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COACHELLA CHICKS: Solange, Eve, Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora & More BRIGHTEN UP Cali

 photo coachella2_zps830129aa.jpg

Solange Knowles, her "sis" Kelly Rowland, Eve and more made their way out to Day 2 of Coachella yesterday.  And we're got their fun pics inside...


Solo kept it fresh in pink florals while making her way out to the fields for Coachella yesterday:

 photo nylon41_zps0d421ed7.jpg  photo nylon40_zps04c6acc4.jpg

The vintage loving singer was there, alongside Coachella performer Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future, to listen to some great indie bands and looked cute and spring ready.  And we're loving her clear orange CC Skye Bright Love Lucite clutch.  Loves the look.


Her girl Kelly Rowland hit the fields with Adrienne Bailon:

 photo nylon30_zps2d0e21d9.jpg

Didnt know these two were friends...

 photo nylon31_zps7f13593b.jpg

Kelly rocked some camo shorts and boots while Adrienne went the cropped tee and skirt route with sneakers.

 photo nylon15_zpsb75c648a.jpg

Rita Ora spent day and night at Coachella yesterday.  She hit the LACOSTE L!VE Desert Pool Party:

 photo nylon18_zpsb1ce0207.jpg  photo nylon16_zpsd55fbc6f.jpg 

In a neon "Adults Suck" tee and a 50's style pink skirt and sneakers.

 photo nylon34_zps162beaa2.jpg  photo nylon35_zps9c543457.jpg

And was also spotted getting carried around by her guy friends...possibly drunk, possibly just having fun.

Chanel Iman was out in the mix in short shorts, a sexy cut out top and barely there sexy sandals that probably made walking around the grass impossible.  But she's a model, so she's a pro at walking anywhere:

 photo nylon9_zps4247d94d.jpg

And Eve rocked out on stage at the NYLON x BOSS ORANGE Escape House at Lake La Quinta In.  In La Quinta, CA.  Who knew there was such a place:

  photo nylon6_zps23141ae5.jpg

 photo nylon1_zpsf920f5d9.jpg

 photo nylon4_zps4a2434d3.jpg


Totally adore this look.  Fresh, young and fun.

 photo nylon7_zps0f500aff.jpg  photo nylon5_zps90d9d4a2.jpg 

Oh ok.

 photo nylon3_zpsd82b1a5b.jpg 

And elsewhere at Coachella, Russell Simmons was making his rounds trying to find his next prey:

 photo nylon50_zps9ceba7ba.jpg  photo nylon45_zps98b1e7a0.jpg

Y'all already know.


Photos: Fame/Splash/Getty





Eve is the only one who hit

Eve is the only one who hit it right ....EVERYONE else looks a damn disaster. I still love Kelly though...
TheQueenE's picture

Kelly's legs are looking a

Kelly's legs are looking a little dimpled in those photos. Sometimes thickness comes at a price. I'm sure they'll be in tip top shape when it comes time for album promo.
Santi114's picture

llh@spiritual gangster,

llh@spiritual gangster, really grandpa Russ?
Realist's picture

Solanges' face is just not

Solanges' face is just not cute enough to rock this hairstyle, sawwy. Her stylist needs to be fired.
Tannygirl's picture

Luv Kelly-her cellulite shows

Luv Kelly-her cellulite shows that she's just like everybody else. Fit & all, she's still got flaws just like everyone else. Solange always looks off to me-there's nothing 'genius' or inspiring about her look to me. I think she just tries to be as odd as she can to get attention. Eve looks great & fit to be in her 30's now.

Solange always looks off to

Solange always looks off to me-there's nothing 'genius' or inspiring about her look to me. - I feel the exact same way. Don't get the hype about her 'style'. I wouldn't wear half her looks in the house let alone outside! That Easter outfit with those basic white shoes are a NO.
PacificGirl's picture

LOL @ some of the comments.

LOL @ some of the comments. Minus the cellulite- lol Kelly is dressed appropriate for the outdoor festival. Soalnge never looks nice IMO! and the guy she is with looks goofy and has some big azz feet. Rita Ora- Messy Eve- looks okay and what or whom is that chick( I am assuming it is a female ) on stage with Eve, the person has some BIG UGLY FEET!!! with those jacked up toes. My Goodness!!! and has the nerve to wear a bikini bottom. LOL!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

When greasing your a$$ets ~

When greasing your a$$ets ~ DON'T 4get to grease the bottom, sides and top of your feet. What's wrong with that braless cape woman?¿ . . . Some1 please tell Uncle Russell to take his a$$ home and stay there. Stop scrounging for fresh meat.
GetUrLife's picture

Wow... this post! Solange

Wow... this post! Solange where do I begin, it has nothing to do with the natural look it has everything to do with it appears she is trying too hard to be something other than her sister, whole vibe doesn't seem genuine... Chanel Iman ---> don't like it at all especially the shoes... Eve --->Irrelevant and OMG Kelly ---> you don't have to be perfect but u damn sure shouldn't have them shorts on #celluliteisthedevil

I can;t - the girl onstage

I can;t - the girl onstage with Eve and her World Wildlife panda pants, yuk! chanel n kelly look ez breezy. uncle rush please sit down. and solanges style is very specific to her but im just not looking forward to it. love natural hair but the head looks boxy, shoes gumpy and makeup makes her look older than she is. rita - wack. crazy is not sexy here.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Ok I dig the natural thing

