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The second season "LAHH ATL" has yet to hit the airwaves and we already know that one fight we'll be seeing is Lil' Scrappy's baby mama Erica Dixon fighting his "best friend" Shay Johnson. Get the deets on the bloody quarrel inside....

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Last night, "LAHH" star Erica Dixon allegedly left Shay Johnson bloodied and scratched up after an apparent fight outside of a nail salon. You'll recall these two have a history of bad feelings from last season's LAHH ATL season finale.  We're sure tv cameras were there for this too (because that's the point of fighting right?), but details are a little sketchy as Mona Scott-Young had everyone sign an air-tight confidentiality agreement.

But here's what we've heard...the ladies we're all at Karlie Redd's hair launch party called "Redd Champagne And Weave."  (Triple sigh at this name.)

And word on the street, according to Funky Dineva, is the parking lot was left red with blood.

Reportedly, Erica and Shay are beefing. Still.  We assume from the "LAHH ATL" trailer that the beef has everything to do with Lil' Scrappy. Erica was already at the party when Shay apparently looking to start some ish.  Some kind of way, Erica ended up in the parking lot with Shay (sounds like that scene when Scrappy rolled up on Stevie J in that parking lot during season 1) and the two began fighting.  After the fight, Shay was supposedly seen bleeding and ushered into a bathroom inside the salon where one of the hairstylists spent an hour getting her hair and makeup  together.  Well, at least she was in the right place for that. 

Conflicting reports have both chicks "winning" the fight....as if anyone wins when two chicks square off on television.

Time & the VH1 cameras will tell....


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Erica is too pretty to be

Erica is too pretty to be scrapping. Especially not over a man.

Oh boy, here we go Lol Who

Oh boy, here we go Lol Who knows, maybe Shay was bitter about how things went down. She really should have bowed out and cut her ties with Scrappy when he publicly embarrassed her by proposing to Erica right in front of her. I've been over fighting over some dude, especially when he isnt even mine. I mean, when does maturity come into place?? Im not messing up my makeup, getting my hair all pulled out, and breaking nails over a guy that doesnt give a d*mn, and wont even be paying to get any of that stuff repaired lol Chile..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

They are fighting over him?

They are fighting over him? Really? Pathetic!
LBA1's picture

Why are they literally

Why are they literally fighting over scraps? Pun intended.
Denise2007's picture

exactly! and why would you

exactly! and why would you allow your man to be 'friends' with a woman he was obviously messing around and sleeping with??

'bout time 1 of these bitches

'bout time 1 of these bitches backs-up her big mouth with a stabbing
Jesus H. Christ's picture

EXACTLY!! These chicks always

EXACTLY!! These chicks always rappin about givin a ass whoppin but has never lived up to their words!! WAY TO GO LADIES!!! LOL! #tunedin
BooLuv's picture

This is a shame, look at how

This is a shame, look at how sad and pathetic some black women have become. Don't get mad and want to fight when a an calls you a hood rat, ghetto, ratchet, low class, dumb and stupid.
TeaNicole's picture

Sista, when i say it, black

Sista, when i say it, black women get mad , say im generalizing!!!Ofcourse i never say all, but it's wayyyy to damn many and when you bring this shit up, black women will deflect and bring up the fact that other races do it too. So you can't win sista!!You love black women and you try to tell them the truth and they bring other races and call a brotha names.
LetsGetIt's picture

You do generalize, all day

You do generalize, all day every random topic. The topic can be cake baking and somehow you will flip it to all black women don't bake, but instead do blah, blah, blah ( insert something crazy negative). You're obsessed with insulting black women at all costs like we don't receive that all day from the media and other black men. ALL DAY we get that bru! We can't even come on here and take a break from the insults because you rush in here every time to make sure you toss some like a hungry dog. I just want you to know for every insult and generalization your mama and every woman in your family falls into those categories whether they deserve it or not ( like many of us).
JJFad's picture

lol....not true ..lol I

lol....not true ..lol I always speak on the topic at hand sista. I never insulted black women at all. WHAT I DO IS TOUGH LOVE. I could be like them thug niggas yall like, say what yall want to hear, knocked you up and leave. But letsgetit loves the black woman SO I KEEP IT REAL WITH CHOOOOO ASSS. Might comes off harsh BUT GODDAMNITTT IM DEALING WITH THE BLACK WOMAN YOU GOTTA COME OFFF HARDDDDDDDDD!!!! You can't help but generalize when it's the majority!! Sameeeeee goess for black mennnn, but the black woman is the key to everythinggg. And you damn right my momma , my sista, everyyyyyyybodyyyyy YOU RIGHTTTT. They made some typical black woman mistakes as well.
LetsGetIt's picture

Aint the sista from flava of

Aint the sista from flava of love, then afterwards had a sex tape with the ashy ass , now she's on this shit fighting. Goddamn
LetsGetIt's picture

Jesus has seen many buttholes

Jesus has seen many buttholes in Heaven........but i saw her SEXTAPE....and she has the Blackest, Dirty looking looking BUTTHOLE i've EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Damn the way you descrbed

Damn the way you descrbed that shit made me cringe....

mission accomplished....looks

mission accomplished....looks like she melted a DARK Chocolate Hershey in her Anus!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

WTF!!!!!!!!!! LOL

WTF!!!!!!!!!! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

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The lifestyle_should be a group, do_not feel alone. I know_that there is a love_community MatchWealthy*c om it provides us the_opportunity to_make_more _friends. If you are really like this lifestyle ,check out.
tom007's picture

so cool

so cool
tom007's picture

This is not true. SHay has

This is not true. SHay has confirmed it...

"Red Champagne and Weave"

"Red Champagne and Weave" Jesus take the wheel......
Kelli99's picture

both young ladies are

both young ladies are lost,,,,,especially Shay. Erica is very pretty tho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Sad. Publicity or not, damn

Sad. Publicity or not, damn society. Just thinking of our history, how we're able to do the things we do and why. How our ancestors are viewing our decisions. I feel shame for even knowing who these people are, it's like our culture is in need of trash... venting, overwhelmed by all this trashy entertainment. Love yourself, don't lose your self.
ArtofAnAngel's picture

HaHa but please whats so

HaHa but please whats so fabulous about this post? not a thing!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

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