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POWER FAB: Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Miguel, President Barack Obama LAND On TIME's 2013 "The 100 Most INFLUENTIAL People" LIST

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TIME Magazine has published its 2013 list of the world's most influential artists, politicans and newsmakers and Jay-Z, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Beyonce and President Obama are among those names.  Find out more about the list inside...

Hip Hop moguel Jay-Z, who just nabbed a major spot as one half of the music's first billionaire couple, lands on one of seven covers for the TIME Magazine TIME 100 issue.  In its tenth year, the magazine announces its choices for the most influential people in the world and this year includes numerous Black artists, politicians and public figures.  Among the surprise notables this year are the well-deserved singers Frank Ocean and Miguel. That's BIG.

Inside the magazine, TIME recruited a different celebrity writer to give their thoughts on each individual chosen for the list. Here are the highlights:

On Jay-Z, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg writes…

[Jay-Z's] an artist-entrepreneur who stands at the center of culture and commerce in 21st century America, and his influence stretches across races, religions and regions. He’s never forgotten his roots — “Empire State of Mind” was a love song to our city — and as a co-owner of the NBA Nets, he helped bring a major league sports team back to Brooklyn, not far from his old neighborhood. In nearly everything he’s tried, he’s found success. (He even put a ring on Beyoncé.) And in doing so, he’s proved that the American Dream is alive and well.

On Frank Ocean, John Legend writes…

How fitting that he released his “declaration” on Independence Day. I think Frank’s career will be defined by his fearlessness and his artistic freedom. He has the talent, the ability and the brilliance to have an impact for a long time. He will follow his muse wherever it goes — he’s not the kind of artist to adhere to everyone else’s schedule. That’s what makes him special.

On Miguel, critic Douglas Wolk writes…

The survival of the black pop tradition isn’t just a matter of preserving its history — although Miguel does that too: the soul seducer’s Grammy-winning hit single “Adorn” ingeniously evokes Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and “Let’s Get It On”. What has nourished that tradition over the past 70 years, though — what has kept it not just alive but thriving — is what makes Miguel’s recent music so special: constant innovation, formal daring, unexpected sources of inspiration, and emotional directness.

On Beyoncé, director Baz Luhrmann writes…

She and Jay Z are the royal couple of culture, and she is the queen bee. She’s gone beyond being a popular singer, even beyond being a pop-cultural icon. When Beyoncé does an album, when Beyoncé sings a song, when Beyoncé does anything, it’s an event, and it’s broadly influential. Right now, she is the heir-­apparent diva of the USA — the reigning national voice.

On Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton writes...

President Obama is working to create broader prosperity at home and become more competitive abroad by investing in our people, modernizing our infrastructure, building a new energy future and managing our long-term fiscal challenges. That’s the course for a better future.


Other YBF notables on the list are Senior Advisor to the POTUS Valerie Jarrett, producer Shonda Rhimes, NBA champ LeBron James, Attorney General Kamala Harris, Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, superstar Beyonce Knowles Carter and FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

A fabulous accomplishment for all involved.  Congrats!

See the full list here.

The Randomness:

1.  Luke James has been chosen to once again open for Beyonce on the Mrs. Carter Show world tour.  He begins on April 24th at the Paris stop.



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bipasho123's picture

Happy for Jigga, Bey, Miguel,

Happy for Jigga, Bey, Miguel, The Obamas and LeBron. All of them really are influencing AMerica in a big way & they should be commended for that.

Maybe the Hottest Camel

Maybe the Hottest Camel EVER!!! Did he get hot chix before being a millionaire??????? and did Bey-Z date ugly Niggers who weren"t about to be Billionaire????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Love Kamela Harris, Michelle

Love Kamela Harris, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Valerie Jarrett. Kamela, Cali's Attorney General is a beast when it comes to fighting for the homeowner against these banks. Michelle was highly accomplished (Lawyer) before she even met 2 Term Barack Obama. Valerie is an attorney and has a degree in Psychology from Stanford. Hillary Clinton, former Secretary and 2016 Democratic Candidate............Great role models for today's young and OLD women, Lol.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

funny how all these pages

funny how all these pages come to comment on every beyonce or jayz post be the same mofo's and they all saying that same shit! I just cant help think about much time you got on yo hands and how much money you not getting from doing something else with ya time!smh!
BritJackson's picture

Funny enough, Miguel is the

Funny enough, Miguel is the ONLY music artist on this list that I personally find influential. He's revitalized the genre of music I love and given it his own flare (no pun). You can tell when someone truly loves music by their creativity, substance, and consistency. Miguel has had that for the last few years now. Props.
CheyPie's picture

how are society has

how are society has deteriorated with this communist on the cover with his prostitute wife. Black folks will never over come
lola69's picture

These  list .... Why did his

These  list .... Why did his uncouth heathen make it again? The biggest thing done out of his entire career was marry Beyonka...*scratches head
Like Really's picture

Jay-Z is VERY

Jay-Z is VERY Influential!!!!!!!!!! He sold crack to my aunt and killed her
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Awww...my condolences.

