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Members of Atlanta's elite class showed there's also a foolywang side of Buckhead after fists flew and weaves were pulled during last night's "Married To Medicine" episode.  And even somebody's mama hopped in it.  Decide if there's ever a "right" time to be "ratchet" inside....

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Though BRAVO seemed to maintain an air of dignity (well, as of recently and relatively speaking) while other networks blatantly played up fist-fights among its reality tv stars (see BBW or Bad Girls Club), last night....the game changed.

If you turned on the bourgeoisie doctors and doctor's wives of BRAVO's latest hit "Married To Medicine" last night, you saw several women drinking, cussing, and carrying on...in ball gowns.  To be honest, most of these chicks seemed like they were only one neck snap away from going back to their hood ways they seemed so desperate to cover up for the show.  Like our fave Countess said, money can't buy you class.

So, there was a huge weaving-pulling, table flipping fight on last night's episode which could only be rivaled by the "Real Housewives of New Jersey".  

To make a long story short, there was a major brawl between Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq. Toya was gossiping about the paternity of Mariah's daughter.  She'd been making comments about Mariah's daughter being adopted (although this information HAD NOT been shared with Mariah's daughter).  The "alleged" issue is: Toya and her husband chose to share, for BRAVO's tv cameras, a family secret that Mariah told Toya two years ago.

In her own BRAVO blog, Mariah said,

The sad truth of the matter is, Toya could not find anything else to criticize, so she decided to hit me way below the belt. She and Eugene knew that was the one thing in my life they could use to make me uncomfortable. We were not ready to discuss this subject with Lauren. Toya and Eugene took this option away from us. Telling my daughter with an audience around was the last thing I wanted to do.

For her side of the story, Toya responded to rumors that she gossiped about the paternity of Mariah's daughter by saying "that" conversation never happened....in public.

I will address the lies and slander. I have never discussed Mariah's daughter except for agreeing with my husband, Eugene, in a private conversation (meaning no one but he and I were around) when Eugene complemented Aydin for being a man's man by stepping up and adopting HIS daughter (see Episode 2). I agreed that this statement was true to him in a private conversation.

She continued,

Mariah's venomous overreaction to hearsay and gossip from a salon is not only absurd, but also illegal. You can not assault people for what you "think" they might have said. This speaks volumes to Mariah's character. As professionals we need to hold ourselves in a higher regard than the common street thug that runs rapid within society. Unfortunately, I was forced to defend myself in this situation when I was attacked. As for Lake scurrying to tell Mariah her juicy gossip that she concocted, I will get that to very soon.


So there you have the basic groundwork for the brawl that blew completely out of proportion once Mariah's mother (yes....her mama jumped in!) confronted Toya.

Now here's the question...is there ever a just cause for being ratchet and going off in public?  If someone insults your mother and your child...do they deserve to get their weave yanked & dealt with?  You decide....was this fight ratchet or right?





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My sister talked me into

My sister talked me into watching this show the other night. Please tell me these are not real doctors. They don't talk or act like educated women of any profession. Please tell me it ain't so. The lady in the red outfit looks like the character Martin Lawrence use to portray as his mother on his show Martin.

Lets be honest... The reason

Lets be honest... The reason we watch reality shows is for the RATCHETNESS!!! We would be yawning and turning the channel if just Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone was on the show. BTW not sure why they signed the petition against Shawty Lo. I wanted to be a voyeuer into his RATCHETNESS also. Be honest folks we will keep watching and be grateful we don't have this level of drama on our personal lives.....R Do We????

If Mariah is one of the

If Mariah is one of the executive producers of the show she could of had the content removed so this is about the all mighty dollar at work as usual. People selling their souls oh and their personal info to the highest bidder too bad they didnt pay us to watch this foolishness. So she can keep her fake remorse this is just entertainment at its worse no better than the Bad Girls Club same repulsive selfish behavior. Then on top of all that excuses excuses excuses she wrote this chit n and allowed it to b played out just like it went down oops and thats a wrap all the way to the bank.
marie3548's picture

show is scripted and staged.

show is scripted and staged. i signed the petition a couple of weeks ago to get this despicable, gross, stereotypical, 'hood, coonery & buffoonery mess off of television. i suggest others do the same.
wildlife's picture

I think this was stage- Toya

I think this was stage- Toya was throwing little missing punches. Toya is very messy and could have just let that go until the next day. She rudely interrupted Mariah conversation with the other doctor and wife. Toya was telling Kari and her Husband about Mariah's mom un called for. Where was her Husband she should have not even been there.
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As long as my She-RO, Kerry

As long as my She-RO, Kerry Washington represents class and sophistication, elegance and poise, as long as she doesn't turn ratchet to garner attention, than I really don't care about what these women do on t.v. Scandal is representing a side of black women that our world rarely see. BTW: She was voted Favorite Actress and Scandal was voted Favorite Drama by TV Guide readers. Shouldn't we focus on that accomplishment than negativity, This young black African American woman is only 37 years old, starring in a major network series, and was recently in a movie that grossed 100 million dollars. Now, that is what we should be focused on, not fighting,slander,etc.

scandal represents a Black

scandal represents a Black woman sleeping with a married man. Is that the image you are so proud of. Black women being homewreckers and low down
lola69's picture

Yeah right! A classy,

Yeah right! A classy, sophisticated home wrecker who is sleeping around with a married man and being his dirty little secret. Nothing more than the white man's wench. Please stop. Kerry Washington is beautiful and intelligent but the character she plays should be nobody's role model.
Puttintang's picture

I was talking about KW being

I was talking about KW being a posistive representation of a young black woman, not Olivia Pope. I'm not going into the race issue, it's been beaten down so many times.

