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SWOOSH!!?? Rick Ross THINKS Reebok OWED Him A SECOND Chance...Now He's Rocking JORDANS!!???

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Rick Ross is telling friends that Reebok shouldn't have dropped him as a spokeperson since he's the one who made Reebok Classics "relevant" again. Get a dose of Rick's big ego inside and see him switch to the "swoosh"...

Now that Reebok has dropped him as a spokesman, Rick Ross is feeling some kind of way and posting pics of himself switching it up from Reebok Classics to Air Jordans.

You'll recall that when the "U.O.E.N.O." controversy first jumped off, Rick didn't pay it any mind.  In fact, he pretty much ignored it.  It wasn't until women's activist groups started putting pressure on Reebok that he even bothered to offer a half-assed apology.

Fast forward to this week, sources close to Rick revealed that he stands to lose between $3 to $5 Million bucks because he was getting a check everytime he wore the shoes....so now he's pissed.

Yesterday, Rick offered his own passive aggressive statement (possibly aimed at Reebok) by posting a new pic of himself rocking Jordans with the tagline "Another day at the office. #DoubleM"

His friends told TMZ that he thinks he should have been offered "corporate forgiveness" since he made the brand relevant in the hip hop game again. 

But don't expect a response from Reebok.  They've already said, "We are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse."

We have to agree with Reebok.  If Rick and his PR team were truly remorseful, he'd be signing on with a non-profit group that helps rape victims...not posting pics of Air Jordans.  #stillthesame




I dont know why Reebok even

I dont know why Reebok even chose to have this FAT ninja represents their brand anway! Nothing about this man screams athleticism and his pregnant beer gut and large DD breasts prove that!
montycarlo105's picture

The 2 mufflers are almost

The 2 mufflers are almost scraping the ground with his big ole ass.
Realist's picture

This is just to fat and nasty

This is just to fat and nasty looking...get the bypass,sleeve,you have the money please get the surgery so you can be around 10 more years,youe heart can't take all that weight..oh yea and bleach your teeth..it's ashame to make so much money and don't bleach your teeth..

He better watch how he comes

He better watch how he comes off that car, looks like the bumper is gonna come clean off and it'll be a big deep dent in the middle of the trunk. #be careful
ebyruff27's picture

until I saw the draft saying

until I saw the draft saying $6196, I have faith ...that...my neighbour woz like they say truley receiving money in there spare time from there labtop.. there aunt has done this less than 13 months and at present paid for the mortgage on their apartment and got a great Acura. read more at... BIC5.COM
sandrabai797's picture

When will this 500lb gorilla

When will this 500lb gorilla go away?? We're so over him, pregnant belly, and that taco meat on his face he calls a beard. His attitude coincides with his physical appearance....JUST STRAIGHT NASTY! This is what happens when you give ignorant bastards money and offer them deals with reputable companies. Can't put all the blame on Rick "Hogs", Reebok should have listened to that crap he calls music first before they asked him to endorse their product. Hope it's a lesson learned to all involved.

co-sign everything you said!

co-sign everything you said!
whatev's picture

Don't Nobody Owe This Fat

Don't Nobody Owe This Fat Phuca Jax. Rebook DON't Do It!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

This a**hat looks

This a**hat looks ridiculous!. His pants are hanging off his a**, no decent clothes on and smoking. Yeah, I'm sure Reebok really needs that image. Reebok shoes are just as cheap as him. He's not remorseful at all. I would say he needs to have a seat, but because he is borderline obese, he really needs to stand up, run and not walk to the nearest image consultant!
myopinioncounts's picture

So he's mad because his

So he's mad because his actions were held accoutable. He's about to put a dent in that Bentley. I am truly tired of folks supporting these whack rappers who's job is the be flashy, rap about the same exact thing over and over and then disrespect our women, influence our children. He needs to let it go, he shouldn't be endorsing shoes anyway...doesn't look like he has even walked passed the doors of a Gym.
ElleDC's picture

This really is a stupid

This really is a stupid STUPID dumbass brother
Tannygirl's picture

I rocked Classics hard in the

I rocked Classics hard in the late 90's-early 2000's but I must have missed the memo that they were relevant again....
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

