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Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Oprah & More ATTEND The 28th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame INDUCTION CEREMONY

 photo rrj4.jpg

Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson were among the celebs who attended the the 28th Rock and Roll Hall of FAME Induction Ceremony last night which featured performances by Usher and Public Enemy.  Get the pics inside and see the newest inductees...

 photo KellyRowland28thAnnualRockRollHallFameHSQqllD94bNl.jpg

Showing a little leg and a lot of sass, Kelly Rowland stopped traffic on the red carpet of the Rock and Roll Hall of FAME last night at Nokia Theatre L.A.  This black Maria Lucia Hohan AW'13 lace front slit "Latifah" curve hugging dress, complete with a lace train, is freaking amazing.

 photo KellyRowland28thAnnualRockRollHallFamenEpvSDZp13rl.jpg

 photo KellyRowland28thAnnualRockRollHallFameTuBKYGt0BBHl.jpg

With her hair in a tight bun and Doves by Doron Palona 18K Rose Gold Rose Quartz Earrings, Kelly looked amazing as usual as she came out to support.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInduction8FtFXuAXgeql.jpg

Michelle Williams got the "Destiny's Child Memo" and also showed off a little leg.  The "Fela!" Broadway star donned a body hugging black and white dress with contoured piping.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionDsMKM51tovLl.jpg

She wore a Herve Leger dress with an Alexander Mcqueen clutch and Guiseppe Zanoti shoes.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionh0_GE2XqqeXl.jpg

Michelle arrived with producer Harmony Samuels and Kita Williams.

 photo rrj6.jpg

Usher also turned heads in a leather jeacket, tuxedo slacks and red sparkly loafers.

  photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionYrEsYGDZxGcl.jpg

Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels attended the show and performed on stage with Chuck D, Heart and Dave Grohl.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionWYkli-8gsZPl.jpg

Filmmaker Spike Lee came out to support Quincy Jones and Public Enemy (whose songs where featured in Do The Right Thing), as both were honored during the ceremony.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionq8G3urJ3Z6xl.jpg

Legendary producer Quincy Jones was inducted into the Hall of Fame and awarded the Ahmet Ertegun Lifetime Achievement Award.

 photo 28thAnnualRockRollHallFameInductionhQOBCtXktk4l.jpg

Public Enemy was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

 photo jjr3.jpg 

 photo rrj1.jpg  photo rrj2.jpg

Looking gorgeous in a one shoulder number that screamed 70s glam, Jennifer Hudson performed a tribute to Hall of Fame inductee Donna Summer.  Gorge look for her.

 photo public4.jpg

Hall of Fame inductees, Public Enemy, hit the stage to the delight of the crowd.  Flav looks like an 80-year-old man these days:

 photo public5.jpg

 photo public3.jpg 

But we're wondering why he wore his "Talent" badge on stage? Or why he even needed a backstage tag.  Could he be mistaken for anyone other than himself?

 photo rrj14.jpg

Oprah Winfrey was on hand to present an award to Quincy Jones.

 photo rrj15.jpg

 photo rrj13.jpg

 photo rrj7.jpg

Usher was also on hand to honor Mr. Jones.

 photo rrj10.jpg

 photo rrj11.jpg

He later hit the stage and performed a stellar tribute to Quincy.

The event will be broadcast May 18 on HBO.  Congrats to the inductees!


 Photos via Getty Images




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bipasho123's picture

JHud looks great...do you

JHud looks great...do you boo. Maybe her head does seem big but I don't think that's a reason to stop losing as much weight as she wants. When losing weight some people will just look disproportionate. Look at Keta and Michelle...I think they both are naturally skinny but they both look like bobble heads to me...IJS...as long as JHud is happy....
qtpa2t's picture

JHUD shut it down. She showed

JHUD shut it down. She showed OUT!
sexe757's picture

You guys comments are

You guys comments are hilarious. I do agree that Jhud need to slow down on the weight loss, it doesn't fit her head size. However, she do look great! BeautyNbetrayal.com

Yo hoo Usher, Dorothy called

Yo hoo Usher, Dorothy called and she wants her shoes back.
Realist's picture

I guess...telling people She

I guess...telling people She has a Tight Twat..drives people insane?????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Is it me or is all Usher is

Is it me or is all Usher is missing is Todo while on his way to Oz?...