Oh yeah forgot....Kerry W.

Oh yeah forgot....Kerry W. isn't a wh0re, she just plays one on TV. GTFOH. Image she is portraying is no better than the ones they are portraying.
Puttintang's picture

Hopefully it gets cancelled

Hopefully it gets cancelled after this aired, if all the doctors decide to leave it will. But all they have to do is give a bigger bonus for next season. But realistically all of these episodes were already taped and they were able to be played. Which means whoever returns next season is just as classless as the two that fought. That topic is one that could have been saved.
Hiswife32's picture

Note to Dr. Jackie: Please

Note to Dr. Jackie: Please ask Bravo to release you from your contract. I know that you don't want to be associated with this kind of ghetto foolishness. Look at how embarrassing this would be for their husbands who were attending this party with their colleagues. Their poor husband will have to face these people every day knowing that everyone is gossiping about their ghetto, hoodrat wives. WHEW!!
SpeakingMyMind's picture

When grown women fight, what

When grown women fight, what do they tell their children about resolving conflict? This is so embarrassing on so many levels. This would have been bad enough if it was done privately but these GROWN women are fighting on a television show that is being recorded which means that this will follow them forever. Whatever happened to acting like a lady?? Oh and Mama was instigating....... Jesus, please take the wheel.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Where did they find these

Where did they find these people?? I am so sick of seeing these classless women on TV fighting. Mariah if the issue was personal and touchy, why tell her? Some people are responsible for their own demise. Mariah's family is just rachett period, and her mama (SMDH). The two real women, who are doctors and conduct themselves with class are too good for this show.
IslandGyal's picture

That uggmo mama attacked Toya

That uggmo mama attacked Toya with her purse!!!.....multiple times!!!.. lmao @her old a*s jumping in...this episode had me #dead x_x to the bed rolling on the ground laughing!!! #lawdt those doctors and party guest was appalled!!! #the.horror!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

As a current medical student,

As a current medical student, an African-American female, and a member of the human race, I must say that I am appalled and ashamed after watching this video clip.
Complex Simplicity's picture

i like Mariah i am so glad

i like Mariah i am so glad she whooped toya's fake behind. Kari is so ugly, she looks like all the ladies great grand mother, with the lumpy lips. she tried to duplicate Quad's lips and it went horribly wrong. i will keep watching the show, its my secret indulgence.
islandgirlsrocks's picture

I want Dr. Jackie & Dr.

I want Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone to immediately do a spin off or be done with this show. These are some very ghetto hood rat bitches. They come from nothing, got a lil something and can't even handle that. And that ugly assssss MOTHER of Mariah, I can commend Toya on not disrespecting her, because I would have set her straight real fast. #kudos
SkeeWee's picture

I couldn't get past how

I couldn't get past how ridiculous they looked in black tie and ball gowns at a back yard pool party. Everyone looked totally out of place for that type of setting. But I guess that's how bougie folks with "new money" act.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

And you had to notice how

And you had to notice how carefully everyone had to walk around because there was little to no passage room between the patio furniture and the pool. Probably not the best place to have a formal party.
SassyFace11's picture

So they sign petitions to

So they sign petitions to keep my Nigga Shawty L.O. off the air but this shit gets approved? Only two things make me cry........ Niggaz & Onions!!! When will my sisters raelize that they are being manipulated and when we stop letting Willie Lynch & Mona Scott Young decide what our young women aspire to be? The answer..... NEVER. On the behalf of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman...... "You Bitches Disgust Me. Should Have Let Your Nappy Lacefront Wearing Ass Rot On The Plantation." But I've already said to much
WallStreetWilli's picture


MsMidwest's picture

EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Shawty Lo was

EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Shawty Lo was just a brotha trying to pay some bills and child support. And black women said "hell no niggguhhhhhh , we gone boycott you!!!". But you want to know the main reason they boycotted it, one because it was a black man, and 2 because it would have shown how all these black women which is typical would have kids BY ONE DUDE!!! BY ONE MAN, that's embarrassing!!! Now if you check out all these shows THEY MAKING THESE CRAKKKAS rich , by doing a 21 century SHUCK N JIVE, MINSTREL SHOW, AUNT JEMIMA, LETS FIGHT EACH OTHER LIKE SAVAGES TYPE OF SHOWS. AND WORLDSTARHIPHOP, AND BLACK PEOPLE ACTING A GODDAMN FOOL OUT IN PUBLIC DON'T HELP OUR IMAGE TOO MUCH EITHER. But when we bring this shit up, black women on here WILL GET MADDDD AND SAY NOT ALL, YA GENERALIZING ETC. BUT IT'S A REASON WHY SHIT LIKE THIS IS STILL ON THE AIR!!!IT'S A REASON WHY "Q" FROM WORLDSTARHIPHOP IS MAKING ALL THAT GODDAMN MONEY!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE FINANCE AND CONTRIBUTEEEEEE TOOO OUR OWN DESTRUCTIONNNNNNNNNN MOREEEEEE THAN ANYBODYYYYYYY ON THE PLANETTT.
LetsGetIt's picture

