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NOT AGAIN! VOGUE Netherlands Uses "Blackface" For CONTROVERSIAL Editorial

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VOGUE Netherlands has joined the growing list of European publications putting non-Black models in blackface.   See the controversial pics inside and speak your piece on the "blackface" craze in fashion magazines....

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As the "blackface" craze continues, it's beginning to look like European fashion editors and photographers are under the assumption that the world is lacking beautiful BLACK models worthy of their editorials.  Or that there's no harm in painting non-black faces black for "creative" purposes.

We told you a while ago about French fashion magazine Numéro using a white model to pay tribute to African Queens and now, Vogue Netherlands has used a white model to pay tribute to Grace Jones and Josephine Baker!

In the editorial, which was intended to honor Marc Jacobs' 2008 and 2009 seasons (which took inspiration from Grace and Josephine), Vogue Netherlands painted model Querelle Jansen's face black and used wigs to mimic the texture of black hair.  This follows a long list of other fashion mags (Vogue Paris, L'Officiel Hommes, V) that have all used blackface in recent years.  We have to ask....were all the Black chicks booked for other gigs?

It's no wonder the winner of "The Face" , Devyn Abdullah, didn't want to be identified as "Black" since European mags don't seem to hire Black models....even when the editorial is tributing someone of African descent!

Should Black readers (around the world) be outraged at this outright refusal to use Black models?  Or do we just say anyone of any color should be able to portray black figures...in black face...





i think, this is stupid as

i think, this is stupid as hell.. they are just using make up, i'm not watching an intend to portray black people. what that french mag did, it was clearly to be ashamed of, painting the whole skin of a model to look like a black woman.. is nasty.. but this .. is just i think shouldn't be wrong taken.. it's just make-up art and fashion.. i'm spanish and i'm ashamed of some comments of people around the globe.. so europeans we watch things different? excuse me? we never suffered what black people suffered in US, right, but we're conscious of that, and never would make laugh or mistreat somebody for his skin colour, because spain is full of arabian people, if you learn a little history you'll know, our roots are bloody, but finally that's what we're made of, just like the half of the human race..
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I'm from the Netherlands, a

I'm from the Netherlands, a white woman, and I'm deeply ashamed that Vogue made these pictures. We have beautiful black women here in Holland that they could have used. I feel this is a publicity stunt!!
StephanieNL's picture

I'm living in france here

I'm living in france here black communauty is accustomed to meet these kind of shit everytime nothing new So....
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no comment. dont care. dont

no comment. dont care. dont buy it anyway. leave it for the flies to handle. this is not new and not going to stop. what can you do about it? absolutely Nothing!

Black Face is only offensive

Black Face is only offensive because black people don't like dark skin.... They don't care or EVEN KNOW THE HISTORY OF BLACKFACE. They just don't like it cause they look at dark skin as an insult, just like when other races have afro's they think it's an insult. But black women can have blonde hair, bleached skin, blue eyed contacts AND NOTHING IS SAID. STOP FUCKING CRYINGGGGGGGGGG
LetsGetIt's picture

Someone set off 2 bombs and

Someone set off 2 bombs and killed 3 people in Boston. Why the hell should i be outraged at some fashion designer whose clothing i cannot afford? It was his clothing line and his choice on how to present it to the public. I honestly don't care.
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While i dont like the idea

While i dont like the idea behind BLACK FACE ....to be honest i dont give a SHIT!.....there are so many problems within the African American community that this is a non issue........RESPECT IS GIVEN TO THOSE HO EARN IT.........as it is Black people look down on each other, still use the Nigga word and have made it worldwide through crap music...dont get me started on that nigger vs nigga bullshit, famous black women putting down and degrading their queens/black sisters.....Rick ross justifying rape lyrics....the foolery is just too much!......its funny how black americans complain a lot ..yet African immigrants come to the USA, settle and get JOBS!.....as far as im concerned this is a non issue...RESPECT IS EARNED......we need the cosbys and fresh prince type people in the airwaves not baby mamas, hip hop hoes and their dram and so on..
HAPPY's picture

OH, and one last thing. Quit

OH, and one last thing. Quit parroting, "This is art" shyt. That's like saying that a comedian can't be offensive because he/she is a comedian. Black face was art too, so what's the point. I'm out.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I see someone has been

I see someone has been watching the whole "Roots" installment on the Centric channel last month. Chile please. It's not that serious.