Awww...my condolences.
CheyPie's picture

Yeah...it was the 709th

Yeah...it was the 709th person he killed that month (and endless family unit he helped destroy...b/c he loves money more than people)......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Real talk, one of my biggest

Real talk, one of my biggest beefs with Jay-Z is his past. I think selling drugs, no matter what the circumstances, is just about the most evil thing you can do to a family and a neighborhood. But forgiveness is key, and hopefully he's made peace with God over his past transgressions.
CheyPie's picture

Its not going to end well for

Its not going to end well for Sean "Jay-Z..Jigga...H.O.V.A." Carter....there's a REASON he travels with 20 BodyGuards and Armored Cars.....Ovee 50 of his "friends" & business partners are in PRISON right now!!!!!????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Satan gives much to his

Satan gives much to his people before he tears them down.
JJFad's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

This is not the only cover

This is not the only cover thank God! There are 6 others to chose from and I will not be getting this one for sure.
PacificGirl's picture

It is so sad this

It is so sad this opportunistic made the cover (yes I am talking about Jay). His wife should have had been on that cover she works 100 times harder than him. This industry is so partial towards successful women especially black women. Jay being on the cover is a clear indication have sexist AMERICA is towards Beyonce. Jay never done a concert by himself unless its was in New York. He is always collaborating with another artists for a tour: Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, R.Kelly, Mary J., Kanye West and etc. He is like Donald Trump, people just give him credit and money for no reason. He is unlike Diddy who works hard to get that money/endorsements. Jay seems to always get money/endorsements without really working for it and it is because of the Beyonce' effect. Had he never married her, he would be a nobody like his boy Damon Dash.
Lifeatbest's picture

What people fail to

What people fail to understand about the industy is publicist work OT to make sure their clients are on these list even if their credentials fail (Frank Ocean). Frank only get so much attention because he came out the closet. The man can't even sing. He was really exposed at the Grammy's. It's funny cause over the years I will see celebs act so surprised that they made People's most beautiful list. Behind the scenes their mgmt, publicist, etc.....are being threatened with termination if "THE STAR" fail to make the list. The one who top the list hired extra staff to make it happen. Then u see them on ET or GMA....I AM SO SHOCKED, THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED.
Somerknight's picture


PacificGirl's picture

we JUST found out that Camel

we JUST found out that Camel is soooo broke that he was FORCED to sell his $350,000 dollar. %00.0067 stake in the basketball team. His credit score is below 500 and thats why Bey-Z has to work her ASS OFF!!!!!!!! Jigga is BROKE!!!!!!!!¨¨!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

When you say "BROKE" I think

When you say "BROKE" I think you are getting him confused with yourself.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Welcome Mother Hen.....set

Welcome Mother Hen.....set everyone straight today now....lol
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Welcome JESUS (president of

Welcome JESUS (president of the universe). You are too damn crazii to be set straight.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

This is why this man is the

This is why this man is the greatest of all time. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads on there too
V's picture

I'm so tired of these made

I'm so tired of these made up, non meaningful lists and titles.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Write your local

Write your local councilperson then.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

nice! Congrats!!

nice! Congrats!!
shuga's picture

This world is truly

This world is truly delusional if one can look at Jay z and Beyonce as a royal couple! Really? Seriously, what have they done for the betterment of mankind? I know…charge outrageous prices for their same old tired concerts, attend parties, travel, and drink high price alcohol. Is that all you need to do in order to be royalty in this country, well that explains why this world is so darn messed up. Our value systems suck. Both Beyonce and Jay z need to hire someone to teach them both how to give productive word related interviews. Just because you have money, does not make you royalty or a great role model .
Miss D's picture

Clearly Beyonce and Jay-Z

Clearly Beyonce and Jay-Z influence the next generation and not to say that you have to want to be just like them, i.e famous, but to have the drive and ambition to go after your dreams whatever they may be. Beyonce and Jay-Z don't come from music royalty, they had to pay their dues and now the reap what they sowed and more. I am always happy for them, the ONLY problem I have is that they don't give enough money back, from their pockets, to the community who helps build them, but I love theme nonetheless. #powercouple #billion$$ #ambition
SkeeWee's picture

I am always happy for their

I am always happy for their success. I don't know why anyone would have an otherwise opinion.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Well, basically it's the same

Well, basically it's the same person with different names bombarding the site with negative comments that have anything to do with this couple. The person hates them for some reason.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


MsMidwest's picture

I agree with you, I'm happy

I agree with you, I'm happy for the success for all mankind, but royalty, that they are not!
Miss D's picture

I just have one question..who

I just have one question..who called them royalty???? I noticed you keep throwing that around no one thinks they are royalty..but you must do because YOU keep saying it..IJS lmaooooo
MsMidwest's picture

I'm pretty sure the article

I'm pretty sure the article called them royalty. That, combined with Beyonce's promo pics for her tour and the Bow Down song...yeah I think someone's feeling like royalty.
CheyPie's picture

Get it Jay! Love the cover.

Get it Jay! Love the cover. Will definitely pick up a copy.
The Real Thing's picture

Beyonce has NEVER influenced

Beyonce has NEVER influenced me to do shit! I am starting to think this chick and her husband PAYS ppl to say these thing about her. She barey has a high school education and faked her pregnancy and you EXPECT me to believe she is "influential". Girl BYE! Happy to see Shonda Rhimes on the list. she ABSOLUTELY deserves to be.
montycarlo105's picture

so someone who comes from a

so someone who comes from a middle class working family and now is worth billions DUE to HARD WORK has never influenced you? what does her faking her pregnancy have to do with anything? or her education that we all know she has and if she doesnt then she sure has a way of acting like it because the bitch is successful. thats whats wrong with people dont worry about the money and the fame look how they got to where they are at? how about you worry about urself and act like yall got the same 24!
BritJackson's picture


MsMidwest's picture

We can tell you've never been

We can tell you've never been under any influence but alcohol hun.
cutethatsall56's picture

What goes up, must come

What goes up, must come down...hope they prepare for the future
Caligurl4life's picture

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