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MUST LISTEN: Dame Dash Drops Knowledge About The Fakeness Of The Industry, Life After Jay-Z & Aaliyah & More

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In one of the realest interviews from someone who was in the industry but not of the industry, Dame Dash clears up what really went down with his infamous career.


Dame drops knowledge about why he's left the fake industry for good and why everything went down with Jay-Z, Aaliyah, Rachel Roy & Rocafella the way it did....

 photo 150784-aaliyah-damon-dash_zps784b9716.jpg

He's known as the original a**hole of the hip hop industry.  But he's also one of the first to truly build and own the rap brands he worked with. And with that, comes drama.  We haven't heard from him in years, but here's the lowdown if you've ever wondered (and we know we have) why the 41-year-old REALLY left his long time business partners like Jay-Z & Rocafella.  The 41-year-old dad of four also addresses the long time beef with Just Blaze (who shows up as well for some awkward talk).

Dame explained why he hates working with men in the industry, and prefers working with females. "Men can be too insecure. The more you do for a guy, the more they resent you.  I prefer working with females [like ex-wife Rachel Roy] because the more success you get, they take it as their success too.  They're thankful."


Dame drops some knowledge about the fake titles, fake power and fake people in the often fake industry.  If he didn't own it and it wasn't authentic, Dame wasn't having it.  He essentially let us know that being handed a title and some cash in a deal wasn't the way he wanted to win. But it's the way many people he worked with in the industry did want to win.  Instead, he wanted to own and completely control the deal.  So now he's clearing the air about being the bad guy.  And he's also talking about those "broke" rumors.

Check out the epic 2 hour interview with The Combat Jack Show below:





He looks like an older Big

He looks like an older Big Sean in that picture! Lol
MsPisME's picture

Not buying all this... He

Not buying all this... He smashed his homies girl... which means he is as grimy as the next dude... smh he just feel sorry for himself...

I'm glad I had the

I'm glad I had the opportunity to listen to this interview because I feel like Dame got a chance to speak freely and clear a few things up. I don't think he's mad about Rockafella, I honestly believe he was ready to move on. Dame seems to be very intelligent and I think he wanted to try new things. His personality is very unique and I don't think he's an ass, I really think he's a caring person, some people may not like his humor, but he really cares about his friends. But the media always trying to ruin peoples image. Don't believe the hype, take the time and listen to the interview, it's 2 hours but you can fast forward if you'd like and I'm sure you want feel the same about Damon Dash after you listen to it. He's moved on and he's happy with his family.
Hilarious's picture

I can't listen to that long

I can't listen to that long butt crap....I bet he didn't admit he got with Aaliyah AFTER Jay had her.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

why now. no one is checking

why now. no one is checking for Damon. Please. Jay Z was the brains behind the sucess and he was lucky to ride his coat tail.
lola69's picture

I'm glad folk told me this

I'm glad folk told me this was a 2-hr interview. At the end of the day, you're allowed an opportunity if you're lucky or persistant. What you do with that opportunity in essence is your success. Dame did some idiot moves; I'm quite sure JayZ did some idiot moves. The difference is, JayZ didn't repeat them. Dame...hmmm? You can see JayZ's successes - maybe because he has more of them. How come all we see is Dame's failures? Maybe because he bytches and moans about being dirty so much? 41 with 4 kids...time to let this go and build on what opportunities you have left.

Really YBF?! You couldn't

Really YBF?! You couldn't give us a break down for this? Ain't nobody got time for that..

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Allbeautythings0's picture

This is a blog right? I came

This is a blog right? I came here to read right? I'm going to need the moderator/s to stop being so damn lazy and get to transcribing. At the very least you could have a timetable for the important parts so we could skip around. I'm actually a little pissed thinking about it, this is like some real asshole ish. Do your damn job!
YaVyBnMe's picture

Lmfaooooooo at u reprimanding

Lmfaooooooo at u reprimanding the site & moderator
JSalsa's picture

LOLOLz! I couldn't do nothing

LOLOLz! I couldn't do nothing but laugh at this comment. Too true and too funny. ☺
Peace Silas's picture

WOW... Just Blaze definitely

WOW... Just Blaze definitely felt he was in a bullying situation. He's so upset and it clearly bothered him for years. You hear it in his voice. He's getting stuff off his chest. That was some pinned up aggression right there. He harbored real resentment towards Dame and he needed to see a therapist for real.
Just observing's picture

Yeah after a while it was

Yeah after a while it was like shut up already because he surely is unable to tell a story quickly & get to the point...and really him stating "My last point is I have always been really into polos so no one can say I wasn't always fresh when it came to that"...booo no one is checking for you...FOH

Within all of that he had a

Within all of that he had a lesson to learn and I hope that he learned it and got what was intended for him. I have admiration for the music and that era. I grew up in it. Hope he's happy. I'm sure he's a wealth of information. Too bad he couldn't keep his marriage together but hopefully they are all better from the experience.
Just observing's picture

1:23 , 1:25 & 1:30 for

1:23 , 1:25 & 1:30 for aaliyah, Jay, & finances talk...

