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TV FAB: Bob & Sheree Whitfield FAIL To WORK IT OUT On "Iyanla: Fix My Life"

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Former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield appeared with her ex-husband, retired football player Bob Whitfield on a must-see episode this weekend of "Iyanla: Fix My Life" where they were both forced to look at their ill-fated co-parenting skills and unresolved anger towards one another.  See all the footage from the show inside....

Missed the Sheree Whitfield episode of "Fix My Life"?  No worries, we got you.

On the latest installment of "Iyanla: Fix My Life", Iyanla Vanzant sat down with former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield where the two discussed the obstacles preventing them from co-parenting their two children.  Along the way, Iyanla took both down a long and murky road of emotional issues (the same ones previously traveled by DMX and Evelyn Lozada) that allowed them both to see their own flaws and what roles they played in the failure of their marriage and how it affected their children.  

And it was obvious to everyone watching, Bob Whitfield was very open to the process. Sheree, on the other hand,remained closed and guarded (much like her stint on "RHOA") .

Fans of "RHOA" will enjoy Iyanla's revealing chat with Sheree about her un-finished McMansion "Chateau Sheree" and how its incompletion is a mirror of her life and her "former" marriage.  Of course, Sheree battled Iyanla along the way and didn't seem open to criticism, so she missed most of the "A-Ha" moments.  Iyanla also gets to the bottom of the child support issues and why her marriage to Bob was doomed from the start.

For Bob's part, Iyanla called him out for failing to parent his two children and helped him see how he allowed his anger towards Sheree push him out of his children's lives.  

Iyanla tweeted her most memorable "take home lessons" from the episode shortly after it aired...

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-22at90226AM.png  photo ScreenShot2013-04-22at90319AM.png

Though Sheree and Bob did not leave the episode on friendly terms, Iyanla's episode might be a useful tool for warring baby mamas and daddies who don't get along .  She told the pair, "Whenver the elephants fights...the grass suffers. And the children are the grass."  And in another classic moment, she told them both that they did not have the luxury of disliking one another since they decided to have two kids together. Womp.  #useprotection

Though Sheree failed to provide Iyanla with an update, she was following Oprah's timeline and retweeted some of Oprah's sentiments. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-22at92605AM.png

It's interesting that she didn't retweeted any of Iyanla's tweets that hit close to home.  Y'all know I've always thought Sheree to be the most delusional of all the Housewives.  So no surprise there.


Meanwhile....Bob didn't watch the episode but he was ALSO following Oprah and retweeted her "quoting" him from the show...

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-22at92503AM.png 


Iyanla confronts Sheree about what "Chateau Sheree"...or as NeNe calls it "Neverland" truly represents:


Bob explains why he's so angry towards Sheree:


Iyanla explains why Bob and Sheree WON'T be able to co-parent:


Iyanla says' "My work here is not done" and creates a co-parenting agreement:






This was bad, Iyanla was so

This was bad, Iyanla was so wrong. Sheree is a really defensive person and yes she is guarded but lyanla was so obviously on Bob's side. No matter what, a man should pay for his children. It doesn't matter how much Sheree is spending, that's her business but at the end of the day if the child has half the man's DNA, then the man should be paying half (no more and no less) to maintain the child. FULL STOP. No one is looking at where Bob's living or what car he's driving, so why should people be watching Sheree's lifestyle. She waited 4 years to sue him, when most women would have done it straight away. Iyanla fell for that guys charm and all of her supposed enlightenment went out of the window. She had no empathy for Sheree and simply went along with her preconceptions of the woman, whilst stroking that man's ego. What a shame. If your are a properly trained councellor then you spot someone's defenses and yes you challenge those defenses but what you do, first and foremost, is empathize. Not tell them how they're feeling. This man sees the kids when he chooses to and pays for them when he chooses to, and apparently that's ok. Well, I don't think so. He made it seem as if Sheree had made him look a certain way, when in reality, take away the show and the facts speak for themselves. The man did not pay child support. Even your most basic ghetto man, drug dealer or pimp is capable of giving his baby mama a little change now and then but not this guy. The whole emphasis of the show was on Sheree being the bitter one, Sheree being the materialistic one, when in actual fact if you look at that man you could see that he hates Sheree. The things he said to her were real nasty and whilst yes, he was only being honest, when Sheree started to get real, lyanla shut her down. Women, especially black women, are to quick to hate on each other. Now let's get it straight, all those Housewives, be it Atlanta, New York, New Jersey or Orange County, are superficial and materialistic. They all need to work on the state of their souls before worrying so much about there shoes, houses and cars. But that is simply not the point. Even if Sheree did go to school, get an education and become a ten figure earning business woman, the father of the children would still be responsible for contributing financially to their upbringing. lyanla has said that men aren't cash dispensers, which is true but it's also true that children come with responsibility and all lyanla did was reinforce to black men that if their sob story is tight enough and if they paint the woman as bitter, they get to abdicate that responsibility. Who she is has NOTHING to do with his responsibility to his children and that ghetto mentality of 'they my kids, I don't need no man's help,' is prehistoric bull crap. The children are living in her house, she's feeding and clothing them, so don't watch what she spends on herself, that isn't the point. The point is that why should the man be abdicated of responsibility, just because? Sheree is not the bad guy in this and I'm done with Iyanla Vanzant completely. She totally antagonized a sister and showed no empathy at all for that woman, all her empathy went on poor ole Bob. Poor ole Bob who has money that he's hiding from his own children. Poor ole Bob who's one of those men who want to play at being dad as long as it don't hurt there pocket. Sad to see that at any age you can be taken in by a smooth talker....

