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Kendrick Lamar & Miguel's TRIPLE Vibe Covers & Spread, Miguel Appreciates Frank Ocean's Unique "Announcement" That Overshadowed The Music

 photo VIBEDigitalCover_OnlineExclusive_zps3470bdc9.png

VIBE is bringing us the "New Classics" for their April/May 2013 issue.  Singer Miguel and rapper Kendrick Lamar are the fresh faces spread out over three covers.  Check out their spreads, plus why Kendrick Lamar is set on working with Nas and why Miguel is OK with Frank Ocean's "announcement" overshadowing the music...

 photo VIBEKendrickcovercopy_zps4688cc0a.jpg  


He's one of our fave rappers right now for a reason.  A hot flow, something of substance to say and always with an ill beat, Kendrick Lamar has the hip hop light shining brightly on Cali again (not that it ever totally left). 

So it's only right the "Swimming Pools (Drank)" rapper was chosen as 1/2 of the cover of the new issue.  EIC Jermaine Hall said about the choice, "Watching the rise of two future genius artists is rare.  With Kendrick’s classic debut and Miguel’s new-age soul dominance we wanted to celebrate these LA products in the moment. They are appropriate look-forwards to an issue crowning the culture’s best.”

And we must agree.  More pics from Kendrick's spread:

 photo KENDRICK_LAMAR_VIBE23367_zps2d4e2f57.jpg


 photo KENDRICK_LAMAR_VIBE22939copy_zpsb99974d2.jpg  photo KENDRICK_LAMAR_VIBE22773copy_zps5eda9777.jpg  photo KENDRICK_LAMAR_VIBE22717copy-1_zps1ca7bf8d.jpg

On working with Nas (who people often compare him to) on KL's next album: 

KL: “I never got a chance to reach out to him (Nas). I was so wrapped up in getting the music done and samples cleared and mastered. I didn't wanna rush the process; I actually wanted to sit in the studio and vibe with him. [It was] the only thing that I had a vision for that I sought out to accomplish, but in due time…”

On which artist puts them on their toes and to go harder:
KL: “My partner J. Cole is always keeping it to the point where you have to show and prove. My partner Drake kills it.”

M: “What's fucked up about R&B is that that camaraderie doesn't exist. I don't really know why.”

Interesting (and seemingly true) words Miguel.  The "Quickie" singer's solo cover & spread is below:


 photo VIBEMiguelCovercopy_zps6ed8a8da.jpg

 photo MIGUEL_VIBE23663copy_zpsa55905f5.jpg  photo MIGUEL_VIBE23647copy_zps1fdc8136.jpg  photo MIGUEL_VIBE23641copy_zps75e3a8e7.jpg

On the biggest risk they’ve taken artistically:
M: “Overall it doesn’t sound like any other R&B album that’s been put out in the past decade…I remember having a conversation with Mark, my A&R like, “Man, I don’t know if they’re going to get this shit.””

KL: “The idea of a concept record has been lost for a long time – will that translate to 16-year-old kids in high school rather than the super energetic joint on the radio? I definitely had that in the back of my mind when I was creating this album.”

On Frank Ocean’s announcement:
M: “In all reality, Frank Ocean took a big chance the way that artists are supposed to. Sonically and how he writes and what he’s writing about and how he chooses to express himself vocally, all his choices are very unique and I appreciate that about him. Not only did his announcement overshadow my music, but it overshadowed his as well.


The issue hits stands April 26th everywhere.  Check out the full cover story and some BTS footage from the shoot over at VIBE.




I don't think Frank's

I don't think Frank's announcement overshadowed his music. Maybe to homophobic people. I just love the music and it's good music and I bought it. I also bought Miquel's and he's right, I didn't get it this time around, but that doesn't mean I won't try again with him because he has real talent. Of course Kendrick is the cot damn king. I don't know what else to say about him. Amazing. I will say I'm grateful to Frank and Miquel because they made CB step his game up. I knew he had a classic R&B album in him and I think it's coming if Fine China is any indication. Music is exciting right now.
Bird's picture

2 of my favorite people on

2 of my favorite people on the same post. TRUE talent, no gimmicks. I freaking love K Lamar, his album is a classic IMO. I got it when it first came out and I'm still rocking with it. Tracks 1,4,5,6, and 10 are my fave songs. I've been rocking with Miguel since he first came out, lots of people jumped on the bandwagon when Adorn came out but I was with him since All I Want Is You.
Mrs_B_35's picture

soo agree!!! i love kendrick

soo agree!!! i love kendrick and miguel. two of "some" of the best artist of this decade
tigerlilies's picture

I agree: All I Want Is You is

I agree: All I Want Is You is still hot; with him another cutie, J. Cole. I hear ya Gurl :-)

So nice to see two decent

So nice to see two decent looking and great-sounding artists have a decent conversation. I like the kind of music (and rap) that both of these dudes do. I also appreciate their ability to speak WELL, and clearly, and in a decent way about their peers. That damn Miguel can get it though. He's not really 'my type' at a glance but his music is HAWT to death!

True dat boo. I was bout to

True dat boo. I was bout to put out a APB for you hunty.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LOL, naw no APB is needed

LOL, naw no APB is needed just yet. I'm chillin' just a working stiff reading celeb gossip to pass the time. But if you ever hear of a mysterious woman sexually molesting Miguel in public--its probably gonna be-me. :-)

ok now Miss Godiva.

ok now Miss Godiva.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Sorry--I had a moment...:-)

Sorry--I had a moment...:-)

lol.....i feel you on that

lol.....i feel you on that tho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about Miguel. He isn't my type either but he's sexy.
Mrs_B_35's picture

I like this. These two

I like this. These two epitomize true artistry, which seems to be hard to come by these days. I like the way they are styled. They each look like theselves and not some overstyled garbage. Two thumbs up for these handsome brothers.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

You said that, Beema! I know

You said that, Beema! I know Miguel admitted that when he first came out, they styled him the way THEY wanted to. So glad he's come into his own. I wish much success to them both!
MrsCPA's picture

Yeah me too girl. We need

Yeah me too girl. We need more artists like these.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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