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Fantasia STYLES IT UP For The May 2013 Issue Of UPSCALE Magazine, Talks Having ZERO Regrets About Sharing Her Life's Drama

 photo 0C1r2_Upscale_May13_zpsc5cbe745.jpg

Fantasia is looking fab for the May 2013 issue of UPSCALE.  Check out her cover look inside, and whay she has no regrets about being so open about her life...

Fantasia's got a new album out tomorrow, Side Effects of You, a new look, and a fresh and healthy perspective on life these days.  But even though she let us see all the drama she went through in her past that made folks question her parental and emotional stability, the "Without Me" singer doesn't regret a thing.

A few excerpts from her brand new UPSCALE cover story:

On being open and honest: "Everything that I've talked about and put out there, it's helped someone. It might not have helped the person who had something smart to say or had a joke or whatever, but there's 10 other people that's inspired by my story. So I wouldn't change anything. I'm just going to continue to be that person that is open and honest because that's me, that's Fantasia."

On loving herself: "The first thing I want is peace, peace of mind. Being able to be comfortable in my own skin, being able to say 'this is what I want to do' instead of trying to please everybody else."

On people relating to her: "The things that I go through, people go through everyday. I've had some rough times and some moments that I wouldn't say I'm very proud of, but I can say that for me, I'm glad that I was able to let it out. I believe that's when we become not real, that's when we become fake—when we try to make things look like it's just so perfect."

Check out her newest interview with OMG! Insider about how she lost a lot of friends, family & money due to the suicide attempt, controversial relationships and other drama in her life, but says she's not worried about any of it:


OK Fanny!




Now that is airbrushing to

Now that is airbrushing to the Nth Degree!
Blvdjewel's picture

Wow! Can you sa PHOTOSHOP!

Wow! Can you sa PHOTOSHOP! Dayum!
LBA1's picture

You got to give to Fantasia

You got to give to Fantasia she looks damn good she has come a long way!!!!!!
nikkool's picture

Tasia is looking great. I

Tasia is looking great. I don't agree with all of her moves, but I think she is so talented. No autotune or engineering needed there. I think people forget she is like barely 26 and we all do dumb shit in our 20's. She just needs the right team behind her.
getyourlife33's picture

All I want to know is WHERE

All I want to know is WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TEENY?

Why does that ish look like a

Why does that ish look like a damn cartoon? Tasia has been looking Xtra lovely here lately, why'd they mess her up for this cover shot? I'd be PISSED if I were her...
EyeMedia's picture

I'm loving the new Fantasia.

I'm loving the new Fantasia. Looking quite chic.
belle noire's picture

Gone Tasia! Looking forward

Gone Tasia! Looking forward to listening to a real singer! Sick of these weak a## artist!
Sexy10's picture

DAMN!! They airbrushed the

DAMN!! They airbrushed the hell out of that picture
cococaramel's picture

She looks amazing. I cant

She looks amazing. I cant wait to pick up her and Ciara's new CD.
cassandra29's picture

I don't even understand why

I don't even understand why mags even bother doing photo shoots if they are just going to photoshop the celeb from head to toe. Now their even going inside the mouth & changing the teeth. They even removed her tats. All they really need is a model that is the same skin color & simular shape. Then all they would have to do is change out the face.
Somerknight's picture

Lookin GREAT Fanny!

Lookin GREAT Fanny!
AnoniNYC12's picture

Wow fantasia looks so

Wow fantasia looks so different with aq new nose and a Mouthful of fake teeth...I actually think she looked better b4
star's picture

fantasia is doing her thing

fantasia is doing her thing fantasia rock all day and everyday

Love me some Tasia! No one is

Love me some Tasia! No one is perfect, and it takes a real woman to be open about the dumb ass mistakes they made...

OMG!!! If I hear another "why

OMG!!! If I hear another "why are they tearing her down" whine, I'm going to scream. Her "personal" life is not "personal" because SHE made it very public by showing it on that mess of a reality show of hers. Not to mention, her baby daddy's divorce is public record. No one is "tearing her down". People are merely stating their opinions on a celebrity gossip blog. Tearing someone down is carrying on a humiliating, public smear campaign. No one boycotting her music or walking around with picket signs outside her concerts. Yeah she made mistakes but we are not going to award her for messing up either.

