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LADIES WHO LUNCH: Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams Hit An Afternoon Party At Bagatelle In L.A.

 photo KellyRowlandGoingCarAfterBrunchTZzoEpwcVeVl_zpsf89c24de.jpg

Destiny's children Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were spotted hitting up an afternoon party at Bagatelle Restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday.  Check out the fab ladies inside...

While their sis Beyonce is in Serbia kicking off her Mrs. Carter World Tour today,  Kelly & Michelle were all about lunching it up in L.A. this weekend.  Kelly, in her bright yellow sweater and perfect jeans and cream pumps, was spotted making her way out the restaurant with Michelle and a friend.

  photo KellyRowlandGoingCarAfterBrunch5HSpEKqKjzzl_zpsa0c1dcf8.jpg

 photo KellyRowlandGoingCarAfterBrunch1yle1Izs10jl_zps24e305d9.jpg

Kelly was sweet enough to say wassup to the paparazzi before driving away. 

And by the way, according to her press release, Miss Kelly will have a song on her upcoming Talk A Good Game album (June 4) that features Bey & Michelle.  She told Billboard, "It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle."  And she describes the sound as "soullllll".

Can't wait!


Photos: Splash




Kelly is beautifullllll!

Kelly is beautifullllll!
BritJackson's picture

Kelly is just...just...HOT!

Kelly is just...just...HOT! Get it girl!
JJFad's picture

What is that tragedy walking

What is that tragedy walking behind Michelle?! No No No!
PacificGirl's picture


Suga Bear's picture

Kelly gettin thick...Knowles

Kelly gettin thick...Knowles genes kicking in!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

cut face... bad wig!

cut face... bad wig!

Kelly Rowland TAKE THAT

Kelly Rowland TAKE THAT SHITTTTTT OFFF YOURRRRRRRR GODDAMNNN HEADDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! GODDDDDD!!!! Black women damn, take that shitt offfffffffffffffffffffffffff pleaseeeee, that shit look like a hat with fur.
LetsGetIt's picture

Ain't the Knicks on or

Ain't the Knicks on or something?.... I'm just saying........ cause all women on here.
In God We trust's picture

lol!!! chiiiiiiile this dude

lol!!! chiiiiiiile this dude in here with hair and makeup tips for days.
shuga's picture

Lol..U A mess but I concur

Lol..U A mess but I concur that wig is not the biznezz! Smhlol
Like Really's picture

Like really whats good sista

Like really whats good sista u lookin guddddd!!!! But forreal i be out and see black women WITHHHH SOME RIDICULOUS SHIT IN THEIR HEAD, i be wanting to say something. But black women are aggressive as fuck or they might have their thuggish sibling or offspring try to fight. So i say fuck it keep it moving BUT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SAY SOMETHING TO THEY ASS!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

She's such a gorgeous gal!

She's such a gorgeous gal! Twitter/IG: PrinceDre247
princedre247's picture

Poor Kelly can't catch a

Poor Kelly can't catch a break. Bey must always be mentioned. She was on tmz the other day and the photog didn't ask her shit about herself...... he asked her, was Bey a messy roommate and i'm like WTF!!! She really needs to get a backbone ASAP!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

hahahahaah damn.........

hahahahaah damn.........
LetsGetIt's picture

loves me some Kelly and her

loves me some Kelly and her pretty chocolate ass.
shuga's picture

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