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ARRESTED! Juanita Bynum Grabbed Up & Locked Up In Georgia!

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Oh Juanita!  Up to your trickery again we see.  See why your favorite televangelist was ARRESTED last night inside...


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Yep!  Juanita Bynum has been jailed after an arrest in Georgia last night.  And get this--we hear it was all right before she was about to take the "pulpit"...at a hotel...to preach!  Her sister allegedly ended up preaching instead. Goodness.

Supposedly, a promoter named Al Washington filed a civil case against her.  And clearly he got tipped off she was making her way to the area and had her arrested.  Obnoxious Tv reports:

Al Washington says he paid Juanita Bynum $100,000 advance to start in a stage play that she never did. Word is he sued her and won. Juanita allegedly was to make payments that have been missed along with a court appearance to explain, and a warrant was issued.

And if you're wondering what a Civil Capias is exactly--we put on our lil legal hats and recalled these warrants are usually issued for a person who owes money based on a court judgment....or someone who fails to appear for a civil hearing.

She better get her Jesus-filled life...




This a false claim against

This a false claim against her, the actual person who filed the claim is not even in the report. Some one was hating on her. Go to her website and read what actually happened. She is a woman of GOD, I know for fact, because I seen it with my own eyes. Thank you.

Another "Christ-filled"

Another "Christ-filled" Christian at their best!!! LOL God said, "Ya'll better quit using my son's name in vain and get your life!" Shake us again indeed!!!
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It's funny that when a person

It's funny that when a person in the christian faith go through something like this people with little to no faith in God always have something critical to say. She is not perfect and neither are you she is going to have to anwser to what she is responsible for and so are you... if the person that she has the issue with not speaking about her with a judgemental and critical tongue then why are you? please be careful on how you judge a person's character and you don't even know them.

she went too count and

she went too count and lost.... just pay ..... and move on. she's not above the law....

Jesus takes a flying sideways

Jesus takes a flying sideways piss on her grave
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@ lola69 No one including you

@ lola69 No one including you and me, no not one! WE all have the capacity to sin!

jb U R 2 old to be arrested

jb U R 2 old to be arrested and too grown to be preaching in a hotel......***.***
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Here's the

Here's the story: Televangelist Juanita Bynum jailed in Dallas for failure to appear in civil proceeding Gospel performer and televangelist Juanita Bynum spent the night in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center after authorities arrested her on a warrant for her failure to appear in a Dallas civil proceeding against her, according to public records. The Georgia woman was booked in at the jail about 10:30 p.m. Thursday. She was released after she appeared in a Dallas courtroom earlier today to answer questions in the case, which includes a 2007 judgment ordering her to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment. She has yet to pay the money to promoter Al Wash’s company, his attorney said, though they are hopeful that the case may finally be resolved. Wash sued Bynum for failing to perform in a play for which he had paid her. “She has disclosed the whereabouts of her assets and her business dealings,” entertainment attorney David Small said.
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I'm sorry I just keep looking

I'm sorry I just keep looking at the makeup and the over-highlighting.

i remember when she was

i remember when she was preaching in dc. jb is as fake as a $3 bill. she doesn't need jesus. she needs a psychiatrist pronto.
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Juanita looks like the older

Juanita looks like the older version of Trina Braxton!
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Dammmnnnn...Why Juanita

Dammmnnnn...Why Juanita Looking Like Usher's Ex Tameka?IMO
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*In My Grady's Voice* "Good

*In My Grady's Voice* "Good Goobody Goop" Lawwd Juanita!.....Somma These So-Called Church People Are To Merch For Me. Smh
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goodness, no one is fufilling

goodness, no one is fufilling the word of God and living by his standards and you are suppose to be a preacher. baby bye
lola69's picture

The Lord God does have people

The Lord God does have people teaching, preaching, and proclaiming His word in Spirit and Truth. (1King 19:14,18) And he(Elijah) said, I have been very jealous for the LORD God of hosts: because the children of Israel have forsaken thy covenant, thrown down thine altars, and slain thy prophets with the sword; and I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away. (18) Yet I (God) have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him. God's work will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Lets keep one another in "PRAYER!"
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