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Iggy Azalea SHUTS DOWN Rumors Of A Kanye West AFFAIR, SPEAKS ON Feeling OBJECTIFIED By Men

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is shooting down rumors about an alleged affair with Kanye West and opening up about feeling objectified by the music industry.  See what she says inside....


Iggy Azalea, who was put on the map as part of T.I.'s Hustle Gang group, has been making headlines around the world after rumors of an affair with rapper Kanye West gained traction.  

Now, with an interview for the Australian based website, The Music, the Aussie "Work" rapper shoots down rumors of an affair and gives interesting take on the sexual objectification of women in the music business.  On the one hand, she finds it disrespectful, on the other, she plays up the fact that fans can "google" shots of her A$$ she doesnt skip a beat with flaunting....since it means you're "interested" in something about her.  Here are the highlights:

On rumors of an affair with Yeezy:

“I was at the grocery store buying a rotisserie chicken to eat… and I ran in and got it and I was standing in the line, and you know when you’re standing in line and you see all the tabloid magazines and shit and I looked at it and I was like… ‘Kim gets dumped in Paris for sexy blonde’, ‘skinny blonde muse’, and I was like what the fuck? I’m looking and it’s my fucking face and I was like… [laughs] what? This is bullshit! I didn’t know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken… it’s just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever.”

On being objectified by men in the industry:

Even the other day, I won’t say who it was, somebody I work with in a label… and [they said] like ‘I like how she looked at the Brit awards, why can’t she look more demure’, and I thought ‘Fuck you, you’re a guy, you thought that that was a type of sexiness that appeal to you, something that was more demure, because you’re an older man, instead of something crass, me in a colourful pair of highlighter shorts, you still wanted me to be beautiful in your own way, and kind-of, to me it’s still objectifying me.”

On why she can accept being objectified by fans:  

I think it is annoying to see that dumb stuff, and yeah it is annoying to be objectified, yeah it is annoying that there’s a million pictures of my butt … [but] people are always going to interpret shit weird, or like things for different reasons, and fuck it. If you like my butt, you like my butt, at least you like something. I just have to look at it like that, or it’d be so frustrating.”


Folks who saw Iggy's "Work" video will see first hand that she REALLY doesn't mind showing her a$$ to the camera and objectifying herself for the fans. We guess she draws the line at music executives telling her when and how to "show it."

In case you missed it, watch Iggy "Work": 



I don't care who he's

I don't care who he's smashing.....I just hope the break-up rumors are true so he doesn't marry that devil. I think Iggy is a cute girl....her explaination is a little weird though. Either you like being objectified or you don't. If you don't like it, you sound like an idiot complaining about it because you're walking around half-naked all the time. IJS.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Wait...THIS is the sexy

Wait...THIS is the sexy blonde?
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i hope kanye is teaching on

i hope kanye is teaching on kim with this ugly white bitch . kim can see how despicable and how low kanye is .the pregnancy is already ruining her life. she needs to give birth to that child and get the hell away from kanye.
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I would LOVE to see an IGGY +

I would LOVE to see an IGGY + KANYE hook up! She's like a young Amber Rose, with talent (no shade A.R.; I'm still a "Rose Bud"). Iggy has been through so much. She was sexing some ugly, no-name rapper in Houston after coming to America 6-7 years ago (she used to be a maid in the UK before she came to America). Then, she started messing with ASAP who left her for Chanel Iman. I feel bad for her. Plus, Kim K. is so 2011.
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Well, Miriam, I hope your

Well, Miriam, I hope your computer dies of a really bad venereal disease.
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whu wud kanye cheat on kim

whu wud kanye cheat on kim though??? i cant believe tamar braxton had a nipslip though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

she objectified herself with

she objectified herself with those butt injections lol I saw her in concert once years before in NYC before anyone knew who she was and her butt did NOT look like it does now cmon Iggy

I love that 'Work' single!

I love that 'Work' single! Sigh, women in this industry its like that thing were you identify with your kidnappers, what's that Stockholm Syndrome? It used to be back in the day women dressed, spoke and behaved how they were told because those in charge of the Diana Ross's and Marilyn Monroe's were men who wanted them to appeal to other men. Now women are more in control of their image but what do they choose to do? Speak in high pitched voices, wear tight clothes, super high heels and sexually objectify their body parts. (Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, etc..) That's fine if it's your choice but is it really? Or is this brainwashing thats been years in the making? Because I don't see male body parts going in and out of style every few years the way women's breasts, butts, lips, arms and other parts do. I don't see men getting various injections and implants, lipo and other procedures trying to keep up. I'm not bashing any woman who makes these choices to get her fame or her money. But know this, progress for women did not come from women who chose to take the easy road. They fought for jobs, respect, votes, land ownership and other rights. What we do with it now is on us and our daughters.
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All I read was blah blah

All I read was blah blah blah....
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im not feeling it....

im not feeling it....

i like iggy. i know there is

i like iggy. i know there is more to the interview though, they should post the whole thing. she is 1 year older than me and it gives me inspiration to see people my age follow their dreams.

kanye west is a dumbass

kanye west is a dumbass
gusstreeper3's picture

Hot!!! I heard of her before

Hot!!! I heard of her before and was wondering how her music was going to sound. Good job!!! And a little AZZ don't hurt either. If you got it flaunt it.
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First time I ever heard of

First time I ever heard of her. Her flow is not bad. Is it just me or does she look like a white Niki Minaj in that first picture?
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