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CANDIDS: Kelly Rowland Goes On A Shopping Spree + Christina Milian & Her Boo Jas Prince Hit Up The Lakers Game

 photo ysk12_zps4c422c7d.jpg

Kelly Rowland is looking effortless gorge as always as she was spotted shopping in L.A. yesterday.  We've got the pics of the possible new "X Factor" US judge, plus Chrisina Milian & Jas Prince's date night at last night's huge Lakers game....

Miss Kelly is done with her new album, Talk A Good Game, and before she starts full on promo before it drops June 4th, she's been chilling out all over L.A.  Yesterday, she hit up Flight Club for several pair of new sneakers:

 photo ysk8_zps4dc5d739.jpg   photo krow2_zpsd7955876.jpg

Kelly recently talked to E! about whether she's ready to add Mommy to her list of roles in life.  And that's a No-Go for now:

"I'm not ready. I'm not ready to have a child. I like my time, I like to wake up whenever I want to and I like to come and go as I please. I don't know if I'm ready to share that time with another person, I don't wanna mess them up."

We definitely feel that.

 photo kro1_zpsb97c823f.jpg  photo krow3_zpseef3dd31.jpg

Loving these mustard Giuseppe Zanotti Liza platform pumps.  Kelly also appears on Fantasia's most recent single, "Without Me."


And elsewhere in L.A. yesterday:

   photo cmlakers1_zps2eddc645.jpg photo cmk13_zpsca7a65e4.jpg

Christina Milian was spotted hopping out her Bentley as she and boyfriend Jas Prince arrived to the Lakers game at the Staples Center.  Rocking high waisted sliced and fringed jeans with Louboutin Equestria boots and a Full Tilt chambray bustier top, "The Voice" correspondent kept it cute as she cheered on the home team to help them secure that #7 spot going into the playoffs. 

Chris & Jas have been dating a while, even rumored to be engaged, but time will tell.  Hope she's getting some good music, producers, perks out of it.  She loves herself a man who can "assist" in her career.  Can't be mad at that....


1.  Robin Roberts is back in the hospital after falling ill on vacation, but it's not serious.  STORY


Photos: Splash




Gone Christina!!!!! Instead

Gone Christina!!!!! Instead of "love under new management". She got love under new dirty drawers/ dirty dishes in the sink. I can't quit singing that. lol Bless you!!!
In God We trust's picture

I think Kelly is cute dont

I think Kelly is cute dont get me wrong but on that first picture she look like she pushing a fart out on the sly. The heels are to much too damn high just an accident waiting to happen. I guess the higher the hill the sexier WHATEVER
nikkool's picture

Kelly, that hair....

Kelly, that hair....
CheyPie's picture

I didnt know C. Mili was

I didnt know C. Mili was pushing a bentley. Werk Bish! She look cute. Who is Jas Prince?
Supermodel01's picture

J. Prince's son owner of

J. Prince's son owner of Rap-A-Lot records (label to the legendary rapper Scarface and the Ghetto Boys, Bun B and Pimp C, Do or Die, Z-Ro, Devin the Dude) and Jas Prince himself is responsible for Drake being signed.
Money First's picture

them are some ugly shoes

them are some ugly shoes kelly and christina got on.

They sure

They sure are!!!!!............But u forgot Kelly's ugly wig.
star's picture

Kelly's hair, outfit, shoes:

Kelly's hair, outfit, shoes: ugly ugly ugly. Seems like the shoes are too big for her and the hair is just not doing it. No Kels, sorry. Christina looks good though.
Tannygirl's picture

Miss Kelly looking good as

Miss Kelly looking good as always....
Sweetlips7's picture

Thsoe shoes Kelly!! how do

Thsoe shoes Kelly!! how do some women walk around and shop in 6 inch heels??? I have to be comfortable when I shop and that includes nice flat walking shoes. Christina never fails to find a camera/pap, she just has to grin for the camera, how about taking Jas's lead and ignore the camera for once.
sweetpea1989's picture

No d*mn way I can do any good

No d*mn way I can do any good shopping in 6 inches. But, I guess these celebs have to stay pap ready. SMDH. And why does Jas Prince always look like there are a million other places he'd rather be?
MrsCPA's picture

They can do it bc its easy

They can do it bc its easy for them. They have somebody drive them, drop them off directly three feet from the front, they walk in, someone shops for them, picking things in their size (if it doesnt fit, their assistant returns and exchanges it for them), they pay, and they hop back in the car that is three feet from the front door. So they're wearing and walking in those heels less time than if we were wearing them at the club. Easy for them hoes (i say hoes with love:)
Supermodel01's picture

Kelly had her fabulous body

Kelly had her fabulous body Christina looks happy.
Zanya's picture

Christina tho! Lawd!!! you

Christina tho! Lawd!!! you guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

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