seem, it's separatism and as long as we're divided we'll continue to fall. Anyone that labels the disagreement of what he says as being "sensitive", using the copout of having a preference, or just plays oblivious to what is yet another insult to black women are just helping the "others" continue the centuries old practice of putting us against each other based on complexion. No need for them to do anything these days though because we're making sure that we won't ever get ahead all by ourselves. *stepping down off my soapbox*
WaterBaby's picture

Dear ASAP, It's called Ruby

Dear ASAP, It's called Ruby Woo by MAC works on all complexions. Thank me later
nikki6's picture

People are making brown vs

People are making brown vs light so serious It seems like you have to be careful what you say about a brown girl or they mad dont let you say you prefer light skinned girls they mad but they the first to say how in love they are wit they complexions get over it red does not complement brown girls if they had a choice theyd secretly rather be light skinned any damn way!
Swme1025's picture

Rotflmao!!!! LAWD HAMMERCY!!!

Rotflmao!!!! LAWD HAMMERCY!!! That comment... I just CAN'T!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I think it was just the

I think it was just the delivery and the difficulty he had putting a sentence together. I think what he was trying to say is that everyone cannot wear every color. And that is so true. I know you all have seen someone with a color on that did not compliment her skin color regardless if they were light or not. It’s okay brown skin people, I still love you and think you are beautiful. Side eye to being called fashion loving though and the braids must go boo boo.
Suga Bear's picture

I agree 100% @Crazy Sexy

I agree 100% @Crazy Sexy Cool, there's nothing wrong with having a preference but these type of men are the type who also have a problem with themselves. It's not like he's HANDSOME or CUTE to me he's acting like he's has the singer Lloyd's beautiful skin and nice features going on, and he DOESN'T! I happen to don't care for men who have BIG NOSES like he does or tire shaped LIPS. All this coming from a FRANK OCEAN LOOKING MONKEYFIED LOOKING insecure man with his own deep rooted problems! This is coming from someone who was dating the rapper IGGY and other non brown women. I also find it a little feminine for a man to be talking about different lip stick colors for women. It's ok to have a preference but untill this TWAT learns how to express himself better he needs to just STFU! I've seen these type of guys before this is coming from a man who wishes he was better looking lighter the whole nine yard! Rih really should not have this FOOL on her tour because he was the one a year ago all jealous of her calling her head BIG is exactly words were JUGGARNAULT HEAD! He needs to cut those bald head braids walking around like he has Snoop or Lloyd type braids! Stupid comment because red comes in so many different shades now it's 2013 not the 1950's where there was only 1 shade of red!
Shay's picture

What did he say wrong? He is

What did he say wrong? He is speaking toward what he feels is attractive on ladies. I personally agree with him. I love the natural look. I think bright blue, green, purple eye liner, lipstick, or rouge is tacky on women of color in general. I think big fake eye lashes look ridiculous too. The problem with some women is they don't dress for the man in their life. They dress too stand out among their lady friends and for the new people they come across. So when a boyfriend says "baby tone down the makeup and eyelashes. I like when you are natural" They hear that as he doesn't want me to get attention or he doesn't really know fashion because all her girls do their makeup similarly. Well, you can't have good taste if you base your taste on the foolishness coming from the hood. If all your friends have bad taste then you wouldn't know what good taste is. If you don't read any fashion books or don't realize some looks in magazines are editorial then your taste is very limited. Rule number 1: Just because some fool at the club told you your blue eye shadow, green eye liner, purple lipstick, and butterfly eye lashes was hot doesn't mean he meant it.
The ZuluKing's picture

What's wrong with what he

What's wrong with what he said is that he singled out brown/dark skinned girls for criticism. Perhaps you don't see that in what he said, but you should be respectful enough to realize that others might take offense in it. It's perfectly acceptable for people to voice their own personal preferences and tastes, but it should be done TACTFULLY and DIPLOMATICALLY, and A$AP whoevers statements were neither. He needs a lesson in PR or should just hire a publicist to do his talking.
The Real Thing's picture

What he said was his opinion.

What he said was his opinion. He doesn't like loud as colors on dark skin women. There was nothing distasteful about that. The truth of the matter is it looks tacky too see most black women in tacky loud blues, greens, and reds with big ugly unnatural eye lashes. He emphasized how he likes the natural look on all women. Black women can't and shouldn't emulate the makeup schemes white women use. All complexions aren't made to have blues, greens, and reds on them. Given his preference for the natural look, what screams natural about a woman dark as Grace Jones rocking red lipstick and blue eye shadow? It wasn't a diss to dark women. They shouldn't want to emulate white women or lighter skin women. They have a beauty all to their own and they should look to enhance that.
The ZuluKing's picture

How is wearing red lipstick

How is wearing red lipstick or blue eyeshadow "emulating white women or lighter skin women"? What he says was a diss, it was offensive, and on that hater a$$ tip. And I don't expect the likes of you to agree with me. The way he chose to voice his opinion was OFFENSIVE to a whole segment of women. Come to grips with that. Sounds like both you and A$AP are cruising for a job at the MAC counter.
The Real Thing's picture

You must be "Sensitive!"

