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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Miguel Rocks The "SNL" Stage With "How Many Drinks" & "Adorn"

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Miguel is having his best year ever.  The May 2013 VIBE cover guy and just announced 2013 Made In America festival performer just made his "SNL" debut last night.  Check out Mr. "Adorn" flexing his musical skills with a sexy rock twist to his tracks for his big TV performance last night....

Miguel gave us his best Prince vibe last night for his "SNL" debut.  Check out his live performances of "Adorn" & "How Many Drinks" below that he remixed just for TV:


We could listen to this dude all day....





Love him. He has so much

Love him. He has so much talent and actually PERFORMS. Now he is one person I'd actually pay to see! I definitely see him being the next big thing.
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Miguel is aiight but Bruno

Miguel is aiight but Bruno Mars is the man.
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Its amazing how much one

Its amazing how much one Grammy performance can change a person's life. Before Feb he was well known in the r & b and urban sectors but now the world is his oyster! Congratulations for him! I would lose it if he and Prince did a mini tour together...ijs.
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Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. He. Can. Get. IT.

I actually like, 'How Many

I actually like, 'How Many Drinks', but I wish he had sung it even remotely close to the way the song sounds on the radio.
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Yasss....Now that 's Music

Yasss....Now that 's Music .....That's Singin.....Yasss!
star's picture

Sexy, talented lil

Sexy, talented lil self..............dude is such a STAR!
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His voice is EVERYTHING!!!

His voice is EVERYTHING!!!
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what!!!! stop the press!

what!!!! stop the press! MsThangfromthe5thflo has given a compliment. Are you feeling ok luv?
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lol.... I only give

lol.... I only give compliments when they're well deserved and I speak negatively when it's well deserved as well. Overall, I just speak it how I see it. Hey........what else can I say? (shrugs)
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riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Lisa.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Lisa.
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