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Lauryn Hill EVICTED For Not Paying Rent!

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Lauryn Hill may be gearing up to go from one big house...to another.  She's being sued by her landlord for eviction.  Deets inside...

As she prepares for her sentencing next week for tax fraud, Lauryn's landlord is pissed she skipped out on paying rent last month.  

Lauryn's been renting a mansion in South Orange, NJ since 2009.  TMZ reports her landlord filed court documents demanding her to pay up or GET OUT!  Apparently, she didn't come off any dollars, so the lawsuit for eviction is a GO.  Right now, she's technically a squatter.

And if she gets sentenced to prison for tax fraud next week, she'll be moving out that house anyway and into the other big house.


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im sorry but LAURYN HILL

im sorry but LAURYN HILL looks like "LOU RAULS" & MICHELLE OBAMA looks like "PEEKACHOO" i said it FUCK IT (LOL)!!!

She should have been judging

She should have been judging American Idol instead of Nikki Minaj.
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wow the mind is a Terrible

wow the mind is a Terrible thing to waste

Lauryn Hill, homeless? Not

Lauryn Hill, homeless? Not quite, but singer faces two lawsuits Lauryn Hill won't be homeless. The couple that rents her the million-dollar mansion in South Orange have filed eviction proceedings against her, but another lawsuit filed against Hill by the town reveals that she doesn't actually live there. Hill, who faces sentencing and possible jail time Monday in her tax evasion case, is accused by the town of using the Irving Avenue mansion for rehearsals and to house visiting musicians, a violation of zoning ordinances. The town filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in Essex County against both Hill and her landlords, Phillip and Diane Faillace, in November for allegedly running a business out of a home, which is a zoning violation, according to town lawyer Steven C. Rother. The lawsuit may have been the trigger in the other lawsuit filed against Hill by her landlords. TMZ.com reported today that Hill stopped paying rent last month, which led the couple to begin eviction proceedings. Court records show that the Faillaces, who now live in England and purchased the Irving Avenue mansion in 2003 for $950,000, filed a tenancy case against Hill March 5. Lawyers for Hill and her landlords could not be reached for comment. The town alleges in its lawsuit that Hill, who owns two other homes in South Orange, rents the Irving Avenue property but does not live there. Neighbors have reported that musicians rehearse in the home “all hours of the day and night,” and the lawsuit says the driveway is used as long-term parking for other performers and personnel. The Grammy winner was charged with failing to pay taxes on $1.8 million in income in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Hill pleaded guilty last year, and her lawyers have argued for leniency, saying she could pay back the money she owes if she could work. She also explained that she didn’t pay her taxes as a result of her general withdrawal from society “due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.” Hill has six children. http://www.nj.com/entertainment/celebrit....m edium=twitter
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This woman has lost her mind

This woman has lost her mind . . . years ago actually.
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TRU DAT, TRU DAT all day my

TRU DAT, TRU DAT all day my nigg!!!

once again, a commenter

once again, a commenter (Factscome Easy) knows the logistics of a story than ybf. this is not the first time this site has posted erroneous/misleading information.
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Nooooo Lauryn. She does not

Nooooo Lauryn. She does not have to be broke. She is choosing this. She could go on a small venue tour and easily make 2-3 mil. Lauryn please get some help if not for anybody, for your kids. Iyanla please fix her life #miseducation
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that comment was very sweet

that comment was very sweet of you, but lets follow the FACTS: LISA "LEFTEYE" LOPEZ, MARILYN MONROE, & now LAURYN HILL are all straight "KOOKOO GEMINI BITCHES" (LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,) just follow they're CAREER TRAITS & other famous female gemini's that are just as "KOOKY & CRAZY" & there lies your answer & proof (LOL)!!!

*SMH* Damn, Queen... I hope

*SMH* Damn, Queen... I hope she doesn't let any of this get to her too badly "This too shall pass." ☮♥☺
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still crazy. why are these

still crazy. why are these rich folks renting and not owning anyway. that seems ridiculous
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The REALEST comment posted!!

The REALEST comment posted!!
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if i was going to jail next

if i was going to jail next month i wouldnt pay rent either. from what's posted here thats the only month she missed anyway. *shrugs* hope she got a babysitter for all them kids while she's gone.
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She needs to get herself

She needs to get herself together-financially & emotionally.

LOL at the house being used

LOL at the house being used as a studio, for what music?
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She has used this home for a

She has used this home for a studio for years. She has been on tour; therefore, she uses it as a rehearsal space. Her musician live there when preparing for tour. Yes, she does make music in various location.
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I want to know why she's

I want to know why she's RENTING in the first place. All that damn money she made from her albums she didn't at least purchase a home?! N****s!
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"It's funny how money change

"It's funny how money change a situation............"
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Will someone PLEASE help this

Will someone PLEASE help this woman get her finances together!
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This is not her residence.

This is not her residence. She was leasing this house to use as her studio and to house musicians she worked with. She was denied a permit to use the house as a studio last year. They have her in code violation and have been trying to evict her.
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I hate to hear stories like

I hate to hear stories like this...I hope she over comes all of this...Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads on their too
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