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LADIES WHO LOGO: Ciara, Azealia Banks, Tamar Braxton & More Hit LOGO's "New Now Next" Awards!

 photo ciaraabankstamar_zps66c7ee64.jpg

Ciara, Azealia Banks, Tamar Braxton and more spent Saturday night at the LOGO "New Now Next" Awards at the W Hollywood.  Check out the ladies (plus a few men) putting on their best for the GLBT audience....

 photo nownext14_zps705481af.jpg

Ciara flaunted her killer bod in this black gown with a high slit to sow off her gams.  She topped off the look with white hot pumps and a perfect bun as she hit the carpet for the LOGO Awards:

 photo nownext5_zps0fd19478.jpg

 photo nownext3_zps062043b0.jpg  photo nownext2_zps450581f9.jpg 

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpetY_mMd97ppjcl_zpsbd12b747.jpg

Gorge as usual.  Chick knows what dresses work for her.

  photo nownext20_zps7f3a800f.jpg photo nownext21_zpsb533b020.jpg

Ciara also played around with the pregnant Fergie on the red carpet.


 photo nownextn15_zpsdb45d0ab.jpg

Tamar Braxton rocked a golden hooded Michael Costello creation to flatter her growing baby bump:

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpetq41soeoh9rVl_zps5dda7433.jpg

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpetfPjmLJy3UdPl_zpsd4d5298d.jpg

How Grace Jones of her.

 photo nownext1_zps65676ea2.jpg

Loves it.

And the feisty Azealia Banks made an appearance at the awards, which some may think is interesting since she's been accused of making homophobic & gay slurs on Twitter toward her enemies:

  photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpet03V7Ijsn7t4l_zps61a414d8.jpg

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpetjRyHtqLxSeJl_zps24325da6.jpg

As usual, the "Liquorice" rapper rocked a skin baring look, this one with a bondage type theme. 

By the way, her latest Twitbeef is with male rappers A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nasty, accusing them of having a sexual relationship together and called out Rocky for having sex with a guy named "Kenneth from Harlem".  Goodness.


 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpet6A9KeNJv0yJl_zps6eb4b499.jpg

Ru Paul of "Ru Paul's Drag Race" hit the carpet in a blue suit and neon yellow button down with a hot pink belt.  Work.

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpeta95G2fegJB2l_zps71d18870.jpg

"Glee" star (and now Big Sean's boo) Naya Rivera made an appearance.  In case you're wondering i she's been looking different lately, you aren't the only one.  The half Puerto Rican, 1/4 African American and 1/4 German actress went from the innocent Cali girl look to now doing a transformation into much thinner--and thinner nose--dark exotic look.  We guess she's trying that J.Lo book of tricks with the transformation and a rapper boyfriend to get the YBF culture to notice her.

 photo 2013NewNowNextAwardsRedCarpet-Ba9ZamF8WUl_zps134940f9.jpg


And the show's host, Aisha Tyler of "The Talk," hit the stage in several costumes.  One of which was a sexed up Marie Antoinette as she posed with our fave "Shahs of Sunset" star, Reza

 photo nownext11_zps56f4c630.jpg

Loves him.


 photo nownext10_zpsa1ed4cf6.jpg

She also hit the stage with her drag queen impersonator.


 photo nownext8_zps9c08f3ac.jpg 

And rocked out with this look too.  Gotta love it.

The NewNowNext LOGO Awards celebrate the latest in music, TV & movies, fashion, design, travel, beauty and health.  Fab!


The Randomness:

1.  In case you care, Gucci Mane got arrested for a probation violation yesterday, 1 day after his release. STORY




Tamara is so lost fashionwise

Tamara is so lost fashionwise its ridiculous. Ciara rocked the house even in white pumps that I just can't like EVER!
Realist's picture

naya is a dam autobot. she's

naya is a dam autobot. she's gonna transform into a bicycle or a wheelchair or some skinny mechanical shit anyday now. chick shows no human emotion.
shuga's picture

Azelia Banks looks like she

Azelia Banks looks like she smokes the hell out of a box of newport 100s with extra tar and nicotine. Please tell me thats her hand dangling btw her legs and not a tuck job gone wrong. LOL! I dont know exactly what that shoe cutout/contraption is on Aisha Tyler but I WANT IT IN MY CLOSET LIKE NOW!! shit is fierce as hell!
shuga's picture

Rue Paul looks better than

Rue Paul looks better than ALL the ladies!...lol. Tamar....no girl!...and Azealia...ut uh!
JewelryLover's picture

If Ciarra don't do anything,

If Ciarra don't do anything, she always looks GREAT!!! Ru, looking sharp as always, in male or female attire! WTf is Azealia? She just looks rancid! I can deal with Tamar, but that damn tree branch and berries on her head... NO THANK U! It probably would work on her shoulder or sleeve, any where but her damn head... Looking like a hungry confused chipmunk!