I want to know how does the

I want to know how does the other plagues in the black community pertain to modern day black facing????? We all know about the issues of Black America. That does take away from the fact that our ancestors are turning in their graves at the fact that this shit is STILL okay! There are many other ways to be different, tasteful, and artistic and still be Respectful. Everyone has the right to their opinion about this, if your okay with it as an African American- cool, but pointing out the other flaws withing African American society serves NO purpose here.
Keonta's picture

Yours was the first logical

Yours was the first logical comment I've read (beside mine, LOL). Many black people love to bring up stuff about the black community this, the black community that, when it has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. It's unfortunately that many of these young blacks have no idea about the black community except what's being forced down their throat by a racist system that only gives the negatives and not the positives. There are many wonderful things going on with blacks all over the world, but do you think these shiners would know that? No, because they are too busy licking the white man's boots waiting for massa to tell them how bad they are. It's pathetic. Long gone are the days of brothers Malcolm and King. If the sampling of blacks (if they are black) posting today represent the majority of this generation, we are in deep doo doo.
Sunflower Jones's picture

i'm actually more offended by

i'm actually more offended by someone using the term "massa" in 2013, even if its jokingly (there's truth in jester) and at your advice telling people to read a book first published in 1933 - that includes the word Negro in the title. i'm offended by THAT - an Afro-American scholar who wanted to educate himself beyond the teachings of "The Man", but thought it was ok to include the word Negro in everything he ever did.
Loveeeeeeeeee's picture

They are the ones that should

They are the ones that should feel offended that they can't embrace their own beauty... i feel flattered that they chose us for their art work...... cause we are beautiful ppl and will always be :) ...... what would of be offensive is if they the models in shackles and chains and being beaten...........etc.

You guys are bringing up a

You guys are bringing up a lot of other crap that has nothing to do with this article. If something was offensive, I doubt many of you wouldn't see it because you are blinded by the white light. I swear, I'm more worried about the mental health of black people (if, indeed the people commenting on today's article are even black) than I would anything a white person could do. Simple-minded blacks are more dangerous than anyone. They are the cancer of the black race, and I have no use for them. You guys come on here defending some b.s. talking about why aren't we offended by x, y, and z. We aren't TALKING about x, y, and z, and what makes you think that we can't be offended or upset at more than one thing. A lot of assumptions are being made here, and many of you need to sit down and chill. BTW, whatever white people do doesn't surprise me. I don't buy their magazines, and they've always shows their asses. Some love to kiss their asses; I don't. It makes not one bit of difference because they do what they do. It's like asking a dog not to sniff another dogs ass. It's what they do. White people will be white people. If you want to excuse them, like good like boot lickers, have at it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

The first one was definitely

The first one was definitely offensive because they were supposed to be African.....this on the other hand is art, plain and simple. The first pic looks like an animal anyway.
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SkeeWee's picture

It is so clear to me that

It is so clear to me that there are some blacks that are as clueless as a flea. Where in this article did it warrant all the b.s. outrage that I've read on here? Who said the blacks are upset about this? YBF posed and question, and all of a sudden, I feel like I'm on a stormfront website. Most of you guys need to grow the fuk up. Quit being the mouthpiece of the white man and get educated. How dare you attack your own people with such viciousness. If you haven't read, "The Miseducation of the Negro," I suggest you do because, contrary to interracial dating, mixed babies, and all that other b.s., white folks and others don't like us. Get that through your thick skulls. I hadn't even heard of this before. There is no controversy so just relax and quit the "black folks are always making things about race" crap. You don't even know what you are talking about. Trust me, I'd rather be in a room full of white racists than self-loathing blacks. Wake up!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Nobody gives two shits about

Nobody gives two shits about what you're talking about.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


This!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^ Girl-say it again!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!
Keonta's picture

Your statement is so

Your statement is so contradictory it made me hungry. Eggwhites anyone?!
SkeeWee's picture

Do you care to explain your

Do you care to explain your point? If you're gonna make an argument, back it up.
Sunflower Jones's picture

O____0 hmmmm #no.words

O____0 hmmmm #no.words
sexybrownpyt's picture

how is this offensive? u

how is this offensive? u think European blogs are writing posts saying they're offended when black ppl look dumb as doorknobs wearing bleach blonde hair & colored contacts?
Loveeeeeeeeee's picture

What? That makes no sense!