Bob is an arse and a half for

Bob is an arse and a half for not taking care of his babies, but I must say, I love how open his spirit and mind was during that process. He will be blessed by staying on that path and he probably loosed some things in his life just by being truthful. Sheree on the other hand is going to continue to struggle emotionally and financially because she continues to lie to others. She knows the truth, but can't grab her balls and own it. I wish Iyanla touched on the fact that she doesn't unconditionally love herself so it's impossible for anyone else to. She keep messin around and one of Kim's kids gon finish that house and move in! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Iyanla is really

Iyanla is really disappointing me this season. I wish she had just kept helping regular folks. Probably Oprah made her do all these celebrities and encouraging Iyanla NOT TO BE fair, because Iyanla is FAIR and is a good judge of character. It had to be oprah who told her to let that nitwit Bob off the hook and to not say the truth on his despicable behavior. WHAT KIND OF MAN SAYS HE SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT??? Sheree didnt make them children by herself. She shouldn't have to support them emotionally or financially by herself. It is men like this low life Bob Whitfield that causes women to abort their children. And Iyanla not READING him the riot act, and telling Sherree that her children dont deserve a home befitting of the stature of their father's wealth IS DOWNRIGHT WRONG. Iyanla needs to find a new network before the dirty simple oprah destroys her career by making her do things against her character.
cassandra29's picture

Many women still hold anger

Many women still hold anger issues from the relationship that endangers the mental health of the children and use the child support system as a means of revenge. In that regard, he should not have to pay through the system. The ignorance of putting a man in that system and using blind anger to try and punish someone is not the answer. Many men of means (minor and major) do not have any problems providing for their kids but they do not like to be bullied and badgered by a system that is foul, unjust and corrupt!!!
Money First's picture

how ironic that a character

how ironic that a character by the name of Money First would type this...lol. anywho, why should one parent have to run down and beg the other to help support their own children when there is a system in place to set it up so that the parents dont have to haggle with each other over it? to many ppl out here love to say "i take care of my kids" because they bought them one pair of useless ass sneakers last year. and no, i dont watch either of these raggedy shows (ho-wives or fixin to fix my life) so its not based on Iyanla, Bob or Sheree.
shuga's picture

Bob seems so down-to-earth,

Bob seems so down-to-earth, open and honest about everything. I think Sheree is being wrong and strong about all her foolishness. In order to start fresh, she is going to have to admit where she went wrong, and she isn't able to do it. She just won't.
CocoaDread's picture

Didn't u hear Sherree say

Didn't u hear Sherree say this pitiful excuse for a man didnt even stay around for the honeymoon, but went out with men friends? Is he human? Then he says he shouldnt have to pay child support, and he thinks he is a man? He got to be gay woman hater
cassandra29's picture

Those two look so broke to me

Those two look so broke to me ~ emotionally and financially bankrupt, broken in spirit, broken in life. I want the time back that I spent watching these two a$$ clowns.
GetUrLife's picture

It Should Have Been Iyanla

It Should Have Been Iyanla Fix My Wayward Eye....Thanks In Advance Bob!
Keyths'Girl's picture


star's picture

This was great to watch, I

This was great to watch, I enjoyed Iyanla's "flag on the field" thingy...that was way too funny to me...lol! Sheree is way too bullheaded, stubborn, selfish and self centered just like a whole lot of women and that's her (and a lot of women's) biggest damn downfall. I pray healing and deliverance so that we can truly be set free to be the women that we're destined to be - minus all of that gook and chaos. Let's get it together, people! "Diary of a Closet Freak"...coming June 2013.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

she didn't make any money of

she didn't make any money of "who gone check me boo"
lola69's picture

Takes me back to Judge

Takes me back to Judge Mablean Ephriam's advice - LOOK DEEP BEFORE YOU LEAP! Apparently, neither of these two bothered to do that! (>_<)

Sheree and Bob = a total

Sheree and Bob = a total waist of Iyanla and Oprah's time.
Lola's picture

OMG! This was a mess! Sheree

OMG! This was a mess! Sheree DELUSIONAL. Before she can learn to "co-parent" or do anything else, she needs to get help for herself from a professional. She needs to get to the root of why she is so materialistic, selfish, angry, and bitter. Trust and believe that she had those traits waayyyy before she trapped/met Bob. I agree that he should have been a more "hands on" father but I'm guessing that Sheree's stank ass attitude did nothing to help the situation.