Tamars mouth looks strange.

Tamars mouth looks strange. Azaelia Banks skinny ass needs to sit down somewhere.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Ciara is stunning. Tamar

Ciara is stunning. Tamar would have looked great without the hood and berries.
Denise2007's picture

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stevenmark746's picture

I don't know who looks more

I don't know who looks more ridiculous...Tamar covered up like a mummy or Azealia getting ready for her set at the strip club. I think I'll give it to Azealia.
CheyPie's picture

omg i just noticed tamar is

omg i just noticed tamar is wearing gloves. wtf?!?
wildlife's picture

i think since tamar been

i think since tamar been pregnant her face look good on gospel celebration she really look like towanda
bre's picture

Ciara has a pretty face, she

Ciara has a pretty face, she looks nice here, Tamar looks like Wendy Williams Jr and Naya R should have left her face alone. Some of these girls in Hollywood succumb to the peer pressure trying to EMULATE ,Kim K type people, which is just SAD to me. Before and After Naya Rivera on Celebrity Plastic Surgery and Naya Rivera on Plasticopedia. Naya did not have the Jackson's type of drastic plastic surgery, she just defined the nasal tip it was very SUBTLE almost unnoticeable to some but not to plastic surgeons who broke it down. Naya also had breast augmentation and lip and dermal fillers for her lips and cheeks. Sad!
Shay's picture

Lmao I actually love Tamar's

Lmao I actually love Tamar's look. I love different looks tho..Ciara looks like basic black girl goes to homecoming dance on the east side of ATL.
cutethatsall56's picture

Cici ole pumpkin head looks

Cici ole pumpkin head looks nice And ev'ry one else EXCEPT for A-disease Bank, now DAT thang will make anyone pull/0 the disinfecting spray! Smdhlol...Ugh!
Like Really's picture

Azealia is a Daddy-long leg

Azealia is a Daddy-long leg spider I wouldn't mind crushing under my Jordan. Ciara actually look sreally nice.
Peace Silas's picture

Ciara looks the best--minus

Ciara looks the best--minus the Easter shoes. This is the best I've seen Azealia Bamks look and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Tamar's dress/gown was nice but the hair color and hair accessory was a FAIL. Aisha Tyler is funny & likeable so I give a couple of her looks a pass. Naya Rivera looks stiff and strange. RuPaul looks hideous. SMH...

Tamar looks like a dang

Tamar looks like a dang fool!!! Everybody is on Kim K's maternity look, but this is no better. That cape needs to cover her entire clown face because she can barely squeeze out a smile. Her nose is crooked too.
Yvette41's picture

sorry all three in the first

sorry all three in the first picture look drag queenish

was this a drag queen

was this a drag queen convention?

LOL @ Tamar's outfit,

LOL @ Tamar's outfit, especially the thing on her head. LOL @ her make up and those lashes. Azealia legs dont match her face and what the hell is she wearing? girl bye
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Naya should have kept her

Naya should have kept her mole because without it no one knows she was a child star. love Tamar lash game as far as this post *frown* oh glad Ciara gave those lacefronts a rest
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Tamar, wears too damn much

Tamar, wears too damn much makeup and that mistletoe is a MISS on her head. She has done waaaay too much to her face. That baby wont even look like her, if she doesnt stop soon. Azelia must be a bad ass rapper because she looks like a hood rat in every way. Ciara should just sit out a few events and regroup, her music career is awful so I would just sit down and strategize on WTF???!, Naya is cute, she looks exotic and pretty. i love Reza he is too much and Aisha is shrug, just not good or bad, just shrug. Thats all.
Birdfood's picture

I know Azeailia prob has a

I know Azeailia prob has a stink cootie, But she has Great legs.
star's picture

I swear on everything I was

I swear on everything I was thinking that looking at her lmaoooo!!!! I don't know why I was thinking that but it's the first thing that came to mind. She just looks dirty to me.
Mrs_B_35's picture

oh ok...lol

oh ok...lol
star's picture

I don't know who is more

I don't know who is more ugly, Tamar or Azelia. lol Those two are some of the worse looking black people on the market today! Anyways, Aisha tyler has a smoking body for her age! Ciara an dthe bottom lip............i can't.
sexe757's picture

reza is the nene leakes of

reza is the nene leakes of shahs of sunset. he leaves then the show is over. i thought tamar was wearing a mistletoe on the side of her head. grace jones rocked the same "hooded' look years ago. i guess fashion is cyclic.
wildlife's picture


Lmaoooo...... *Screaming*DEBIL!!!!!Let My Peeple Go!!!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

LMAO! I know. When I saw that

LMAO! I know. When I saw that thing they call Tamar, I had to comment.
sexe757's picture

†††Jesus doesnt believe in

†††Jesus doesnt believe in Logos †††
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Tamar and Azealia=NO MA'AM

Tamar and Azealia=NO MA'AM
Naomi's picture

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