Ok I dig the natural thing but I'm kind of ready for Solange to press her hair now. The fro is just not a cute look on her. Adrienne always finds ways to squeeze into the circle anyway she can. Maybe she can put out an album worth listening too and that will better solidify her worthwillness....lastly what is that thing dancing behind Eve?
cutethatsall56's picture

Damn... Rita Ora dresses so

Damn... Rita Ora dresses so poorly..Tired of chicks thinking weird is stylish
Girl's picture

Solange is certified ugly its

Solange is certified ugly its so hard to believe Tina and Matthew had a beauty like Beyonce then turned around and mated and came up with a pile of crap like Solangel ! wtf??She must be one of those outside chirren Tina welcomed in her home cause the bish aint get no creole mixed in her. Dear Solange u need more than a nose job to be pretty u need a face transplant.No fux given
SlowNeckBecky's picture

So you have to be mixed with

So you have to be mixed with Creole in order to be considered good looking? I've seen a lot of mixtures that look a hot mess and a lot of regular black people look a lot better. She may not be the best looking but don't start that 1934 black people must be mixed to be good looking mentality. PLEASE
cutethatsall56's picture

you anwsered your own

you anwsered your own question
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Damn Eve has some Big Ass

Damn Eve has some Big Ass Feet....The only one who has the right look is Chanel...I want 2 go 2 this event one year
star's picture

Lol..Ikr but that Sasquatch

Lol..Ikr but that Sasquatch stumpin them huge bunions on stage ain't got nothin' on Eve! Smhlol...*sips Bellini
Like Really's picture

Yes True....Cracking Up

Yes True....Cracking Up
star's picture

I loved Solange's outfit.

I loved Solange's outfit. The skirt is dope! Just not sure if it's appropriate for a music festival. She must have reserved elevated seats in a shaded area. Kelly Rowland had the right idea regarding her attire for an outdoor music festival. Seriously ya'll there is like a dress code of sorts for being comfortable. Jeans or shorts are good. Combat like boots are good to protect your feet from discarded bottles, trash, spilled beer/liquid etc on the open lawn/grassy areas. Nevermind if it rains (and for some reason it usually does)...now you have mud added to the situation. Not sure what Chanel Iman was thinking with her foot gear (loved her short shorts)...I'm guessing she's sitting next to Solange lol. I LOVE music festivals, everyone seemed to have a good time. lol especially Rita.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Father God, this heffa on

Father God, this heffa on stage with Eve got the nerve to parlay up there with a bunyon on her toe....i done let go of the wheel...
imjustsayintho's picture

everybody looked a damn mess

everybody looked a damn mess besides Chanel and Eve...goes to show you how some people get money and don't know how to act..
imjustsayintho's picture

Chanel Iman. Yes.

Chanel Iman. Yes.
ArtofAnAngel's picture

Chanel Iman did that! Slain

Chanel Iman did that! Slain them all.

Hey look its Jay-Z's son

Hey look its Jay-Z's son w/solange lol & ummm the girl (questionable) dancing behind eve.....O_o ohh ok

ha! he looks more like

ha! he looks more like antoine dodson tho. I think Rita Ora is an industry science experiment. Adrianne Baillon might be too. its like lets so how much music we can NOT release and still be called a singer. one big long running april's fool joke.
shuga's picture


Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....so thats why Jay hides him
Jesus H. Christ's picture

hahahahahaha prolly so, but

hahahahahaha prolly so, but dude looks like him, prolly really is his son.

Maybe Solange didn't want to

Maybe Solange didn't want to sit down. Love her outfit but too matchy matchy. Would have looked hot with a bright yellow shoe. Kelly it got you too???
Denise2007's picture

What is beautiful about Kelly

What is beautiful about Kelly is she is human too. When we see celebs who are perfect so many worship them wishing they were them. Accepting yourself, flaws and all you can see the same beauty in others. Salute to Kelly!


leighd33's picture

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stevenmark746's picture

That celly jelly will creep

That celly jelly will creep up on you like a thief in the night...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

.......and when her man push

.......and when her man push those butt cheeks together, they wrinkle-up like an accordion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Kelly and those cellulite

Kelly and those cellulite thighs, Rita looks young and cute and Solange always looks unhappy. Eve looks cute.
TeaNicole's picture

Adrienne Bailon is like a

Adrienne Bailon is like a groupie, what happened with her 'solo' album? I thought Eve was pregnant I guess that was just a rumor...

OMG!!!!!!!%!!! Kelly & Bey-Z

OMG!!!!!!!%!!! Kelly & Bey-Z have the SAME Leg condition o_O i hope u can't catch that crap¿¿????#####
Jesus H. Christ's picture

the chick on stage with eve

the chick on stage with eve with toes pointing north, south , east, and west, needs to hide in some boots
ccshawn's picture

LMFAO! My thoughts EXACTLY!

LMFAO! My thoughts EXACTLY!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Cellulite doesn't

Cellulite doesn't discriminate. #kellyrowlandsthighs

Solange has fully morphed

Solange has fully morphed into Orlando Jones now. Impossible to tell them apart (looks like she has SWAMP ASS too........)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You better work bish @ Chanel

You better work bish @ Chanel Iman. Love it! Eve looks cute but I don't like her hair that color.
Mrs_B_35's picture

that chick on stage w/Eve

that chick on stage w/Eve made the rounds yesterday! Saw her at my party too. Loves my CA life
anon's picture

@ anon ~ I hope she was

@ anon ~ I hope she was wearing a bra and greased those ashy feet!¡ ;-]
GetUrLife's picture

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