I think Iyanla nailed facts

I think Iyanla nailed facts and figured both of these losers out in this episode. #1 - This was not an actual marriage. They got hitched on paper only, not in their hearts or minds. Sheree clearly just wanted to marry a baller, so she charged ahead quickly, got knocked up and he put a ring on it to make things appear legitimate. #2 Sheree is angry and bitter. This is clear by her drive to paint her ex as the bad guy because one of the first things she told Iyanla about Bob was that when they returned from their honeymoon, Bob didn't come home at night! And then Sheree cued up the "crocodile tears." If she were that hurt when it happened, then why'd she stay with him? She clearly gave Bob the keys to drive her crazy. You better bet that wasn't the first time he didn't come home at night - he was doing it before the wedding, but she wanted to marry a baller, so she sold her soul. Bam!!! #3 Sheree's mcmansion is unfinished because Sheree is unfinished and incomplete. She has no follow thru, just grand ideas of what her life should be like, along with some limited tools to set about putting things into place. But she lacks the real drive, ambition, hard work ethic to make things happen. She's strictly about appearances. That jive about the house being for the kids, was correctly called out by Iyanla as being b.s. The house is about Sheree being a diva and wanting to look like she has the perfect life. She is so into labels and looks that she wore a dang Hermes coat/belt on the Iyanla show. #4 Bob is vain - he's more concerned about how Sheree made him look on RHOA than he is about his relationship with his children.
The Real Thing's picture

sheree is delusional and in a

sheree is delusional and in a lot of denial. She WILL NOT admit when she's wrong and even tho Bob is a bum, I can see why they wouldn't want to deal with each other. I'm pretty convinced she married Bob for the lifestyle and not for love and he knows that too. Poor kids

Sheree and Kenya ought to get

Sheree and Kenya ought to get along just fine. Bring her back. Two of the most delusional females ever.
JewelryLover's picture

Also I remember her on the

Also I remember her on the first season begging Bob to come pick up his children and he didn't want to. I will not excuse this man for his childish behavior and it is not necessary to attack his looks. What does that have to do with his character.
TeaNicole's picture

Why does Sheree get blamed

Why does Sheree get blamed for making her own money, her kids are well taken care of by obviously her so does she have to look destitute or like a bag lady to get sympathy. Bob should never let any woman prevent him from being a man more importantly a father.
TeaNicole's picture

It's not realistic to fix any

It's not realistic to fix any relationship in one sitting. I think the point is to get the communication started. To me Bob seemed more open to say how he really felt whereas Sheree chose to keep her feelings in. I think Iyanla made a good point, was it so important to move forward with building this huge home, when that money could have went into the children, or was she fighting for child support to build the house.
Miakoda's picture

This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you choose money over actually putting effort into finding a great husband and father for your future children and plus he is one unattractive dude and those looks could've been passed down to her children, so she really f--ked them over twice by putting them at risk. Clearly his ugly ass had no intentions on reconciling with her on the show......it was just his televised opportunity to trash talk her and to try to get under her skin. Anywho........ This is off topic, but I never really paid attention to Sheree's nose before Nene said something, but how in the hell can Nene's Gonzo looking ass fix her mouth to talk about anybody's nose. Girl.........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I picked up on something with

I picked up on something with these "celebs" being on this show back when Evelyn was on it. They are doing this show not to get real help or associate with Iyanla per se, they are doing it to get close or name recognition with Oprah. At least Evelyn's crazy ass was actually consulting with Iyanla afterwards, but Sheree and Bob clearly did not want real help for their immature, delusional, messy situation. They just wanted to get next to Oprah even by looking like a fool on national tv, hence only retweeting her versus Iyanla.
Keys's picture

I noticed the same thing with

I noticed the same thing with Sheree's tweets. She's happy that her name is aligned with Oprah's. She's retweeting Oprah like they are besties and the sessions were with Oprah.

this show should be called

this show should be called "Ain't nobody got Time for that." Obvious no one has time to fix their life and Iyanna can't even fix her own life. She is terrible at this.
lola69's picture

this show is like the

this show is like the Bachelor. No one ever lives happily ever after and they are in season 20000. No one life is ever fixed and this is the 2nd season. maybe if she stopped yelling they would listen
lola69's picture

Big Nose is a scorned woman.

Big Nose is a scorned woman. dude never loved her or even liked her. she got knocked up to get his money and got played because she picked a loser to swindle.
lola69's picture

I gotta give it to Iyanla,

I gotta give it to Iyanla, this is a pretty good show. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

lol.....Iyanla hasnt fixed

lol.....Iyanla hasnt fixed not one life yet! why are ppl still signing up to get humiliated and make their situations even worse??
shuga's picture

Sheree is a bitter gold

Sheree is a bitter gold digger and she didn't want to accept that. No it's not right to NOT pay your children support, but when I turn on the TV and I see you with a 15k Hermes Birkin and a brand new Maserati, I would think the kids is doing good financially as well, but we all know that was a SHEREED get it CHARADE...I crack myself up!!! LOL
SkeeWee's picture

That she is..

That she is..
Iridescent One's picture

Bob is a loser for taking out

Bob is a loser for taking out his anger for Sheree on his kids. I look at him in a different light. Why do the show if you didn't want resolution.
TeaNicole's picture

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