Lawd I know KeKe HATES this

Lawd I know KeKe HATES this shot of her................BAHAHAHAHA
star's picture

Ummm well Kelly's hairline

Ummm well Kelly's hairline -.-...Jennifer please don't lose anymore weight. The head is too big for thee body hun.
cutethatsall56's picture

You know damn well flav need

You know damn well flav need that tag to not be mistaken for the skeleton from tales from the crypt!!!

Jennifer hudson looks like a

Jennifer hudson looks like a hot mess again....y is this woman still relevant? i just dont get it.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

b/c Jesus believes her Pussy

b/c Jesus believes her Pussy smell good & tight...and she won Oscar & Grammy (something Cray Bey will NEVER do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

JHud and Black Barbie look

JHud and Black Barbie look pretty. Yeah the more weight JHud loses the more gaunt her face gets and the lines more pronounced. And I think the lipstick makes it even more pronounced. Anyway, Usher actually looks nice. It's hard for guys to dress up outside of the basic colors and not be labeled but i'm kind of feeling the men's colors this season.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

JHud is beautiful, but her

JHud is beautiful, but her weight loss is getting out of hand, Kelly always looks forced, she gorgeous but her edges are not ready for a ponytail. Usher looks like Dorothy in those girly shoes and that sparkly red bow is full on country. DMC need Run always, Kita and that side bun is a no-go. Quincy deserves to be honored more, he did a lot for music and artists. Michelle is looking better these days.
Birdfood's picture

J-Hud's face is a wreck with

J-Hud's face is a wreck with this extreme weight loss. You NEED a little fat, Jennifer...just a tinsy whinsy bit. You are looking gaunt and south of 40, dearie!!! I don't know if this weight loss was about getting more roles in Hollywood but I am not seeing much of a result, you are an OSCAR winner, why are you doing made-for-TV movies and guest starring parts on TV shows. Thank GOD for Weight Watchers because I think that's become your sole means of making money since your albums are not selling either. Tell that Harvard law graduate in your house to stop fooling around on some darn mat talkin' about he's wrestling and GO GET A JOB!!! STACK YOUR MONEY, please! Hollywood interest in VERY VERY fleeting at best especially when it comes to us black folks.
Marek's Wifey's picture

JHudd is starting to look

JHudd is starting to look like Star Jones with that big ole' head and small body. I know she don't wanna lose that Weight Watchers endorsement deal but she need to lay off the protein shakes and start eating.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Weight Watchers didn't do

Weight Watchers didn't do that......but the Lap Band did....
allnatural's picture

Thank you! I always thought

Thank you! I always thought that she looks like she had surgery.
Suga Bear's picture

Kelly and Jennifer look

Kelly and Jennifer look gorgeous!
SweetDivaT's picture

kelly and jennifer look good.

kelly and jennifer look good. so proud of my chocolate sisters

Lmaooo ...Wait, I Just Spoted

Lmaooo ...Wait, I Just Spoted Flava Flav Looking Like A Struck Match.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Hahahahaha lmao @ "A struck

Hahahahaha lmao @ "A struck match" I can't and I won't hahahahaha
nikki6's picture

Kelly look beautiful as

Kelly look beautiful as always...and Michelle looks nice as well...i guess red is usher's favorite color...
Sweetlips7's picture


Keyths'Girl's picture


gray skies's picture

There is so much WRONG going

There is so much WRONG going on in these pics, I don't even know where to begin. It's so exhausting to look at so I'm going to retire my comments for now.


gray skies's picture

is Usher gay now?

is Usher gay now?

Are you? Not sure the

Are you? Not sure the relevance of your question......you're making your people look bad with your stupidity.
Eden Hansom's picture

I see why she asked, he does

I see why she asked, he does have a really gay look. No real offense, straight men don't wear some of the stuff he does. Imagine Boris, DMX, Idris, the Rock dressing like him? He has a femme twang, but its not a mean comment to me. If he's gay so what? Red shoes all the time, is kind of gayish to most. No shade.
Birdfood's picture

You just proved my point. If

You just proved my point. If he's gay, so what? Therefore, why even ask the question? That's a question that has no couth to it.
Eden Hansom's picture

is your momma? girl idk where

is your momma? girl idk where u get off but all i did was ask a question. hes been dressing very metro sexual and those shoes would only be worn by a gay man. not saying its right or wrong to be gay but dayum! go have some kids so u can have someone to chk bc this aint what u want.....on 2nd thought, dont bc u r UGLY!

