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Ciara & Future, Trina & French Montana, Chris Brown & More Roll To DJ Prostyle's Birthday Party

 photo turn3_zpsb0d8a978.jpg

Ciara and her boo Future partied it up last night at DJ Prostyle's birthday party in NYC.  Both took the stage and spent the rest of the night boo'd up.  And Trina with her rumored boo French Montana, along with Chris Brown, Fabolous and more also showed up.  Pics inside...

 photo monta2_zps5382fe5f.jpg

Ciara, rocking her new Givenchy printed sneakers, made her way into the Hammerstein Ballroom with her man Future for Prostyle's big bash.  Both were there to take the stage to perform.

 photo viac1_zps4345402d.jpg

Kinda loving those white nails too CiCi.

 photo monta1_zpsd699b4b4.jpg

And look who else pulled up on the scene.  Trina..with French Montana.  The twosome have been denying they're dating, but we all know the deal.  But did Trina roll out of bed with this scarf on and go straight to the party?  Loves her though.

 photo monta3_zps122ae7a7.jpg

Fat Joe made an appearance.  Still keeping up his slimmed down appearance.

 photo monta4_zpseb54395f.jpg

Fabolous hit up the party.

 photo turn4_zps059f9da2.jpg 

And so did new dad Wiz Khalifa as he posed it up with Prostyle himself.

 photo prosty1_zpsb3aece35.jpg

Chris Brown was there to perform for the huge crowd as Prostyle's invited the public to his big bash.  And by invite, we mean buy tickets to come see these people perform on his b-day.

 photo DJProStylesBirthdayBashedjTCL41FJ0l_zps17bd54c7.jpg

 photo DJProStylesBirthdayBashi7d93JVkbtvl_zps3024b40c.jpg photo DJProStylesBirthdayBash7sEHUTRpUGGl_zps1d1181cf.jpg

Breezy gave his usual shirtless performance to drive the crowds crazy.

 photo DJProStylesBirthdayBashSDj5LCuVitBl_zpsa3f6b12a.jpg

And hit the stage with Joe.

 photo DJProStylesBirthdayBash7EIor4WzkAvl_zps70e8af46.jpg

 photo DJProStylesBirthdayBash87q1_9BMjvll_zps0e75f590.jpg

Ciara looked cute on stage as she promoted her new Ciara album.

 photo NeYoDJProStyleBirthdayBashts2zexGWomMl_zps56c59eb6.jpg

Ne-Yo was on hand to perform.

 photo viac2_zps5b62e8f1.jpg

And the Breakfast Club--"Guy Code" star Charlamagne, "Gossip Game" star Angela Yee and DJ Envy--were all smiles.

 photo KTyler-9703.jpg

 photo ss1.jpg

Chris Brown's artist, Sevyn Streeter, also hit the stage to perform her hit "I Like It."

Fun times indeed.


Photos: Instagram/Splash




Chris browns tattoos look

Chris browns tattoos look good. Why is Ciara dressing like that? These girls that take the style of whatever man theyre dating,smh. She needs her OWN style/look. She hate riri so much, but she's dressing like her....hmmm. Im just not impressed. Bunch of grown folks older than me, acting like kids. Gets old fast....
Supermodel01's picture

Chris Brown looks like a damn

Chris Brown looks like a damn fool & Ciara and Future look like really good "girlfriends"
Kelli99's picture

Is it me or has wiz khalifa

Is it me or has wiz khalifa been looking off lately? I know a newborn baby wears you out and feedings during the night but something else is throwing me off...he didn't use to look like that
Jayjay's picture

Get Your Life Ciara ~ that

Get Your Life Ciara ~ that third pic is a straight up Rihanna jacking.
GetUrLife's picture

Connor. I agree that Joe`s

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sandrabai797's picture

Trina looks Tragic. Soo

Trina looks Tragic. Soo Ciara performed in the same outfit she wore to the event. Sweaty and nasty in all that damn leather. YUCK!
PacificGirl's picture

Everyone looks a mess,

Everyone looks a mess, looking sweaty and such, and Ciara performing- Zzzzz!! it isa wonder people did not fall aslep- lol!! Chris- Meh!! those tats are hideous and he still has to grab his crotch I see. Ewww!!
sweetpea1989's picture

This whole party just reeks

This whole party just reeks of nigerdom. No one is showing any class at this ratchet party and why? WHY must these rappers and singers continue to take off their shirt so we can see their dirty draws and saggy pants? That's not the kind of performers I would pay to see. This is some pure phuckery!
myopinioncounts's picture

Damn Fat Joe Lost Alot Of

Damn Fat Joe Lost Alot Of Weight. I Usta Love Me Some Fabulous When He Had That Chip Front Toof.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Fat Joe still looks like a

Fat Joe still looks like a yellow gorilla.
Zanya's picture

did future or CB borrow the

did future or CB borrow the other's red leather shirt?
shuga's picture

I noticed that, too. What

I noticed that, too. What the hell?
MrsCPA's picture

CC keep your eye on future.

CC keep your eye on future. looking sumin special

fat joe looking good.

fat joe looking good.

dam I wanna have a birthday

dam I wanna have a birthday party like that!! Future is pretty cute and I love his cheekbones but I cant help but to feel bad for allllllllll of his baby mothers and the woman/women CURRENTLY pregnant by him. watching him and Ciara smoke it up and party like aint no pampers to be changed shit is trifling.
shuga's picture

This behavior is not

This behavior is not commensurate with youth,true adulthood or being cool it is simply an illustration of buffoonery and it needs and sorely needs to be called for exactly what it is and that is a display of pure ignorance and juvenality encouraged largely by the scourge of hip hop culture and it must be challenged and opposed before it does any further damage to the African-American community.

Hey man i totally understand

Hey man i totally understand you...unfortunately the African American Community is DOOMED!......it would take a miracle to talk sense to most of this.
HAPPY's picture

This is

This is crass,vulgar,juvenile,reckless,& irresponsible behavior personified with individuals dressed in an abysmal fashion,drinking large amounts of alcohol and in some cases consuming narcotics and to make matters worse the predominant number of individuals engaging in this shameful display are African-Americans which I personally find quite sad. I often wonder what has happened to Black America.

Niggers contributing to the

Niggers contributing to the world....lmao
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Trina, you are looking real

Trina, you are looking real worn out girl. What is going on with you. Go have a seat and give your cootie cat a rest. You have been with too many rappers and ballers, Now its French montana. Before him it was kenyon martin, james harden, lil wayne, and others. Girl if you don't know by now you will never know! Disappear for a while, and save yourself.

Girl pleaseee, the heffas

Girl pleaseee, the heffas dont know no better. She stuck in that hood mentality. She 30 something still running with the same broke ass industry dicks, tryna find a husband, record deal, or a come up...which ever comes first. Go chill, meditate, get ur life and look together, and find a nice wealthy, educated, businessman. Leave the hoodlums alone. Thats wat i would do. French montana tho?? Thats new money
Supermodel01's picture

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