@cupideanso, you are a JEWEL.

@cupideanso, you are a JEWEL. Thanks!!
My Moniker Is...'s picture

He still in denial. I

He still in denial. I personally got sick of him in every one of Jay's videos with his big ole belly hanging out like he was cute (not so much). The ego and greed got the best of him. Play your role as a business man and not a want a be groupy. You played a big part of everyone running away from you. Stop being a pig.....allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

Real talk, this dude still

Real talk, this dude still sour grapes because Jay left him like December-dust. Guaranteed if he was still associated he’d be the same loud arrogant prick he’s always been. Even still he sounds like he's trying to save face about the ultimate break down. Dame has been extremely humbled and stripped down while Jay $old his soul. IDK what Just Blaze is going through but he was definitely up in his feelings about his knock-off jersey. LOL! ☺
Peace Silas's picture

Most times YB&F would

Most times YB&F would breakdown the important stuff in PRINT so we could either read, watch or listen to the audio, but not this 2 HOUR interview? Really? At least we would've been able to skip around and READ what we wanted, because I am interested in what he has to say about Aaliyah. Like is he going to mention how he was blowing Ananda Lewis and Aaliyah's backs out at the same time and both knew it. ........2 HOURS though?
My Moniker Is...'s picture

O.O Whaaat?!? I ain't heard

O.O Whaaat?!? I ain't heard of that: @ the Ananda Lewis & Aaliyah claim SMH #greedyloser
Peace Silas's picture

he needs a beard trim and

he needs a beard trim and those glasses got to go! they look like my grand father's

who gon listen to a two hour

who gon listen to a two hour interview.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

not me. this blog can

not me. this blog can sometimes be azz backward.
wildlife's picture

That dome tho?

That dome tho?
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Child boo. Pot meet kettle.

Child boo. Pot meet kettle. Bottom line is that a greedy a$$hole met a bigger greedy a$$hole and couldn't hang.
DesignDiva's picture

Showbiz is no JOKE! It will

Showbiz is no JOKE! It will eat u up and spit you out. Some of the most greedy, evil people are in showbiznes.....forreal!
sexe757's picture

I wonder if he would still be

I wonder if he would still be saying this if things had gone the way he "wanted" them to....
nikki6's picture

No jay-z stop messing with

No jay-z stop messing with him because he was loud, arrogant,and he belittled people and that's why no one wants to work with him in the industry
Britbrat's picture

But Jay isn't greedy? Jay

But Jay isn't greedy? Jay isn't an a$$hole? Jay isn't ARROGANT?!?!?!? So you actually think that Jay actually let Dame control everything and had no say so?
sexe757's picture

I'm not so sure. I feel like

I'm not so sure. I feel like he had access to the same opportunities if not more than most, and he didn't take advantage of them. so other people got in where he should've fit in. I don't disagree that "the industry" can be full of grimy people, but I think he was in a position to rise above it but he chose to let other people talk and now nobody gives a rat's butt about Dame Dash. He's like a relic of the early 2000s.

U gotta be a GREEDY, SHADY

U gotta be a GREEDY, SHADY LowLife to make it in that business (all the top guys are.....EXCEPT Dr. Dre and his Posse)............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Dame had no people skills

Dame had no people skills with the other execs and the only reason why people in the business messed with him was to get to Jay-z. Once Jay-z cut ties, you saw no one messed with him. Dude was arrogant as hell, you don't have to ye'll and belittle people (including his artist) to do business. You know that dude is a problem when not even his own artist (Kanye, Just Blaze, Beanie Sigel,etc) messes with him after the Rocafella break up.
flawda's picture

I have always had more

I have always had more respect for Dame Dash as the real business man in hip hop. He was an innovator and creator. He just worked within a grimy industry.
ThatsAFact's picture

I don't know if I believe

I don't know if I believe him...did he leave the industry or has he been blacklisted by it? Cuz you NEVER hear his name mentioned in any aspect of hip-hop, music or fashion AT ALL.

He was a smart man, shame he

He was a smart man, shame he worked with a bunch of hungry idjits. They're all ruthless in that business, he should have known better.
Yas's picture

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