A bunch of grown ass women

A bunch of grown ass women fighting over "You said sum bout my mommaaa" And why do the darker chicks look like men?? I mean im not trying to be rude, but the weave, the way they talk, the extra testosterone, the hard features, everything is fake, they look like men in drag. NOT ALL, BUT ALOT OF THEM DO. It's just nothing soft or lady like about alot of them.
LetsGetIt's picture

This shit was CRAY!!! I think

This shit was CRAY!!! I think Toya was talking about Mariah! She seems extra and shady like that. For example, that whole thing with her talking about Quad's wedding being called off, was so uncalled for... Who cares??? The lady had been married for 3 months at the time of the taping, so it's irrelavent. They got married, so why she felt she needed to address that with Quad is beyond me, plus she don't know her like that! Toya seems so messy. She really looked a mess last night too! Everyone was looking glammed up and she had that ratchet ass weave and dress on! Watch how much weight she loses after this season... You know these reality hoes, see themselves on TV and come back different people... I can't stand that lazy no job having rat! All she want to do is spend her husdband's money. He's crazy too for letting her! They will be broke and divorced before you know it!

that mama so is ugly. cancel

that mama so is ugly. cancel this mess. ghetto hoes trying to be fancy
lola69's picture



Why can't I bring myself to

Why can't I bring myself to stop watching this hot mess I don't know. I never liked Toya from the first episode. Something about her just screams THIRSTY. She is a hood chick that lucked up and is trying really hard to be keep up with the Joneses. You can tell she concerns herself too much with what others have etc. I would be pissed too if a friend was discussing a family secret at the hair salon. But like I've learned there's no such thing as a secret once you tell a damn woman. Ha! Mariah was wrong too, she should've thought about the big picture, her husbands reputation perhaps? And what is up with that Mama of hers? And everyone thought it would be Quad that would show out. LOL.
PacificGirl's picture

Money can't buy

Money can't buy class...cancel this mess!!!!!!!!!

these women are as ugly as

these women are as ugly as their personalities. why is bravo so hell bent on destroying the image of black women. they all are from the ghetto except for dr. simone and dr. jackie which earn the right since they are doctors to be on the show . these other ho's just spreaded their legs
lola69's picture

Two dumb bishes!!! Ur on a

Two dumb bishes!!! Ur on a reality show!!! only a matter of time before someone who wasn't her friend would start digging... If I wanted to keep the info secret, I would not have divulged it at all to anyone other than family and I certainly would not go on a reality TV show... I know the Doctors they are married to are EMBARRASED...

These women lucked up and

These women lucked up and married doctors. they have no class and still hoodrats. I hope he divorces Mirah so she can get back to stripping. Tasteless, classless and I will not watch this show. I wouldnt date a hoodrat but a classy black woman like Dr. Jackie yes.
lola69's picture

Remember that article about

Remember that article about Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs and that other coon? Aaaaaaand you remember how everyone was upset that they dont date black women? The Defense Rest!!!! Proof that Rachetness can come with an EBT or an AMEX card. Disgraceful...... But I've already said to much
WallStreetWilli's picture

Yeah Toya should not have

Yeah Toya should not have gone over there, but Mariah initiated contact. If she had done me like that, I maight have swung too lmao!!! specially after she socked her with the pocketbook. Mariah deserved to get her azz beat!! lmao!!!!
Ethel Mertz's picture



I watched and even though

I watched and even though Mariah "heard" about what Toya said, she still didn't say anything to Toya at the party. Toya was sipping those drinks through the night and she was feeling herself. Mind you, she was already running off at the mouth at the party. So off she goes to find Mariah and proceed to give her a piece of her mind. She even said herself, "I can't keep quiet." Mariah was telling her, you look too pretty to be acting like this, and she touched Toya's hair...it was not done in an aggressive way at all. That's when Toya flipped and Mariah defended herself.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Ok yes this show is

Ok yes this show is ratchet,,,,,but yes i watch it. I was rooting for Toya,,,,Mariah and her ugly ass mama need to go sit down. They really could have talked this out though. Mariah shouldn't have touched the womans hair and pushed up on her lke that....wit her ghetto ass.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Toya touched Mariah's hair

Toya touched Mariah's hair too though when she first approached Mariah. They were both wrong but Toya definitely set that off. Mariah was minding her business.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Ion know bout that. Seems

Ion know bout that. Seems like Toya did approach Mariah but I think Mariah was looking for something to happen.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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