You must be "Sensitive!" Makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not make you look like Bozo. So when I tell my brown skin woman take "that blue shit off your face" it is not attractive to me on you" that isn't a diss to brown skin women. Again, there is nothing natural about a dark skin woman wearing blue and lime green all over her face. Not to me anyway. I don't care if it matches your outfit! He said nothing wrong or insensitive. He said he prefer all his women natural and he doesn't like to see loud colors on black women. That ain't a slight.
The ZuluKing's picture

Tasha stay hyping shit up!

Tasha stay hyping shit up! I'm a brown girl and I see nothing controversial or ignorant about his statements.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Well A$AP certainly gives

Well A$AP certainly gives Natasha ammunition with his awkwardly critical statements about certain women.
The Real Thing's picture

Why do black women give

Why do black women give rappers and athletes so much power? They are the least educated folks and the last people we should be taking serious or allowing to define us. Athletes and rappers are so stupid and have a short shelf life of 5 yrs. That speaks to their mental capacity. I feel He didnt say anything negative at all. He just wants attention, be it negative or positive. Don't feed into it, and if you have a problem with he/they say about us, dont support! I don't support anybody who doesn't promote black unity and enrichment.
KENNEDY78's picture

First & foremost let me say

First & foremost let me say that i know Rocky, i've known him for years, way before he was famous - so before everyone starts with the "ASAP Rocky hates black women" stuff.. HE LIKES ALLLLLL WOMEN, literally. Secondly let me say that he is a critical individual, always has been & always will be. if he doesn't like something he's gonna let you know that, he's told me to my face he didn't like my makeup lol. Thirdly, he didn't say anything bad. I feel like that whole dark skin brown skin light skin issue is always blown out of proportion. BLACK ppl so quick to find the negative in smthg especially when it's coming from another black person. He said what he felt. Everything is not for everybody, thats just the long & short of it. Not to mention, he said "fair" skin, how do u know what he considers fair skin? and ima come clean, i find that this site tends to post shady things abt Rocky. i'm just sayin dont call urself a fan if ure not really a fan, and dont try to come for somebody head just because YOU feel a way.
Loveeeeeeeeee's picture

there's really nothing wrong

there's really nothing wrong with what he said. can we not point out that there a dark skinned girls and fair skinned girls and they all can't wear the same colors?? What's wrong with that?? People so damn hyper sensitive for no reason.
kay p's picture

But that's not what he said

But that's not what he said or how he said it. Again, it's the execution of his idea that was poorly done. But he's free to say whatever he wants, and folks who are offended are free to take offense in it and to criticize it. Everyone's speech is free on both sides of this discussion.
The Real Thing's picture

A$AP is so friggin' cute to

A$AP is so friggin' cute to me¡! I wish he'd get the phucking memo and cut those damn braids!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Kudos to JJFad; Crazy Sexy

Kudos to JJFad; Crazy Sexy Cool; and N Minni Campbell for so excellently articulating the problem with A$AP's comments. Y'all hit the nail on the head, and I cosign on all of you. Whenever a male rapper/urban singer opens his mouth and speaks about a brown/dark skin woman, it's to say something negative. And inversely, whenever one of these morons opens his mouth about a light or "fair" (as A$AP says) skin woman it's positive, and complimentary. I can't tell you how many songs talk about wanting a "light skin thick red-bone, open up your filet mignon", etc. Whatever Lil Wayne and all the rest. All of them need to stop it with the absurd retrograde racism. No one should be described by the color of their skin, including black women. These fools need to stop trying to breed contempt and infighting amongst us. Use your platform for something positive for once. SMDH.
The Real Thing's picture

wow black men i tell you.

wow black men i tell you.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

he is such a douche....i cant

he is such a douche....i cant believe tamar braxton flashed her boobs..she is so ratchet ..i mean just google 'celeb overdose kelsnetwork'
reane's picture

Shave those braids off first

Shave those braids off first though.
cutethatsall56's picture

ASAP really needs to shut his

ASAP really needs to shut his alfalfa doo doo braids buckweed lookin ass up! It's usually ALWAYS the darkest dudes and/or FUGLY dudes making unnecessary comments about dark skin women (see: Neyo, Dream, Consequence, etc.) I've seen black women as light as Charlie Baltimore to as dark as Akon rock red lipstick and it looks GORGEOUS! So I really don't know why people think red is too bright for black women. Black women normally look good in red. It all depends on the shade and texture of the color. I feel like every other month there is a rapper or some public figure in the media putting dark skin women down (NOT JUST BLACK). It's SO SAD and disappointing on so many levels. And for those of you who keep saying it's no big deal.. Probably b/c it doesn't apply to you, so you don't care.. TYPICAL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I wasn't offended. They asked

