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Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Boris Kodjoe & Nicole, Nelly, Miguel & More At The 2013 BET UPFRONTS

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront4aRgN8v7r11l.jpg

The 2013 BET UPFRONTS were held yesterday with Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, Gabrielle Union and other network stars all in attendance to promote their shows.  See the pics inside...

 photo KevinHartCelebsBETNetworksNewYorkUpfrontMrkxlPiufOHx.jpg

Kevin Hart, who stars in BET's record-breaking series "RHOH" helped present the BET Networks 2013 New York Upfronts yesterday in NYC.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontvuzt936DvoAl.jpg

Kevin celebrated the success of his series by posing with BET's top execs Stephen Hill and Debra Lee.

 photo KevinHartCelebsBETNetworksNewYorkUpfrontGF864cgggG9x.jpg

Kevin also posed with model Selita Ebanks who had a few choice words for him after he jokingly said she was unattractive.  She tweeted, "So icy" says Chris Robinson #RHOH @kevinheart says "im unattractive" #phuckHisLil'Ass LMFAO"

 photo KevinHartCelebsBETNetworksNewYorkUpfrontLLq3QZbQ-2Vx.jpg

Kevin, who hugged fellow network star Gabrielle Union, seemed to be in high spirits following his recent DUI bust.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontMaq7e-ZnfWNl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontA_SB9rax16Tl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontxbUsIpDArmyl.jpg

Gabrielle introduced a few scenes from her upcoming scripted series "Being Mary Jane."

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontm0VT17Zig-Tl.jpg

Funnywoman Sommore was there to promote the reboot of BET's "Comic View", which she'll be hosting.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfronteRkYspoOeAhl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfronto0fvPwgePFPl.jpg

"Real Husbands Of Hollywood" star Boris Kodjoe posed with wife Nicole Ari Parker.  The twosome is also working with BET on their own project.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfronto-KXvNH0623l.jpg

Fellow "RHOH" star Nelly posed with Stephen Hill.  You'll recall that Nelly said he won't be rushed into marriage....so there's no telling when he'll become a true "husband" of Hollywood.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontSbUj1Rk_soUl.jpg

"Apollo Live" judge Gladys Knight showed that she's still keeping the weight off after her stint on "DWTS".

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontdSIEbUujbtDl.jpg

Original "Dreamgirls" star Sheryl Lee Ralph, who'll be starring in the NickMom series "Instant Mom" with Tia Mowry-Hardrict, looked great.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontdGaPTpcizGGl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront6s-aQ-WA3ufl.jpg

Legendary diva Chaka Khan, who's looking GORGEOUS these days, performed for the upfronts' audience.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontUsP-gEUkh3Bl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront4HKL-iMEjG4l.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontfcRbwx9d9gUl.jpg

The hosts of "106 & Park" Shorty da Prince, Paigion, Miss Mykie, and Bow Wow posed together.  Love the look, but let's wear shoes that fit next time. 

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontQpUBURrpi1Ml.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontCYDMzi3eFZ4l.jpg

Chris Tucker, who's been announced as the host of the 2013 BET Awards, posed with CEO Debra Lee.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfrontbFe2oMKmb62l.jpg

The stars of "The Sheards"  J. Drew Sheard and Kierra Sheard attended the upfronts. Kierra also performed during the event.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront6UeT23e5Ekil.jpg

"Apollo Live" host Tony Rock came to promote his show (with Gladys Knight, Michael Bivins and Doug E. Fresh) which airs on Centric.

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront2EjQc62_7fJl.jpg

 photo BETNetworks2013NewYorkUpfront6FZ4oNHrpqXl.jpg

Singer Miguel also entertained everyone in the audience.  Looks like a classy event was pulled off by BET.  Nice!

The Randomness:

1.  A suspect has been identified in the Boston Marathon bombings.  STORY

Photos via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America



Nicole and Borris are a

Nicole and Borris are a beautiful couple but I think Nicole has too many patterns on our outfit. I have a headache just looking at. Something is "off" with Chaka's face. Maybe she lost too much weight. Some women, including men, just look better with more meat on their bodies. Thin isn't for everyone. Loving Gabby's pantsuit!!!

Looks like Nicole has put on

Looks like Nicole has put on a few pounds it looks good on her.
Zanya's picture

OMG Chaka finally joined the

OMG Chaka finally joined the Altered Face Club....No Likey!!!!
star's picture

The toes hanging over the

The toes hanging over the shoes REALLY threw me off. I couldn't even focus on the rest of the story.
SassyFace11's picture

Kevin has lifts in his shoes,

Kevin has lifts in his shoes, I'm almost certain he's shorter than that... Wow! G'head Nicole; I didn't know she was working with all that body. #2snaps!
Peace Silas's picture

Ikr.. The lil weight does

Ikr.. The lil weight does look good on Ms. Kodjoe, it feels out ur snaps w/ a Z-formation! Lol...*sips brandy sour
Like Really's picture

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sandrabai797's picture

The divas, Gladys and Chaka,

The divas, Gladys and Chaka, are throwing it down!!! Looking fabulous ladies!!! And love Sheryl Lee Ralph to pieces, but not loving the look.
MrsCPA's picture

Chaka and Gladys do look

Chaka and Gladys do look gr8t! Boris n' Nicole look good but she looks a lil thicker here and Debra Lee phony butt, along w/ the Park crew irks the hell out me! Smhlol...*sips cocktail
Like Really's picture

kevin is in no position to

kevin is in no position to call anyone unattractive. point blank.
wildlife's picture

I Almost Didn't Recognize

I Almost Didn't Recognize Nicole A Parker. Ms.Knight And Ms.Khan Looks Good. Growing Older Gracefully. Don't Like Sommore Hairdo.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Chaka face looks funny.

Chaka face looks funny.
SkeeWee's picture

Damn Kevin Hart is short. He

Damn Kevin Hart is short. He must have bought his clothes in the boys department before he had the money to get them custom made.
LBA1's picture

Lol pot meet kettle... Now

Lol pot meet kettle... Now who's hiding ole LooseBootyAzz Smhlol..*sips golden dream
Like Really's picture

What the hell are you doing

What the hell are you doing besides commenting on this blog all the time? BTW, Are you married? Easy to throw shade at folks hiding behind your computer.
LBA1's picture

I think Gabby looks great. I

I think Gabby looks great. I love the chemistry between Boris and Nicole. I can't wait to find out who is behind this Boston marathon bombing.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I misread thought she was

I misread thought she was hosting AGAIN but hope BMJ works out! I mean she ain't no BBW yet..smhlol *sips golden dream
Like Really's picture

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