When did big fat sloppy

When did big fat sloppy nonactive, nonathletic ninjas start getting sneaker contracts. He need a video game or KFC endorsement.
Somerknight's picture

LMAO!!! I never thought about

LMAO!!! I never thought about it that way....non-athletic people pushing athletic gear isn't very inspiring.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Are all these rappers really

Are all these rappers really this deluded? Is this a late April Fool? No one owes him anything and he certainly didn't make Reebok classics relevant again. Earth to Rozay. And in unrelated news, I'm tired of looking at that disgusting, oozing slab of raw meat on the sidebar. SBJ!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

UOENO?¿ Dumb a$$. Have

UOENO?¿ Dumb a$$. Have SEVERAL seats Rick Ross, Ricky Rosé [Rozay], Big Meech, Big Black Muthaphucker, Ricky Reebok, Ricky Jordan or whatever the phuck you're calling yourself these days. _/ \_ _/ \_ _/ \_ _/ \_
GetUrLife's picture


wildlife's picture

Maybe if you were in some

Maybe if you were in some kind of shape Rick - it would considered. But since you decided its better to sell yourself out for the money and not doing a thing for the progressive of your people - well your just a loser! Reebok needs a "C'mon Son" for considering him as well.
Suga9's picture

Trash. All of our rappers

Trash. All of our rappers have turned into proud trash.
JJFad's picture

Big, fat, hairy disgusting

Big, fat, hairy disgusting looking slob. He's getting what he deserves. Good for Nike! They hit him where it hurts!!
LBA1's picture



ReeBok don't give a s....hit

ReeBok don't give a s....hit what this ignorant 'knee grow' wears, he's no longer representing them. He thinks he's hurting somebody, NOOOOOOT
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Why would anyone want him for

Why would anyone want him for the spokesperson of an athletic shoe anyways? I mean I'm just saying looks like he hasn't bust a jog since 79
Mouse's picture

He looks like a hog, that is

He looks like a hog, that is not cute on a man his age
TeaNicole's picture

Here's the thing... some

Here's the thing... some stuff you can't fake. This fool doesn't think he was wrong.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Man, this is disappointing

Man, this is disappointing that I'm going to have to stop rocking his music...sucka...smh...he act like he's above giving out an serious apology. That wasn't some simple 'have sex with her and drop her off' type lyric...what an idiot and I hope Jordan come and out and tell him not to associate his shoe with a muthasucka who doesn't have the common sense God gave a gnat!

Well #1 Rick Ross just made

Well #1 Rick Ross just made himself look like a petty m'fer. #2 Who wears Reeboks anyway?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

his pants down like that are

his pants down like that are disgusting. Officer Ricky is so corny. 50 cent tried to tell ya! and Alicia Keys is doing more for Reebok than this douchebag ever could. soon as he stand up them joints gonna lean with it and rock with it.
shuga's picture

#1-I'm MAD that he put all

#1-I'm MAD that he put all that weight on that poor car. #2-Take note fans of gangsta-rap: its all TALK! Now Officer Ricky is all-but-begging Reebok to reconsider, cuz now he REALIZES how much MONEY he eff'd up. That's funny: he didn't reconsider or apologize for that 'rape/molly' lyric the first 3x's he was asked about it. He's just a big ol' baby talking -ish to make $. Gangsta my azz.

lmao @that poor car.

lmao @that poor car. Hahaha!! I wonder if he ever looks in the mirror and says: I aint shit.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LOL...yet SMH and LOL at the

LOL...yet SMH and LOL at the same time over this craziness.

When you have illiterates as

When you have illiterates as role models....is it a wonder most African American men act foolish then again their women love it...........im sure his hood friends have been telling him shit and massaging his ego .......dnt worry you are going to get whats coming......
HAPPY's picture

HILARIOUS!!!! Looking like he

HILARIOUS!!!! Looking like he taking a dump!.....Nike calling to distance themselves in 5....4..3...2....1....lmao!
JewelryLover's picture

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