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Amar'e Stourdamire & Pregnant New Wife Alexis Bring Knick Ballers To Amar'e "In The Moment" Premiere + Rocsi, Tamar & More Hit The Us Weekly Hollywood STYLE Party

 photo usp3_zps1ae22d28.jpg

Tamar Braxton brought her baby bump to the Us Weekly annual Hot Hollywood Style issue party in L.A. last night alongside the Mowry-Hardricts, Rocsi Diaz and more.  Pics of all the fab ladies who hit up the event, plus Amar'e Stoudamire's big premiere of his new film "In The Moment" that his teammates came out to support....

Tamar's still looking fab as she gears up to bring the what we know will be the most spoiled baby (in a good way) into the world.  She hit up the Us Weekly party in L.A. last night that celebrated the style of fashionable celebs.

 photo usp2_zpsdc52c12f.jpg

Tia Mowry and hubby Cory Hardrict, who recently renewed their vows, looked adorable as usual on the carpet.  Loves the couple.

 photo sun-kissed-4_347x520_63_zps50adecc0.jpg

Rocsi Diaz kept it sexy in black leather pants, nude pumps and a black lace top.  She's been looking great lately.  Admit it...

 photo photo95_zpsd38a144d.jpg photo usp1_zps8658c145.jpg 

Chrissy Teigen hugged it out with Rocsi after hitting the carpet the carpet in this off the shoulder green mini dress.



 photo usp5_zps26afe66e.jpg

And "The Talk" co-host Aisha Tyler was there looking pretty in blue.


And across the country in NYC last night:

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTAuAplh-3Ao9l_zps4b80299b.jpg

As the Knicks gear up for the NBA playoffs, Amar'e Stoudamire celebrated the EPIX premiere of his IN THE MOMENT film.  He and his pregnant new wife, Alexis, looked happy for Amar'e's big night during the Tribeca Film Festival:

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENT1-qCURT1HGBl_zps0d5f510e.jpg

Alexia showed off her baby bump in this flirty black cocktail dress.  Cute.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTKhg_s6DENutl_zpsb32ab5bf.jpg

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTnofHUM1DmNgl_zps44ba85c8.jpg

And the twosome looked to have a ball at the premiere...and celebrated Mr. Stoudemire's bug accomplishment.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTpGFWOsBezMel_zps62ab1eed.jpg

His teammates like Carmelo Anthony came through to celebrate on the orange carpet.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTBXttzA1Y8Sml_zps0a71e3dc.jpg

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTNkhr2-gEb3ml_zpsd7075d61.jpg

And so did his teammates Tyson Chandler and Chris Copeland.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTLsRwNw6VkINl_zps357f482d.jpg

Tyson brought his wife Kimberly along for the night.


 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTEmNRqMBT481l_zps294e9b1a.jpg

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTC4V9BxuBrs_l_zpsaa102326.jpg

Gayle King was there to support.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENT-oddUccle_Nl_zpsf9456aba.jpg

Rachel Roy came out to support her fashion line collabo partner.

 photo EPIXPremiereAmareStoudemireMOMENTisJV0q33YG5l_zps65e487ce.jpg

And Amar'e was interviewed by sports analyst Stephen A. Smith.  Fun times!

Photos: Splash




Everybody looks good! And I

Everybody looks good! And I didn't know Gayle King had a donk LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Amare's baby mama I mean wife

Amare's baby mama I mean wife is pregnant again?!! This bitch is ratchet, I don't care if they are married now. Will this be the first child that's not out of wedlock? GHETTO ASS BUMS! Having 5 children in 3 years can't be good for the cooch. I guess she's trying to secure her place money wise even when they do break up. Amare isn't even playing so good luck with that chile!
Im not your friend's picture

Tia, Roci and Rachel Roy look

Tia, Roci and Rachel Roy look GORGEOUS!
sexe757's picture

I'm not sure that bitch is

I'm not sure that bitch is pregnant?????????? i saw the fake rubber belly collapse, fold..and fall off!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

All I wanna know is when

All I wanna know is when Tyson Chandler intends to leave that muslim look alone?
Realist's picture

Rocsi looks cute...Chrissy's

Rocsi looks cute...Chrissy's head to shoulder ratio just not working for me...Amare and his wife look fab...and I am so sick of guys wearing sneakers with suits!!! Stop that, it makes u look ugly and unkempt. Gayle got that ass on her tho...
imjustsayintho's picture

Amare's wife looks cute and

Amare's wife looks cute and is carrying very nicely..She has that pretty "I'm having a girl" look bout her..2 bad Not Kim K.
star's picture


TIA MAWRY =SNATCHED!!! She lost baby weight and anything extra!! You go giiiiirl! Amare's wife is adorable in that dress. Tamar needs new makeup people because her makeup is always so severe. Rocsi is blah
cutethatsall56's picture

Rosci has been looking ever

Rosci has been looking ever so nice since leaving BET she looks happy and I must say she is doing a good job on ET Tonight, more money, having a better wardrobe and getting out and about will do that for you! Ama're wife is carrying her prenancy well, she looks nice in that dress. Gayle is always SQUEEZED in a dress 2 sizes to small with her big hips and big booty self! Rachael R looks TYPICAL nothing new here, Chandler's wife looks like a manly version of Cree Summers, Tamar will forever be Wendy Williams Jr to me, Christy Teigen is not cute to me and neither is Ayisha Tyler. Love Tia but her nor Tamar can't dress to save their lives! Cute couple though.
Shay's picture

Tyson wifes show looks like a

Tyson wifes show looks like a horse hoof, Amare has a unibrow? Tyson Chandler is so cute, but his beard hides his face, the wives aren't pretty either one. Tamar, had too much facial work done, not with being preggers wow.
Birdfood's picture

OK guys.....Rocsi gets an

OK guys.....Rocsi gets an A-.....she really does look cute and the nude heels actually look nice with the all black

I would say A+, sis. Rocsi

I would say A+, sis. Rocsi lookis good!

Lol @ Tyson's wife's shoe. It

Lol @ Tyson's wife's shoe. It looks like it's webbed or something. Anyway, it looks like a fun time and congrats to Amare and his wife on their bundle of joy!
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Tamar look like a pregnant

Tamar look like a pregnant tranny. Rosci's top is cute. I can't stand that flat-face Chrissy chick. Amare and wife are the only ones that look worth something in these pics.
Keys's picture

Mrs. Stoudemire's looks like

Mrs. Stoudemire's looks like a damn man too! Both are very unattractive humans. No matter how much weave, MAC, Lashes ...or photoshopping they do.........they will remain visible eye sores.
sexe757's picture

Amare's wife's dress is cute!

Amare's wife's dress is cute! I couldn't even tell she was pregnant from the front!
Niknik's picture

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