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2013 MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx & Corinne, Snoop & More Hit The Red Carpet

 photo JamieFoxx2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsUfg46w6DUPfx_zps8b3d1f25.jpg

A few YBFers made their way to the red carpet Sunday night for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.  Check out Kerry Washington, dual winner Jamie Foxx, Zoe Saldana and more inside...


 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsRedCarpetMI6bX41tUL4l_zps5e56d286.jpg

Django Unchained star Kerry Washington made a bold statement on the red carpet with a long sleeved black dress with a yellow skirt and train from the Michael Kors Fall 2013 RTW collection.  The fashionable "Scandal" actress made the look effortless as she hit the carpet solo, as well as with her co-star Jamie Foxx.

And speaking of Jamie:

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsRedCarpetqG_KpTMWOj-l_zps15116e9a.jpg

 photo JamieFoxx2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsUP_imTBKwv2x_zps59bd0b57.jpg

The actor, rocking a Trayvon Martin tee, brought his gorge 19-year-old daughter Corinne on the carpet as his date for the evening.  We're sure the two celebrated hard as Jamie was awarded the MTV Generation Award (an award given to an artist "who has shown a variety of impressive roles, a personal and professional flair and of course, an awesome level of talent"). 

And he also copped the "Best WTF Moment" award with Samuel L. Jackson for their scenes in Django Unchained.

 photo ZoeSaldana2013MTVMovieAwardsRedCarpetNsSeOA4Y-NPx_zps881b861f.jpg

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsH1i6T59Tbm8l_zps1cc027b9.jpg

Zoe Saldana also donned a long sleeved black top, and paired it with a stand-out bottom half.  The Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2013 floral lace & sheer polka dotted long skirt was topped off with a pair of Jimmy Choo Kalpa sandals. 

Chick is looking like she's either dieting extra hard...still... or she's still stressed about her break up with The Words co-star Bradley Cooper, who was also there and copped an award.


 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsyLuIGnGftiil_zpsaa1a4b41.jpg

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsLijztG_7TfJl_zpsc02f7aac.jpg

Scary Movie 5 star Snoop Dogg hit the carpet in his Cali plaid shirt and pants, paird with a pimpalicious red fur jacket.  And can't forget the pimp curls.

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsejdp-1Ud7yvl_zps9e62955c.jpg

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsxs2CR21DmSTl_zps5da4cf65.jpg

Cutie Quvenzhané Wallis, who's starring in the upcoming Annie remake, kept it young with a lavender jacket & a multi colored hi-lo dress with matching sneakers.  How adorable is she!


 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalswOJHSVt3Kvml_zpsafefb6a9.jpg

"Access Hollywood" correspondent Shaun Robinson dazzled it up in her black, nude & white sparkling dress.  She looks great.

 photo 2013MTVMovieAwardsArrivalsCzdqHEPB3T3l_zpsd61c97a8.jpg

And Ru Paul was all about the florals in his matchy matchy blazer & tailored pants with the white loafers.  Clean.  Get it Ru!


Photos: Getty



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bipasho123's picture

There's absolutely nothing

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Jamie Foxx taking his daughter to various events, upscale, red carpet, etc. she's his daughter and many men take their daughters to big affairs, dinner and movies. It's not arm candy, IT'S FATHER AND DAUGHTER. My husband and teenage daughters go to events together and it's a great relationship and fun for them to spend time together. As a parent of daughters you will better understand.
Syndeelynn's picture

Kerry should NEVER wear her

Kerry should NEVER wear her hair like this...Too much head and the face is not the right shape. Zoe's hair looks pretty!
star's picture

While it's great that Jamie

While it's great that Jamie brings his daughter to all the events, why is she always his "date"? I'm sure he's got enough clout to bring his daughter and an actual date, so why doesn't he? Even if she's just arm candy...weird.
Santi114's picture

Kerry is gorge but that dress

Kerry is gorge but that dress isnt cutting it, however Lil miss Wallis is just too cute in her ensemble.
Realist's picture

Quvenzhané is the ONLY

Quvenzhané is the ONLY person dressed cute out of all the pictures. Kerry....just NO to that whole ensemble. I wish Jamie would stop toting his daughter around like his light skin child trophy. Quiet as kept that's the only real reason why he's doing that. At first it was cute when she was a small child but over time I could tell it was about something else....
JJFad's picture

Do you hear yourself? As

Do you hear yourself? As someone who has a phenomenal relationship with my father....when did it become so wrong to bring YOUR CHILD with you to events and functions instead of random women? You my dear need to purge the hate out of your heart and stop separating your people of color. It's asinine and down right disgusting.
Eden Hansom's picture

Damn u sexy!!!!!!Hi Eden :)

Damn u sexy!!!!!!Hi Eden :) Now sista, i wasn't saying anything was wrong with it, but the brotha has been taking her to alot of these events. I mean thats cool if it's your wife, but that's his daughter its like ok a few times is cool but its seems like now we see her at every event with him. And the separation of color been around longer than this female BECAUSE WE ARE SEPARATED BY COLOR, call me ignorant if you want but how the hell you gone say you my people looking like the white man. God seperated us by tribes and nations for a reason...white people, asian people, every other races don't call MIXED BREEDS "THEIR PEOPLE" why should we??? But then when someone prefer mixed breeds over black women "it's a problem now" why is that, yall keep claiming their black!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Kinda agree with you on this

