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The RIHturn: Rihanna Rocks Tampa After Recovering From Illness

 photo BIRIcomCcAAhxSkjpg_large_zps474b46ee.jpg

Rihanna is back trekking it along on her Diamonds world tour.  She returned to the stage in Tampa last night after missing two shows in Texas last week due to an unspecified illness, but her Navy welcomed her back with open arms....and non stop screams. 


Check out Rih Rih getting back to business inside...

After having to skip the Houston & Dallas dates last week due to illness, Rih Rih had a few days to lay low, pause the partying and regain her strength.  And she was fit to return to her fans in Tampa last night.

Hopefully she's fully recovered this time and vowed to chill out a bit on the partying while touring.  The "Cake" chick kept it sexy as usual on stage and seemed to be back in business.

Check out her performing "Pour It Up" at the Tampa Bay Times Arena:


The River Island designing chick also posted a pic in white hot Alexander Wang cut out boots in the cockpit of her private plane right before she jetted to Tampa:

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-20at15147PM_zps8276ee2f.png

Next stop: Tonight in Sunrise, FL.

And despite all the negativity she's been caught up in lately--beefing with Ciara, cancelling tour dates and er controversial make-up with Chris Brown--the most coveted fashion designers are still Team Rih Rih.

And Tom Ford told WWD recently that he thinks of her when designing his collections for women who can afford to pull off the matchy matchy look:

Well, this was on a beautiful, beautiful black girl named Herieth [Paul], who is probably my favorite current model. She’s wearing pink patchwork boots—it’s patchwork pony, astrakhan, velvet—and a matching skirt and a matching jacket. Head-to-toe pink. One blogger wrote it was like Escada on acid, which actually I think is kind of a compliment, because Escada used to match everything. We haven’t seen that for a long time. And if you’re Rihanna, who is a customer, if you’re that kind of person who can pull off matching hot-pink boots, skirt and jacket, and patchwork multimaterials, I think it’s great.

And about her being sort of a muse:

Whenever I’m working on a collection, everything does have to be real, and those outfits are real to me. If I think, “OK, who is wearing this and where is she going?” And I think, “OK, that’s Rihanna, and she’s going to her lawyer’s office in that all-black outfit and she’s hung over and that’s why she’s wearing those glasses. Yet she’s still a rock star.”

Meanwhile, Rih has released the imagery for her new MAC RiRiWoo lipstick that was inspired by the brand's popular Ruby Woo:


 photo rs_560x415-130419100511-1024RiRiWooMACLipstickmh041913_zpsfb958c77.jpg



Pics: Twitter/Instagram/Mac



I love RiRi like a sister,

I love RiRi like a sister, but I swear to God....she needs to A. step up her performance game cuz it's wack as hell and boring. B. Quit performing like a rapper when you're supposed to be singing. C. Stop playing and sing bytch!!! That IS what you're getting paid to do.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Rihanna looks so

Rihanna looks so nice,.anyways can you guys check out my channel plz,im a new youtuber and i need you guys to support,show some love and leave a comment...http://www.youtube.com/user/bekki4real

I like Riri but that was the

I like Riri but that was the most basic a....s....s performance

its noway i would take my

its noway i would take my 11year old daughter to see this chick know thanks

Glad to see her back. That's

Glad to see her back. That's what we are, we are want a love bizarre. lol I wish we was in Tampa instead of this cold arse city. The moon up above shine down upon our skin. lol
In God We trust's picture

Yall Rihanna stans urk me to

Yall Rihanna stans urk me to no end….Why would Bey wanna be like Rihanna when Rihanna herself wants to be Beyonce? Numerous times she’s stated Bey is her inspiration along with Madonna…so who wants to be who? Rihanna is not a good performer…she cant dance and doesnt have good stage prescence so she has to gyrate and wear fancy costumes to hold the audience attention…she’s a cute girl that very popular with the young audience because of her personality, with an amazing hype machine, writers and stylists behind her…thats all Rihanna is.
REd™'s picture

I absolutely Luv Rih and she

I absolutely Luv Rih and she can do NO wrong in my mind, however I must be fair and honest. I wasnt feeling the performance too much because she wasnt singing much, kept putting the mic towards the audience. She seemed to be having fun though..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

you just described a normal

you just described a normal rihanna performance.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

not a kid under 13 show,

not a kid under 13 show, really appear to be adult rated. wonder what else she is doing.

This looks like they threw

This looks like they threw something together....horrible and this is what young folk like today? wow

she is not talented in

she is not talented in concert...need to ask janet j. for some tips...this is not lady like and unclassy, hate music today...man i miss the 80-90's classy girls.

i want that lipstick from rhi

i want that lipstick from rhi rhis line. i will buy it tomorrow, glad she is back, and killing the haters
islandgirlsrocks's picture

the only ting cute is the

the only ting cute is the lipstick. she aint killing nothing and nobody there just no one else out there other than B and she is not all that either...performances are terrible and she can't dance.

Too bad that Heaux smoking

Too bad that Heaux smoking for 4/20 right now. She don't care that she sick canceling and shit. She don't care about her fans or that half ass tour. And her navy gone eat it up either way. She got it made.
Missariellenicolle's picture

I wonder if she gonna

I wonder if she gonna reschedule her concer and Dallas, she had all the chicks mad when they heard she canceled. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

I dont think she was lipin it

I dont think she was lipin it you can hear her voice when she dancing. but i wouldnt pay to see her im sorry ill just buy her cd like i always do.
BritJackson's picture

if she was lip syncing she

if she was lip syncing she wouldn't have to cancel show for throat problems,because that would't be a problem
xedos's picture

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Jesus lives in Tampa...and we

Jesus lives in Tampa...and we call that place The Ice Palace....anywho, she lip sync'd her ass off. lots of good crotch shots for my 12 year old cousin (he's been in the bathroom all day and the lotion is missing)..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Seen her live, she doesnt

Seen her live, she doesnt lip-sync but she does have background singers off to the side. Anyways, Congrats Rihanna. Love seen Young Black people doing it. Love It Congrats

I'm just amazed that people

I'm just amazed that people actually paid to see that. Anywho..... I see Rih is a closeted fan of CiCi at the 0:15 mark.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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