Is my mother? Hahahahaha! I

Is my mother? Hahahahaha! I asked because small minded people discuss other people. To assume I need to have children to be satisfied is asinine and irrelevant to my point. What does one's sexuality have to do with anything? Clearly, he has money to dress how he wants, when he wants. And pea-brained people ask "Is Usher gay," for what? Just because it's not your norm doesn't mean it isn't his. You should actually go read a book or something instead of coming with ridiculous insults. You took it to a low point and clearly......the fool prevails. Peace to you sis.
Eden Hansom's picture

Actually, the woman in her

Actually, the woman in her avatar is nowhere near ugly...she's pretty in my opinion, but your comment was undeniably immature...8 year old on the playground immature.
NinaM2012's picture

I AGREE with you. It does

I AGREE with you. It does make the women look bad when they ask such ignorant questions about a man's sex life right off the bat. It could be very offensive. I'd just joined today. God bless you for stating something to the offender.
gray skies's picture

go fk urself! how the hell is

go fk urself! how the hell is that an ignorant offensive question? now it may not be any of my business but its a relevant question. u must b gay huh

Jennifer looks amazing, as

Jennifer looks amazing, as does Kelly. Michelle, not so much and wtf is on the side of Kita's head?! So now she's working for Michelle? Watch out!. Ya see what happened to T.O.!
PacificGirl's picture

Kelly looked very nice her

Kelly looked very nice her dress reminds me of something Jlo has worn, Great pick Ms. Kelly! Jhud's outfit is not FLATTERING to her body type she needs a Kelly type body to pull that outfit off! Once AGAIN nothing Jhud wears looks good on her body type. Usher really needs to stop with those Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Slipper's going on! Enough with the red shoes Usher.
Shay's picture

No Way!!!!!! on earth Jesus

No Way!!!!!! on earth Jesus can fit his dick in there......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

J. Hud's Pussy look sooo

J. Hud's Pussy look sooo tight <--- Jesus can't shoot illegal lasers in there!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture


gray skies's picture

why does everybody look so

why does everybody look so terrible ??????? jennifer was not ment to be that skinny! her face looks like its been in the washing machine! kelly tries so hard :(

This is the second post I've

This is the second post I've seen today, by you, that is very negative. You must be a very miserable person, or, you must work as a professional poster for a publicity agent. Or... you must be African American, period.
gray skies's picture


NinaM2012's picture

lol @ Jhud comment; I agree,

lol @ Jhud comment; I agree, looks like the head of a rabbit pitbull; on the body of miniature pinscher! -_- srry.
Keonta's picture

Did you mean "rabid"???

Did you mean "rabid"??? Instead of posting negative mess, you should be practicing your spelling!!!

I thought I was misspelling

I thought I was misspelling it, but me listening to my co-worker rather than double checking ended up misspelling the word. lol- Honestly tho who cares!!!!!! Its, not a damn English assignment I am allowed to misspell a word. The fact that this is where you came to show off your "spelling skills" is sadder than me misspelling the word in the first place. Take that else where, I misspelled a word BIG WHOP! Her head is still much to big for her damn body which is the point that I was trying to get across and I am sure you and everyone else knew EXACTLY that!! GET YOUR OLD ASS ON!!
Keonta's picture

Hahahahaha! Too Funny!

Hahahahaha! Too Funny! Thank-You! That Ketaco person is as BASIC as they come! Rabid not Rabbit Ketaco you idiot!
Shay's picture

Basic because I misspelled a

Basic because I misspelled a word? Whatever you say stalking ass, lonely ass , hating ass, low-self esteem having ass, minimum wage making ass bottom b**ch. :) Stop stalking me, waiting for me to post something so you can ATTEMPT to insult me. Because, that my friend, is beyond basic- it's PATHETIC.
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