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DO WE LOVE IT?!: Janelle Monae Ft. Erkyah Badu's "Q.U.E.E.N."

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Janelle Monae just dropped a song we've been waiting to hear for weeks.  She tapped Ms. Badu for her new "Q.U.E.E.N." track, and we've got it inside...


Janelle Monáe just premiered “Q.U.E.E.N.,” a new track from her upcoming album, THE ELECTRIC LADY

Fresh off her stint at Coachella, Janelle brings us her usual up-tempo high energy jazzy vibe on the song.  And she's singing and rapping about what makes a woman a real Q.U.E.E.N.

Erykah Badu comes in midway on the positive track singing a few verses.  And it's the perfect mix.

Check out "Q.U.E.E.N." above and decide...







It sucks....point blank

It sucks....point blank period! She needs to give it up, I'm sorry.
Sexy10's picture

This song is all over the

This song is all over the fucking place....you doing too much in 4 minutes Janelle....
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

This song is crap. Still love

This song is crap. Still love these ladies tho.
TrueThinker's picture

Um.,,,,I think the song

Um.,,,,I think the song sounds ok. It may have been hotter in the 90's.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The 90s was the last decade

The 90s was the last decade of good music. The majority of the music today sucks. I'll take Classic R&B, Soul and Jazz any day.
Iridescent One's picture

Huge disappointment. This

Huge disappointment. This mess is terrible.
sexe757's picture

Call it corny, wack, 80's

Call it corny, wack, 80's sounding, "her trying hard" if you want....But the sista always have a MESSAGE IN HER MUSIC!!!! I know alot of yall want to shake your ass to a nice beat with a brotha OR WHITE BOY calling you bitch in the lyrics but hey it is what it is.
LetsGetIt's picture


Iridescent One's picture

Wow, you right for once, did

Wow, you right for once, did a spirit hit you? lol
In God We trust's picture

Im always right!!!!

Im always right!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Instead of stereotyping all

Instead of stereotyping all black women figure why some are mean-spirited with an attitude then go from there. My husband need to skool you cause you sometimes be on point but then you start going to the left on everybody with your messages.
In God We trust's picture

Listen up...........There is

Listen up...........There is no reason why black women are mean spirited , other than the fact that they just hate black progression all together BLACK WOMEN ARE KINDA LIKE THE RACIST WHITE MAN, they love us when we are nigggas and acting stupidly , but once we become real with ourselves and act like men THEN ITS A PROBLEM. Racist loveeee when we coon just like black women do, but when we say we love our people and we're going to push towards progression NOW IT'S TIMES TO KILL SOME NIGGAS AND MAKE EXAMPLES. When black women get with real black men who are successful THEY USE THAT MAN for a negro who aint worth a damn or so that they can get some of his possessions. And the sad thing is THEY DON'T USE THE MAN SO THAT THEY CAN'T BUILD THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN UP. THEY DO IT SO THEY CAN GET A FUCKING GUCCI OR LOUIE BAG MADE BYYYYYY SOME DAMN CRAKKKKA. They do it for some bullshit material items!!! I know i come off harsh and ignorant, but when i was little i loved a cartoon or anime called "DragonBall Z" and one of my favorite characters was Vegeta because he had so much pride in his race and his bloodline that you couldn't tell him shit, he knew he came from a warrior background. And that's pretty much how i look at black people although we have fell short and act like fucking slaves and sambo's and don't live out to our full potential because we are becoming bitchmade as a race and are being manufactured in single parent homes where the woman think she can do everything by her damn self when she know she can't. Black women tend to fall in the same fucking trap and don't see that it's a problem and its MAKING OUR RACE LOOK LIKE SHIT, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FIRST TEACHER AND WHAT EVER COMES FROM YOU IS GOING TO LEARN FROM YOU FIRST AS A WOMAN BECAUSE WOMEN ARE THE FIRST TRANSMITTER OF CULTUREEEEEE!!IF SHE GOES SOO DOES THE RACE....Now black women will say , you're crazy, you're stupid, not allllllll black women, why you care. BECAUSE GODDAMN WHEN I HAVE KIDS I WANT THEM TO HAVE PRIDE IN THEIR RACE, not having pride in being at the fucking bottom , twerkin shaking ass, and killing each other!!!THE MAIN PROBLEM WITH BLACK PEOPLE AND BLACK WOMEN IS THAT WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT FUTURE GENERATIONS BUT I DOOO.
LetsGetIt's picture

Okay, what your saying is

Okay, what your saying is that some of our black women don't seem to know what a real man is or therefore either want one. I'm trying to understand your input but take a couple of classes in college and become a leader and lead the way. Gain some knowledge instead of becoming too personal. I'm multitasking but get back on this later.
In God We trust's picture

"Okay, what your saying is

"Okay, what your saying is that some our black women don't seem to know what a real man is or therefore either want one." THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IM SAYING!!!Then again black women know what a real man is , but they don't want one BECAUSE THEY ARE SATISFIED WITH THEIR POSITION, THEY DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP THEIR POSITION. Black women want a man BUT AT THE SAMETIME DON'T WANT TO FEEL AS IF THEY NEEEED A MAN!! So they typically get with some bum ass negro because for one HE LIVES WITH HER, 2 she's physically attracted to those type of men, 3. he doesn't have a problem being on the couch playing madden while she's out working. BLACK WOMEN HATE BLACK PROGRESSION if you ask me. And the reason this is detrimental is because THEY ARE BREEDING A WEAK RACE OF MEN AND WOMEN and it's a total reverse of roles coming out of these households.
LetsGetIt's picture

what needs to be

what needs to be differenciated is women from females. Just because they have a cooch doesn't make them a woman. I've been stolen from, drugged, assaulted, lied to, used and so on but I'm not angry. I recognize those weren't real men. Just like you have some females that say all men are dogs when that's not true; you can't group all females and label them angry women. Real women see the potential in every man and even at the expense of themselves will try and help him get to where he wants to be; that's provided he's not lying or thinking that he deserves the harsh life of bumming around that he's accustomed to. I'm not taking the responsibility off of females in y'alls argument (a little country here) but with all the capitalized sentences in your back and forth, you come across as angry yourself. #IJS

Exactly -- you and "In God We

Exactly -- you and "In God We Trust" have just given him 2 very good examples to show that his comments are not reflective of all black women. There are some interesting nuggets buried in his comments, but I tune out as soon as the grouping of all women begins. Nobody can hear your message if you make no one want to listen. @LetsGetIt -- you make a good point about Janelle's messages and the fact that this is not booty-shake music. (Thank goodness!) Some people will like it others won't for a variety of reasons and that's OK, but stop lumping black women into these categories that don't make sense. I guarantee you -- just like with Janelle, more people will actually listen to your positive message even without the drama.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Ugh, Janelle Monae tries so

Ugh, Janelle Monae tries so hard to be edgy...not buying it!
Coffy's picture

Now I can't go to sleep.

Now I can't go to sleep.
In God We trust's picture

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