Kinda agree with you on this sista, like nigga we seen your daughter enough sent her ass back to the crib!! This nigga got a red bone daughter that look decent and don't know how to act. I say she look decent because she aint all that fine to me kinda average looking to a brotha like letsgetit but niggas go crazy over anything light skinned. Now that i do agree with black women, these niggas be going nut over these mixed breeds and below average looking white women. I don't know what it is, if that his only child, if he didn't spend time with her alot, if she's about to go to a different country or some shit. But goddamn brotha, WE ALL LOVES OUR KIDS BUT YA GOTTA LET GOOO, I WOULDN'T want my daughter kickin it with me every goddamn place i go. But hey we all different some ppl just want a closer bond with their children.
LetsGetIt's picture

lmao @ send her back to the

lmao @ send her back to the crib and maybe she goin to another country. im cracking up!!! jamie gone be mad as hell when them dna results come in. I cant imagine what the mother would have to look like to wash out ALL of Jamie's strong features like that.
shuga's picture

Kerry this is an ill fitting

Kerry this is an ill fitting "no". Zoe that is a fail for you on so many levels. Your hip bones are popping out all over the place.
Denise2007's picture

Zoe shoes weigh more than

Zoe shoes weigh more than her...smhlol and Im not feeling Kerry's pumpkin dress either! As for Corrine cute but Jamie u are...lol *sips Bellini
Like Really's picture

NOT the father!

NOT the father!
shuga's picture

Thank u.

Thank u.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

When Kerry was doing them

When Kerry was doing them black films she was thick!! Now she all in hollywood with the white man now she skinny and them lips are plump!!!It's all good though STILL SUPPORT THE SISTA!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

just not convinced thats

just not convinced thats Jamie's biological daughter
shuga's picture

Shaun Robinson & Jaime Foxx's

Shaun Robinson & Jaime Foxx's daughter look really nice. Quvenzhané Wallis is friggin' adorable & always looks GIRLY & APPROPRIATE-which is so refreshing to see! Love, LOVE Kerry Washington but that gown is awful. Ugh...don't like Zoe's either. RuPaul's 'suit' looks like colorful alumnium foil to wrap chicken sandwiches in...

I love Kerri but that outfit

I love Kerri but that outfit is horrible. FAIL. WTF Zoe? Another FAIL! Jamie's daughter shut it down. She looks hot!
PacificGirl's picture

Keri and Jamie's daughter

Keri and Jamie's daughter both looked #haute and fab! I'm so over Zoe. Does she have on someone's tattered drapes from the early 80s? Twitter/IG: PrinceDre247
princedre247's picture

so by dieting you mean

so by dieting you mean sniffing coke and not eating?? yeah ok...lol
shuga's picture

Kerry is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

Kerry is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Flowers are in but, no sir/no ma'am to Ru Paul ~ this garden look is fashion overkill. Hated it!¡
GetUrLife's picture

Kerry Washington has a big

Kerry Washington has a big face and the shoulder span of a three year old. She should never pair a neckline like that with a totally pulled back do. She looks mighty strange here. I like Shaun Robinsons look and Quevenzhane looks darling. Zoe Saldana is dressed like a mexican.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


LMAOOOOOOOOOOO @ 'Kerry Washington has a big face and the shoulder span of a three year old.' Luv Kerry but that updo is a bit severe.

the show was boring, I only

the show was boring, I only watched the first 20 mins and switched channels. Kerry does looks fab though, everyone else- NO!
sweetpea1989's picture

Hate everyones looks besides

Hate everyones looks besides Jamie and his daughter. Not sure why Quvenzhané Wallis was there seeing most of the jokes were inappropriate for her MTV is not the Kids Choice Awards lol I mean the host did a joke about her having alcohol in her purse lol I was like lord SMH

Everyone looking fab but I am

Everyone looking fab but I am so in LOVE with Shaun Robinson, The girl is FINE!!!
BigJohn's picture

Kerry Washington is such a

Kerry Washington is such a classy and sophisticated actress. It's so refreshing to see a black woman in Hollywood with grace and poise. I don't respect Hollywood, but she is definitely a a black actress I respect. Her dress is different, i love the fact that she take risks, it was edgy yet sophisticated for such an event as the MTV awards. I seriously donot understand people tweeting that she and Jaime would make a cute couple, or dating. I maybe blind, but I see only a platonic friendship between these two, more like collegues. People need to understand that filming Django Unchained, they went to places emotionally and had to become vulnerable, so they became closer because of that. I don't see chemistry between them. BTW: The awards was too tacky, being expllicit in front of kids is so crass.

Well Said in a appropriate

Well Said in a appropriate manner. This is how many family and I have been raised but some people call it bougie. So I pray and tell God to forgive them for what they not know. My family don't even know that I be on a blog for fun. But we embrace one another with love; but we don't not do ignorance. I congratulate her to the fullest. No judgements just love and support of an Afro-American.
In God We trust's picture

You? "bougie"? LMAO!!! I

You? "bougie"? LMAO!!! I doubt it.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Thank you cause I don't want

Thank you cause I don't want to be labeled as that. I am a beautiful black Afro-American and so are you.
In God We trust's picture

I seriously doubt Zoe has

I seriously doubt Zoe has been dieting. She's always been super thin.
CheyPie's picture

She's slim but she is

She's slim but she is definitely on a diet to look thinner. She gained some weight for her Nina Simone role. She & Keri are on a diet.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

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