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NEW GIGS: LaLa On the Set Of "SVU" + Kelly Rowland May Replace Britney Spears On X-Factor?!

 photo lala603_zpsb6c4eff4.jpg

LaLa Anthony got a make-under as she hit the set of "Law & Order: SVU" today.  Check out her new gig on the show, plus Kelly Rowland possibly replacing Britney Spears, inside...

LaLa's embarking on her acting career, and she's nabbed a role on an upcoming episode of "SVU."  Today, she hit the set to film with star Mariska Hargitay, and she seems to be playing a round-the-way New York girl.  It feels like we haven't seen her this made under in years:

 photo lala602_zps2333a160.jpg

 photo lala601_zpsc2d5f1bc.jpg 

And it's more good news for La as she's been hosting the Motives booth with tons of fans at the International Beauty Show in NYC this week.  Plus, she let her Twitter fans know that she'll be co-hosting "The View" tomorrow.  Are they testing her to be a possible replacement for Joy Behar, like they've been doing with Brooke Shields and Allie Wentworth?  Time will tell....



 photo KellyRowlandXFactorjudgesleaveLowry4M7KdDWEiSKx_zpse907aa1d.jpg

In other new gigs, sources say Kelly Rowland is being tapped to join "X-Factor" in the U.S. to replace Britney Spears.  She was replaced as "X-Factor" judge in the UK last year by Nicole Scherzinger.  So Simon Cowell pulling her back in for America could be interesting.

The Daily Mail reports:

Kelly, 32, is now 'most definitely in the mix' to replace Britney Spears on the third season of the Fox talent show, which airs later this year.

It's not yet known whether Cowell will appear with three women on the judging panel - or hire another man to replace L.A. Reid.

Reportedly, the "Kisses Down Low" singer will join Demi Lovato and possibly Simon for auditions kicking off this June.  This could be a great move for Kelly.  You feelin' it?

The Randomness:

1. "Comic View" is returning to BET with host Sommore.

2.  Isaiah Thomas is getting his own talk show on Cinemoi North America TV.  STORY




i wish Lala would stop

i wish Lala would stop pretending as an actress. She always plays herself anyway.
Santi114's picture

I agree w/Sweetpea...I had

I agree w/Sweetpea...I had such high hopes for X Factor but it has become a joke since Paula and Nicole left. LA Reid was the best compliment for Simon. Demi and Britney were annoying. Kelly could be a good addition but not with Demi. And where the hell is Melanie Amaro?!
PacificGirl's picture

I agree Simon should jsut

I agree Simon should jsut give up on X- Factor, I thought it would have been cancelled by now considering the ratings last seasn was not that great. Britney was a bore as a judge and Demi and LA Reid were not any better. Kelly needs to be out promoting her CD whenever it drops, she is not a superstar, she needs all the promos she can get. X-Factor's track record of prodcuing a superstar is poor, Melanie Amaro who was the first winner has yet to have hit and drop her first CD, rumor has it she was dropped by Epic records- not good!! she has an incredible voice. I was hoping to hear music from her.
sweetpea1989's picture

Ok Kelly u throw'n The X sign

Ok Kelly u throw'n The X sign up...Gud luck!
Caligurl4life's picture

in other news...rihanna

in other news...rihanna cancels another show last night but was on instagram in the early am asking for the name of ciara's album title....yet claiming she's only talking about her in interviews. drugs is not good kids. we learn this over and over again

sad to say but i think simon

sad to say but i think simon should give up on this show. they need a big name or a big personality or which they have yet to find. simon can't carry this show on his own. kelly is known for being a member of dc but hardly a big name to help with ratings.

Olivia! Love her. My favorite

Olivia! Love her. My favorite tv heroine.
CheyPie's picture

This is not a good picture of

This is not a good picture of Kelly. Her body looks masculine.
Tannygirl's picture

Its like...Kelly Rowland &

Its like...Kelly Rowland & Bey-Z always have to flash hand/arm signals to their retarded fans b/c STANS can BARELY read/communicate!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

No, it's actually a sign to

No, it's actually a sign to the deranged haters aka you, and it means "fuck you". I'm pretty sure of it.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LaLa looks like a lesbian

LaLa looks like a lesbian truck driver
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Lala its time to show you're

Lala its time to show you're more than pretty eyes, not even a pretty face. Not hating you're beautiful but without the eyes you're an average pretty basketball wife. Kill this role and I will respect you. Not every entertainer get this chance. Use it abuse it and own it bitch. Not bitch in a bad way. SVU 12 YEARS and running. They've made actors out of average "entertainers". Layla use this chance wisely.
Hiswife32's picture

Umm comic view----NO, they

Umm comic view----NO, they need to air the re-runs of the old comic view episodes, not THOSE were funny!

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