What? That makes no sense! There is absolutely no historical strife, or offense that could be driven from African American's wearing blonde hair and contacts. What the hell?
Keonta's picture

not about historical strife,

not about historical strife, about wanting to look like something you're not. their faces aren't really black, they painted them that way - but there's nothing offensive about it. just as black ppl who get blonde hair & colored contacts & a bunch of other things, aren't born like that, but they do it, and there's nothing offensive to people who really look like that, about it. simmer down its only the internet.
Loveeeeeeeeee's picture

Simmer down? Not upset. I

Simmer down? Not upset. I was-and still- very confused by your logic is all. Your explanation only further confused me, not that your wrong (opinions are like assholes) we just don't see eye to eye. Anyway- I would suggest looking up the historical content behind black facing and see if you have the same opinion. :) Good day.
Keonta's picture

i already know the historical

i already know the historical content behind blackface, thank you, and i still dont think this is offensive. and simmer down was no reference to you being upset its just my way of saying "get over it" you're clearly under it, literally, as you wrote your comment UNDER mine :-\
Loveeeeeeeeee's picture

I didn't read beyond your

I didn't read beyond your first sentence because, if you, knowing the historical content behind the "black face" still find nothing wrong with this- we have nothing more to discuss. Your mindset, beliefs, and morals are obviously far off from mine. NOW!- That does not mean that you're incorrect, we are merely apples and oranges in this specific situation. :) Take it easy Love.
Keonta's picture

We find this offensive but

We find this offensive but what about lil wayne use drugs or people saying the n-word? Or how grown ass men get welfare for sitting on the ass all day? Just to name a few. Thats what we really need to rise up about! At the end of the day eruopeans just see it as make-up and art. We need to shift i priorities! ___www.thejadedreality.blogspot.com/___

People need to recognize art.

People need to recognize art. I am less offended by this than the rappers and some pop artist calling black women bitch, hoe,gold digger, stigmatizing skin color and everything in between.
Missy's picture

Ummmm how bout we tackle

Ummmm how bout we tackle something important. Like welfare abuse, tax fraud (getting 10k refunds and you haven't work a day this year & selling your kids for others to carry), and how we are single handedly financing the demand for less black owned businesses in our own communities ( i.e. hair stores, liquor stores, convenient stores, nail shops, Chinese restaurants.) Just saying... I wouldn't care if face was on fire.... we got bigger issues. https://chozen.kitsylane.com/join/x9LGr2R?v2.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

My thing is this, ya'll black

My thing is this, ya'll black people let white people run around using the word nigga, we dont fight for political causes that will benefit black people, black men famously disrespect and put down black women....i mean were fucked up as a community as it stands. So whats the harm in a little black face??
Supermodel01's picture

This is so stupid to me. Why

This is so stupid to me. Why the Fuck are black people always making shit about race. This is Art. The faces weren't painted black because the photographer OR designer refused to use a black model. It's Fucking ART.Come One people, Slavery is over, blacks can ride at the front of the bus, women can vote, there are interacial couples having mixed babies and we have a Black President. This is not racist.....It's Art. Grow Up.

I totally agree. It is an

I totally agree. It is an expression of art. I don't see anything offensive about it. The same folks that claim to have a problem with it and claim that the magazine is being racist are the same a**holes running to the tv every night to watch another episode of the one of the many reality shows starring the Young, Black, & Ratchet. Supporting a bunch of coon acting bastards running around fighting and acting a damn fool. They may as well be wearing black face their damn selves. Just a bunch of hypocrites. Where is the cry for injustice when 90% of black people you see on tv are uneducated baby mamas and baby daddys with drama? Up on tv happy to be getting a check that they hardly worked for at the expense of being exploitied. And don't get me started on the crap they call music floating over the airwaves. How can they have a problem thinking Europeans are disrespecting us when they don't have a problem with black people disrespecting each other???

so when "ybf" folks bleach

so when "ybf" folks bleach their skin and hair, cut up their faces, and put their paycheck (term used loosely) on their scalp to look faaaaaabulous....that's ok? ......mmkay
anon's picture

Should black readers (around

Should black readers (around the world) be outraged at this outright refusal to use black models? ....... they don't have to be outraged, just don't buy it.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

It's a continental and

It's a continental and cultural difference. Europeans don't have the same sensitivity towards it. Blackface is an American cultural phenomenon, an experience that only we have some kind of reference to because it started here. It was somewhat prevalent in British theater but even they consider themselves different from mainland Europeans. The Europeans just see it as make-up, art, fashion. Trust you'd never catch Anna Wintour putting anything of that in her magazine.

Very well put. And that sums

Very well put. And that sums it up folks.
Supermodel01's picture

Who gives a flying sideways

Who gives a flying sideways SHIT!!!!? Clowns dress up in White Face every day!!!!!!!!!
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