...and OMG like you said this

...and OMG like you said this is a blog and we are ALL stating our opinons. We're not going to agree. I feel like people are tearing her down, you don't. Ummmmmmmm ok??? Like you said we ALL have opinions.

looking good mama. please

looking good mama. please don't go back to the 'hood look.
wildlife's picture

Fantasia is one of the few

Fantasia is one of the few select singers around blessed with a level of talent not easily comprehended, hence why it seems easier for people to tear her down rather than build her up. She has made mistakes much like any other female but hers is clearly more enhanced due to her public status, which I guess comes with the territory. Im just glad she's using her God given talent to prove what most know but continue to deny: SHE'S IN A LEAGUE OF HER OWN!!
Realist's picture

Fanny We've All My Decisions

Fanny We've All My Decisions We Regret But Unfortunately We Can't Take Back. We Have To Own Up To Our Mistake, Take Responsibilities Of Our Own Actions Don't Play The Victim And Move On. I Do Fell Bad For Fanny Because Her Wrong Doing Had To Play Out In The Public Eye. Po' Thang. Ion Like The Photoshop Cover. Heal,Deal And Move On Fanny!!!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Inspired by what story? You

Inspired by what story? You dealt with a married man, had a baby by him and now yall are through. Where's the inspiration in that? Just bring the music and shut up Fanny.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Its a shame how much we love

Its a shame how much we love to tear each other down. On AI last week & in several recent-appearances, Fannie has been looking GREAT! Somebody @ Upscale fell asleep at the wheel cuz this picture is distorted & odd. If I hear a few snippets from her new cd I'll download some tracks. Fannie can actually SING, and her personal biz is just that-personal. She's made mistakes--but don't we all? MANY women do just what she did--get 'caught-up' & dickmitized...but why is it that only the WOMEN are ridiculed? What about these sloring-aZZ men? Why is Nikki Minaj's bleachy-blonde-bobblehead azz getting so much play? Why is Lil Wayne's disgruntled-roach-syrupy-a$$ still going platinum--yet everyone always disses Fantasia? SMH. We. must. do. better.

Fantasia looked fantastic

Fantasia looked fantastic last week on American Idol. This Upscale mag cover photo is not the best though; make-up isn't right and the camera angle is just not flattering. I'm proud of Fantasia though for getting herself together and forging ahead with her artistry.
The Real Thing's picture

Fantasia needs a life coach,

Fantasia needs a life coach, prayer, and lots of direction. Every time she talks about "getting her life together" and starting over, she makes more bad decisions. She has had so many chances and opportunities. She has a great voice but if she had better management and better representation, her career would be much further along. Right now, she's semi-relevant not because of her music but because of her drama. Just a hot diggity dog mess! Her stage presence alone is gross. Sweating, screaming, stomping around barefoot. I know that's part of her show but it's not ladylike at all and that's part of her problem. I want to root for her but it's just so damned hard.

and this magazine cover

and this magazine cover SUCKS!

Fantasia please! aint nobody

Fantasia please! aint nobody chkn for her, her music, or her sob story! she aint inspiring no damn body! we have enough examples of low budget ratchet hood ass black women & we dont need anymore. what angers me most is that she was blessed w so much and acts a fkn donkey!

She looks so much better, I'm

She looks so much better, I'm glad she dumped that ghetto fab look!
Cojo's picture

Is that the best picture they

Is that the best picture they could photoshop of this trollip? That mouth yuck! But her nose job is a good one
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Who gives a shit¡!¡. Is any1

Who gives a shit¡!¡. Is any1 working for this site going to report that Lauryn Hill is facing eviction from her New Jersey home?¿ Geez. I can't rock with these same ole tired a$$ LAME crybaby stories.
GetUrLife's picture

I think you missed that one a

I think you missed that one a few days back
luvlanda's picture

@luvlanda ~ Thanks. I'm

@luvlanda ~ Thanks. I'm just so sick of Fanny and her BS. Unless it's singing, she should keep her mouth shut and her legs closed to married men.
GetUrLife's picture

The pic looks okay, something

The pic looks okay, something is a bit off, could be the lipstick or mascara, I cannot put my finger on it, that last pic looks it is from a few years ago .
sweetpea1989's picture

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