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TV FAB: Jennifer Hudson Warns Parents Of PLAYTIME DANGER After Her Son BREAKS HIS LEG!

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Jennifer Hudson chatted with Jimmy Kimmel last night about her son, David Jr., breaking his leg during a very common playtime activity.  Watch Jennifer warn parents inside...

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Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night where she promoted her upcoming Lifetime movie Call Me Crazy (about mental illness).

Jen, who wore a sexy black Saint Laurent dress, chatted about singing on a Disney cruise ship, meeting Quentin Tarantino and her fiance David Otunga.  But when is this wedding though? (We still don't know).

When Jimmy asked about David's career in the WWE, Jen revealed that David Jr. likes to wrestle as well...but he prefers to use mommy as his opponent!  She also revealed that David Jr. had broken his leg recently while on a slide.

"My little munchkin he broke his leg sliding down the slide. And they said the number 1 way children break their legs is sliding down the slide on someone's lap."  She then issued awarning to other parents of young kids, 'So don't let your kids do that, we learned the hard way."

"He said mommy whats going to happen to my bad leg. Will I be able to ride again, can I ride my bike. He doesn't really understand', said Jen.  

How cute!

But David Jr. isn't letting the broken leg get him down. She said, "Its red. He thinks he's turned into the red power ranger right now. That's how we tricked him into the cast."

Watch Jen discuss her love of "energy stones" and her dogs here:


Watch Jen discuss "Call Me Crazy" and David Jr. breaking his leg:


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I have a question Ms.

I have a question Ms. Hudson...Why didn't u help ur sis to lose weight like you, are u that shellfish, guess u want all the ATTENTION for urself....smdh
Caligurl4life's picture

Jennifer, first time parent

Jennifer, first time parent is giving warnings and advice okay lol. I pay attention since I don't have any kids lmfao cause you have to be a joke to listen if you have/a child older than hers, common sense, or relatives that have children before you.
Hiswife32's picture

I'm so sick of these 21 inch

I'm so sick of these 21 inch wigs/weaves. These women have money & have the same raggedy wigs I see on the streets of Atl every day.
Somerknight's picture

Dang, I didn't know

Dang, I didn't know that.....thanks J!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Jen?!...Just Hush Chile! Its

Jen?!...Just Hush Chile! Its Called An Accident. Most Kids Have Them.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Hmph I thought he had learned

Hmph I thought he had learned a bad wrestling move...glad the lil tike gone be alright! Smhlol..*sip sip
Like Really's picture

J-Hud looks nice...hope her

J-Hud looks nice...hope her lil boy heals nicely. Round-ass-big-face Jimmy Kimmel sure is enjoying her company...

I bet her fat azs sister

I bet her fat azs sister landed on him but she said it was a sliding accident so cps wont come seize him. Or maybe he's just malnourished because she has him on a ww diet.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Jesus would break his 3rd Leg

Jesus would break his 3rd Leg washing Her Mouth Out with his Soapy Cock!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

u need a virus on ur ipad.

u need a virus on ur ipad. no fuxs given
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Terrible but funny.

Terrible but funny.
Bocagal's picture

stop lyin,,,we know its u

stop lyin,,,we know its u Lisa.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Never heard of that but ok.

Never heard of that but ok. Thanks for the PSA. -_-
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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