I wasn't offended. They asked the man what he likes and dislikes about women and he broke it down. Everyone has a type and everyone prefers to see certain things on certain people. Not ever woman can pull off wearing red lipstick I absolutely agree. It doesn't always look good on light skinned women and it doesn't always look good on dark skinned women. I totally agree on the make up remark. I hate to hug certain people at church because they wear WAY too much make up and you know it's gonna rub off on your shoulder pads and not come out. Me as a woman prefer a more natural look as well. I can't stand to see dreads on white people...so what that mean? That's just my opinion and my preference.
qtpa2t's picture

Excuse me but the everyone

Excuse me but the everyone has a type and preference bullsh*t has recently become the scapegoat and cop-out excuse for intra-racists and self-hating fools. Please most of people running with this excuse are the same ones that sit around and belittle their own race even to other races. IF you were so preference driven then you would have no need to insult, slick diss or shade any other complexion because its not a preference. Only someone that gets an emotional high or has some deep seated issues does. Miss me with that tired excuse along with calling every black woman bitter just for calling out the truth. Scapegoats galore.
JJFad's picture

No disrespect to qtpa2t, but

No disrespect to qtpa2t, but I completely agree with your statement that "preference" is a copout excuse. "I have a preference for a certain skin tone or ethnicity," is just a shady nice way of saying, "I don't date your kind." I've NEVER been attracted to someone's skin tone or ethnicity, that's just stupid! I am however attracted to CUTENESS! Height is a PREFERENCE, Body build is a PREFERENCE, hair is a PREFERENCE, skin tone and ethnicity IS NOT!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I need to understand why are

I need to understand why are brown and dark skinned black women being attacked, ridiculed, belittled constantly by rappers and comedians all of a sudden. It's open season on these women and most of them have daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts with the same complexions. How hateful and evil?? I mean let these guys tell it may all of the brown and dark black women should die so they can be happy and not have to see them since they detest everything about them. Smh. See brown and dark skinned black women its time to take a stand. Your dollars staying in your purse and non support can speak louder than anything. That's why I stand by what I say whatever happens negatively to black men, they deserve..karma for all the evil they dump on black women with no conscious.
JJFad's picture

Preach! Cosign!

Preach! Cosign!
GetAtMe's picture

ASAP is being honest. Accept

ASAP is being honest. Accept it and move on. He's attracted to a certain type of woman, we should commend him for being honest with his fans, himself with what he's attracted to. I feel that if people can't appreciate his honesty, than that's their problem not his. He's not my type so I can careless, what turns him on. I'm attracted to nonblack men , solely. Now, if a black man has a problem with that, I can't help that, but I respect black men's opinion. Noone can be upset when someone is truthful.

Hey A$AP know what I don't

Hey A$AP know what I don't like? Dumb ass n***s that still wear braids in 2013. Call me when you become a world renowned makeup artist and colorist. Seriously? They make red lipstick and purple for that matter in all shades for all complexions. GTFOH!
PacificGirl's picture

Why are yall mad?? You black

Why are yall mad?? You black women always say you just want a brotha thats going to be REAL WITH YOU!! I mean the young brotha is right red lip stick on dark skinned women looks strange!!! It might look good to you and it might make you feel good about yourself but if you ask letsgetit IM GOING TO TELL YOUR ASS THE TRUTH!! And black women PERIOD look like fools with these weaves, blonde hair, and still wearing them damn lace fronts. A black man's opinion don't matter to black women , all that matters to them IS TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A DIFFERENT RACE and appeasing the white man.
LetsGetIt's picture

Spewing more venom, huh?

Spewing more venom, huh? LOLOL For the record-a black man's opinion DOES matter to black women. But black men also try to appease "the white man" too. Don't believe me? Check out the lyrics to the new country song made by Brad Paisley & LL COOL J!
GetAtMe's picture

His comments didn't really

His comments didn't really offend me. I took it as him being concerned about the women he cares most about and thats us. At least thats the way my brother explains it. My brother says he doesn't care what non black women do because he's not interested in them. On another note, Have you ever wondered why black women wear contacts and weave? Black men worship non black women, then frown upon and mock our black features that you share! So how can you blame these women for trying to imitate the women you desire?
KENNEDY78's picture

