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SCARLET LETTER: Fantasia's "Side Effects Of You" LISTENING Session With Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland & MORE

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Fantasia hosted a listening session for her Side Effects Of You album last night with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland among the attendees celebrating her return. See the photos inside...

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Like a scarlet letter, Fantasia endured many trials and tribulations with her most recent relationship.  She's been under of the watchful eyes of fans and critics, and sometimes it's gotten the best of her (remember those Instagram rants?).  But now Fanny has taken those displaced emotions and put them right back where her fans want them.....in the studio. 

Celebrating the upcoming release of her rock-soul disc, Side Effects Of You (April 23rd), Fantasia stepped out in LA last night with short auburn hair and a scarlet red dress that announced her return.  And she looks GREAT.

 photo ffla6.jpg

Held at London Bridge Studios in North Hollywood, Fantasia played the disc for a room full of celebs and tastemakers, while giving a special shoutout to her producer Harmony Samuels (shown atop).  "Thank You All SO VERY MUCH!!!! SIDE EFFECTS OF YOU IS DIFFERENT AND VERY SPECIAL.. @harmonysamuels. THANKS LOVE"

 photo FT4.jpg

 photo FT5.jpg

 photo ffl1.jpg

Fela! star Michelle Williams showed off her amazing figure and gave Fanny some love and support.  Fantasia tweeted, "Why I Love You SO MUCH?? CAUSE YOUR SO REAL... CANT WAIT FOR YOUR ALBUM BOO"

 photo ffla7.jpg

And proving that she didn't burn any bridges when she left her run on Broadway, Fanny got support from some folks from her past.  "Ally Willis FROM COLOR PURPLE.. STILL SUPPORTING THE GIRL"

 photo FT2.jpg

And possible new "X Factor" judge Kelly Rowland rocked a hot pair of zebra-striped pumps and red pants for the record release. 

 photo FT1.jpg

Meanwhile, Kelly is gearing up for the release of her own Talk A Good Game album. 

 photo photo3.jpg

Kita Williams posed with Kelly and Harmony at the event.


Congrats to Fanny!

Check out her "testimony" she gave about her album during last night's event:


Photos via Instagram/Leon Bennett/WireImage , Video via HipHollywood.com




For once in her life Fantasia

For once in her life Fantasia looks great! she looks classy and i guess she fired her previous stylist who had her dressing in the most ghetto and ratchet clothing ever created!
montycarlo105's picture

Love my girl Tasia... She's

Love my girl Tasia... She's looking good! Blessings on the new album...

Never realized Michelle's

Never realized Michelle's head was so damn Big.....And Fantasia looks like a totally different person....Good for her
star's picture

So proud of Fanny and how far

So proud of Fanny and how far she's come, I just know this new project is gonna be a hit. I'll def be copping
Realist's picture

Yeah Fantasia looks real good

Yeah Fantasia looks real good on these pics...she would definitely get that bedroom action!! (Yeah I know I aint no good!)
Money First's picture

Fantasia finally hired a

Fantasia finally hired a stylist! YAYYYY! She looks Great! Go Fanny!
Burself's picture

Fantasia looks good, great

Fantasia looks good, great transition. Looking new and improve, keep it up
Tren's picture

Fantasia has finally gotten

Fantasia has finally gotten it. Dress like the Lady that you are, not a hoochie. She looks AMAZING. I can't wait for the album. I'm loving the Kelly Rowland duet already. Bravo!
PacificGirl's picture

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sandrabai797's picture

Fanny looks better than she

Fanny looks better than she has in hte past, Michelle has an amazing figure?? Really?? she is much too thin IMO! Kelly looks cute but the pose. I will pass on the CD but, wish Fanny the best anyway.
sweetpea1989's picture

everybody pre order that

everybody pre order that album lets get real talent to the top side effects of you to the top rock soul baby

Fanny does look gr8t I just

Fanny does look gr8t I just saw her on AH and she seems to be in a BETTA place. Poor Michelle she ain't gained a ounce since Fela! Smhlol..*sips melon sour
Like Really's picture

OMG. This is the best I've

OMG. This is the best I've seen Fantasia look EVER!!! As far as styling goes, she usually does too much but she looks relaxed and casually put together. It's a great look for her. Soft and sophisticated hair, simple dress and heels. Perfect!! Now if she can only straighten out her personal life, she'd be on point. Love her voice so I'm hoping she keeps the look and makes better personal choices.

Glad she's finally getting it

Glad she's finally getting it together. She looks great! This is the best I've seen her look.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Chile boo! Fantasia looks so

Chile boo! Fantasia looks so pretty and hot! Go girl!
JJFad's picture

Fantasia looks really nice.

Fantasia looks really nice. Kelly ALWAYS looks good. Michelle, well Fantasia and Kelly look really nice and healthy.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

everyone looked nice. fanny

everyone looked nice. fanny really stepped up her game. i wish her album much success.
wildlife's picture

Fantasia looks great, I wish

Fantasia looks great, I wish her the best on her new album. I like what I have heard to date.
kayla1010's picture

side effects of being a home

side effects of being a home wrecking w.h.o.r.e period. but that sublte nose job is working for her
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Fantasia looks classy. Now

Fantasia looks classy. Now if only she will act the part. I hope the album sounds nice.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Fanny has really stepped her

Fanny has really stepped her game up in the appearance department. She looks much softer and ladylike.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

She sure does! Praying she

She sure does! Praying she does well.
MrsCPA's picture

hope it sounds good

hope it sounds good
BritJackson's picture

Fantasia looks nice! Kelly

Fantasia looks nice! Kelly has one pose and Michelle looks like a bobble head. i like her dress though.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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