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PLAYOFF FAB: Rihanna & Her Bestie GET LICKY LICKY At Miami Heat Game + Hov Cheers On The Brooklyn Nets (And Drops "$100 Bill" Snippet)

 photo 6499ad4caaf111e2996e22000a1f98fe_7_zps44e2c30e.jpg

The 2013 NBA playoffs kicked off this weekend.  And both Jay-Z and Rihanna made their way courtside to cheer on their faves.  Peep the pics from Miami to Brooklyn inside...

Rihanna and her bestie like to lick-a-lick every now and then.  We're not saying with each other...we're just saying they like to have some fun showing off their tongues.

The twosome chilled out in the MIA after Rihanna's tour rolled into the area over the weekend.  So they hit up Game 1 of the Heat vs. the Bucks playoff game at American Airlines Arena. 

 photo rihheat_zpseebc1c1e.png

 photo d276a2c0aaf111e2800922000a9e5110_7_zpsecbf5a2b.jpg

Rih showed her love for King James.

 photo dc26cff8ab2211e2a77722000a1fbc49_7_zps080e0427.jpg

And showed off her brand new Chanel sneakers saying:

#shoegasm #shoegame #awesome #sneakernight #CCcertified #imuhphuckinembarassyou

And before the game (after a long night at the King of Diamonds strip club), the bad gal chilled out poolside with friends:

  photo 287415e2aacd11e282c522000a1fa433_7_zpse9ea0418.jpg 


 photo f967ef36aacb11e29a0922000a1f8c1a_7_zpsf9c87b3c.jpg

This body though in this gold Charlie Bymz bikini and Miu Miu sandals...

 photo 8acb9820aacb11e288ea22000a1f9318_7_zps74cb5f39.jpg  photo 19d52d7eaacc11e294a422000a1f9874_7_zps86d007c3.jpg



And over on the east coast, Jay may not be their part-owner anymore, but like he said, he's a Net for life:

 photo 760488953_zps1b8c1b8d.jpg  photo jay-z-bulls-vs-nets-3_zps8328d617.jpg  photo jay-z-bulls-vs-nets-4_zps9ae7c1ce.jpg

Mr. Carter, while his wife is overseas on tour, sat courtside for Game 1 yesterday of the Nets vs. Bulls game at the Barclays Center.  And just as expected, he was there to cheer on the home team.  Fun times.

And by the way, a chopped and screwed snippet of his track "$100 bill" that is on The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack just hit the net.  Check it below:



Photos: Twitter/Instagram




is that jay z son with him

is that jay z son with him

Her body is off the chain.

Her body is off the chain.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Melissa's lips look cruddy

Melissa's lips look cruddy and chapped, she needs to borrow some of Rihanna's Mac ri ruby or whatever the color is and put on those lips. Ewww!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Honey Chiiiiiiile....Somebody

Honey Chiiiiiiile....Somebody Please Tell Me That's Lipstick Melissa Is Wearing And Not Her Original Lip Color. Somebody? Anybody? >>>Cdfu@QQn Like Rick James.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Melissa forde looks super

Melissa forde looks super hard in the face. And that curly hair makes her look like Rick James lol
AnoniNYC12's picture

Rihanna's really beautiful

Rihanna's really beautiful but her fingers always creep me out. Also that follow-up to the 'lick-a-lick' comment was very tacky.
Realist's picture

The truth of the matter is

The truth of the matter is that Rihanna is losing weight because she is an alcoholic and a drug addict whether and reguardless some of her naive and delusional fans choose to believe it or not and facts are quite stubborn things.

i don't know whar's going on

i don't know whar's going on with these two and their weight loss but melissa looks horrible and her mouth looks like it stinks
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Those shoes

Those shoes

Get someone tell Rihanna's

Get someone tell Rihanna's bestie the Rick James wig is just not that into her.
Keys's picture

I thought Melissa used to be

I thought Melissa used to be a cute girl. Now she's looking old and worn out. I didn't even recognize her in the pics. She definitely smoking/snorting something other than weed. Drug use stole Whitney Houstons beauty and it's doing the same with her. What a shame.
Sunshine's picture


Yeah........Melissa definitely smokes her stick backwards.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hahahaha...never heard that

Hahahaha...never heard that one before
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This is a woman who cancelled

This is a woman who cancelled how many concert dates due to "illness"? What a joke!
Marek's Wifey's picture

Melissa has a Nasty looking

Melissa has a Nasty looking mouth and NEEDS 2 start brushing her teeth...Rih looks Stank and under weight & that hair
star's picture

Fitting shirt Jay is

Fitting shirt Jay is sporting. Has Riri ever admitted she's bisexual
Jesus H. Christ's picture



That body on Ri Ri tho! You

That body on Ri Ri tho! You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

Why Rihanna's best friend has

Why Rihanna's best friend has to be so UGLY? What about plastic surgery? Facials?
Mili_Mili's picture

Those sneakers are hideous.

Those sneakers are hideous.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

those cant possibly be

those cant possibly be Rihanna's hairy ass legs! I refuse to believe that shit.....lol!!!
shuga's picture

What's the matta neva had

What's the matta neva had hairy meat befoe'

Her body is everything , Wow

Her body is everything , Wow !!

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