No that's not why black women

No that's not why black women put weaves in their hair and contacts in their eyes BE REAL SISTA!!!!!Black men can say you look beautiful with your natural hair and black women will still feel the need to wear a weave and contacts. Because lets be honest THE BLACK MAN OPINION DOESN'T MATTER TO BLACK WOMEN. But if a white man tells a black woman she looks good with natural hair SHE WEAR THAT SHIT WITH PRIDE and blush everytime that white man comes around. Black WOMEN DON'T DO A MUTHAAAAAAA FUCKING THING FOR BLACK MEN. IF THEY DID MOST WOULD CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE!!YALL SAY WHITE WOMEN ARE SUBMISSIVE AND THATS WHY WE DATE THEM , WELL WHY AINT BLACK WOMEN BEING SUBMISSIVE ??? ALRITE THEN!!!!! Black women don't do a damn thing for black men. Matter afact ill say we do more for BLACK WOMEN, we'll act like we're a thug to impress you, we'll act like coon ass niggas since that's what black women attracted to. We'll be a simp and give our money if that's what black women want. We'll be a leeching ass negro that sits on her couch while she's at work because she don't want a strong male in the house. But black women are not willing to change for black men.
LetsGetIt's picture

I think the real issue is the

I think the real issue is the constant negative things said against dark skin women in the music industry. Especially when it comes to rappers.. I have seen numerous brownskin/ darksking women PULL OFF red lipstick better than any one because of the contrast. Ruby woo anyone? I think the problem is him categorizing one skin tone and what they "shouldn't do". I have seen Lightskin women do the blonde wig and Bright pink lip stick and it didnt look so well. You cant base a generalization off a couple people you've seen. Its too easy and ignorant to do that.


PacificGirl's picture

Nothing new here, just

Nothing new here, just another dumb, ignorant rapper and to be honest I have never heard of this guy. Still trying to figure out what makes him so good looking. He's average looking and even that's pushing it.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Fuck this dude, whomever he's

Fuck this dude, whomever he's supposed to be, he can't even articulate a complete sentence...sounding like an ebonics monkey. Umph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Im lost....and ALSO- I have

Im lost....and ALSO- I have NEVER seen him look fashionable. In my opinion he looks a hot ass mess. Just because you pair random expensive pieces together does NOT mean you know fashion.
Classic87's picture

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with his statement, that's what he prefers but I disagree. I've seen plenty of beautiful women with brown skin wearing red lipstick very well. I just hate when dark skin women wear bright pink lipstick or eye shadow, then top it off with a ghetto platinum blonde weave. I think women with darker skin should stay away from blonde hair, period. Like, I cannot stand NeNe's hair! She needs to change that color asap. I also think Beyonce looks better with dark hair vs the blonde. Of course, that's my opinion.
Mrs_B_35's picture

He's right that makeup is

He's right that makeup is tricky. Heck I can't stand when I get my own makeup on my white blouse and red lipstick can be a hot mess for everyone involved.
Denise2007's picture

I don't think what he said is

I don't think what he said is so bad. He's not the 1st guy to talk about not liking make-up. I have lots of male friends and most guys actually Don't like it, especially heavy foundation, lipstick or super shiny gloss because its a deterrent to kissing and touching. Women wear make-up to look like models in magazines but that airbrushed nonsense isn't real or attainable even for them. Spend more time on natural skin and hair care techniques straight from your cabinet or fridge, use moisturizer, drink water, all of these things actually improve your look and doesn't just cover it up. The red lipstick thing is his opinion, I have seen it worn well and poorly by all shades. I think people wouldn't be so quick to jump on what he said about brown-skinned women if they didn't know he was dating pale-skinned Iggy Azalea.
YaVyBnMe's picture

I understood what he was

I understood what he was saying. Red lipstick is tricky for any complexion. I think folks are just trying to make what he is saying negative.
Missy's picture

Why, pray tell, are black

Why, pray tell, are black women always put under a microscope by every damn person? Yes, the man is entitled to his likes and dislikes. However, sistas are always put under a microscope. People tell us what to do with our vaginas, our wombs, our hair, our make up, our relationships, etc. When does it end? Again, I'm not mad at him, per se, I'm just saying that, ladies, if you like purple or red lipsticks, then wear it. I may look at it and think, "No ma'am" just like I do with many black women with blond hair, but, as the saying goes, "If you like it, I love it." We cannot allow others to define us, ladies.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Well he does have a point

Well he does have a point though. It's not a good look for a dark skinned woman to wear bright red lipstick or a blonde hair weave! Yuck!
I Am Anonymous's picture

You know what? Beyonce is

You know what? Beyonce is light skinned, and I've seen her with red lipstick, and to me, it didn't look good on her either. I, personally, don't like red lipstick, but, eh - that's just me.
Sunflower Jones's picture

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