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TRAVEL TIME: Beyonce Lands In Slovakia, Tracy Morgan & Pregnant Fiancee Meagan + Bobby Brown & Fam Jet Out Of LAX

 photo wavebe1_zps0c441acd.jpg

Beyonce made her way into Bratislava, Slovakia today ahead of her nexy Mrs. Carter Show tour stop.  We've got the pics, plus Tracy Morgan and his preggers fiancee and Bobby Brown and his fam trekking through the L.A. airport as well...

It's travel day for the YBF folks as everybody's out and about. 

 photo brac2_zps8bfc0196.jpg

Beyonce, dressed in cool black and and gold shades and a hoodie and a bright red lip, was spotted stepping off her plane in Slovakia this afternoon with the ever present Julius by her side.  She's got a show in Bratislava tonight on her Mrs. Carter Show tour.  And despite traveling to city to city overseas, she found time to talk to ELLE magazine about her new H&M campaign....and her the origins of her own style factor.

About where she gets her fab style, she told the mag: Well, thanks for the compliment! I think my style comes from watching my mother from the time I was a little girl. She was so stylish. She was the first person I saw mix high-end pieces with more accessible styles and make it all work. I'm also inspired by my sister [Solange Knowles]; I love her bold approach.

And how she chooses what she's going to wear everyday: I like sexy but classic pieces. I love prints and patterns, [and] mixing textures as well as solid colors....It depends on how I'm feeling that day, and luckily I have great, honest people around me to help. My stylists, Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith, are an influential part of the process.

Also traveling today:

 photo trav2_zpsecc68bbb.jpg  photo trav3_zps6dd52e19.jpg 

Bobby Brown and his wife Alicia Etheredge and their son Cassius looked like a lil happy family, They had just flown in to LAX from Atlanta.  Hopefully he paid his daughter Bobbi Kristina a visit.



 photo trav4_zps8ae97711.jpg

And also at LAX, Tracy Morgan had so many sneakers for his flight he couldn't even handle them all.

 photo trlad1_zps981763ba.jpg

The comedian and his fiancee Meagan were spotted arriving to LAX to catch a flight out.  And the two looked carefree, ready to show off that baby bump, and in love.

 photo trav5_zps0ad482b6.jpg

 photo trav6_zpsa585696c.jpg

The twosome announced back in February that they're expecting.  And since it'll be baby #4 for Tracy, it's no wonder he seems so care free about it all.

Photos: WENN/Pacific Coast News/Splash




OMG that boy is wayyyyy too

OMG that boy is wayyyyy too big for a damn stroller. Goodness! He looks just like Bobby with his momma's skin tone....
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henrynolan151's picture

Bobby' genes are hella

Bobby' genes are hella stronge!! that child is too big for that stroller
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

This bitch is stealing money

This bitch is stealing money from every corner of the earth!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

U sure Tracey ain't the one

U sure Tracey ain't the one pregnant? Anywho, they look like a happy laid-back couple.
imjustsayintho's picture

I see no mention about Bey's

I see no mention about Bey's nipplelicious costume from her first concert. #getdatmoneyfrombee
PinkRose's picture

A baby with 2 screw loose

A baby with 2 screw loose Tracey, can anyone say gold digger 10 times in a row
TeaNicole's picture

Here u go.......Gold Digger x

Here u go.......Gold Digger x 10
star's picture

The mere thought alone of

The mere thought alone of reproducing a child with a monster like Tracey Morgan just makes me "cringe"! This woman is brave, desperate and crazy all rolled in one! I hope Bobby Brown's drug use or intake of alcohol did'nt contribute to his kids beat up looking face, no kid should ever have everlasting bags under the eyes! Then again Bobby genes are HELLA strong the only half way descent looking kid he had was Landon his oldest son!
Shay's picture

Get'em Bey!

Get'em Bey!
BritJackson's picture

Why is that big ass boy in

Why is that big ass boy in the stroller? WTF????
SassyFace11's picture

Csssius and David jr must

Csssius and David jr must share the same barber along with Juelz and Fabs son. There is no way I would have a baby with Tracy Morgan eww. I couldnt even get myself in the mood.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

I Can't Take Tracy Morgan

I Can't Take Tracy Morgan Seriously Iono Why. Bobby Brown Could Never Deny Cassius As Being His Son Know Matter How Hard He Try. Heyyyyy Bey! *Waving Back*
Keyths'Girl's picture

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