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BREAKING: Trina's BROTHER Wilbrent "Gonk" Bain SHOT And KILLED


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Wilbrent "Gonk" Bain, the brother of "Here We Go" rapper Trina was shot and killed in Miami, Florida this morning.  Find out more about the shooting inside...

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The brother of famed rapper Trina, Wilbrent "Gonk" Bain was shot and killed in Miami, Florida this morning.  According to police reports,  Gonk, who was pronounced dead at the scene, was murdered by Ron Dobson, a neighbor he'd been feuding with.   

A neighbor named "Trimel" told the local NBC affiliate, 6 South Florida, "It hit me hard because I just talked to him. This killing has to stop. It has to. All of us grew up together and that's just senseless."

Trimel suggested that easy access to weapons is an ongoing problem in the area.  "It's a gun problem more than anything because anyone can just get a gun. I guarantee if you walk around this neighborhood now I bet you you'll get it."

Though little has been revealed about what ignited the argument between the men, it was reported that Gonk survived a 2008 shooting and had a record of gun possession, burglary, drugs, and domestic violence involving strangulation. 

Police stated that Ron has confessed to the killing and is charged with second-degree murder.

So far...Trina has not spoken publically about her family's loss.


Watch the report here:

View more videos at: http://nbcmiami.com.




We Have To Do Better As

We Have To Do Better As Brothers and Sister's. Coming Out The Hood My Self From Miami Dade County. Hanging Out In Brown sub, Liberty City. Going To Elementary School At Olinda Elem On 54th and 22nd was rough but A Lot Of Us Had Hopes and Dreams. Trina Followed Her Dreams and Made It, It's Said This Young Man Didn't Have A Chance To Fully Live Out His Life To Achieve What Ever He Could Have Been! Black People, We Are So Talented In Many Areas, Lets Use That To Our Full Advantage. I'm Gonna Leave Ya'll With Something Positive. This Is A Film I Wrote and Directed and Also Starred In Called "STEEL CHAMBER" Watch Film Trailer And Support This Black Film: http://steelchamberthemovie.com

I see a lot of opinions

I see a lot of opinions (mostly negative) but has anyone heard of 'free will" or the phrase 'hood rich'. Maybe Trina does support her family. Perhaps this brother loved his hood and didn't want to relocate. I have many relatives who currently live in the hood who have had numerous opportunities to leave and choose to stay. The mentality that the hood is something everyone must escape is laughable. The hood is a state of mind more than a place to live. If the hood folk move from one area to another - it still becomes the hood. Elevate yourselves and stop buying into the mythology of white America.
Lakesha Jenkins's picture

There is no way im a

There is no way im a celebrity wearing $1000 lace fronts and Louboutins talking about winning , while my family lives in the ghetto Florida slums? I fogot she's broke hasnt had a place of her own since she was dating Kenyon and that was 10yrs ago. Spend ur paper wisely but its too late to get ur family out now
SlowNeckBecky's picture

That neighbor blaming the gun

That neighbor blaming the gun is completely stupid. A gun can't point and fire itself, it's people that kill people. Until people embrace that reality and stop blaming an inanimate object, this lack of respect for human life will not get addressed as it should.
jgraves58's picture

i'm so sick n tired of those

i'm so sick n tired of those negroes!

My condolences go out to

My condolences go out to Trina and her family, you never know how it hurts to lose a loved one until it happens to you.
Realist's picture

RIP Gonk....Praying for

RIP Gonk....Praying for Trina, his children, fam & friends. Got to say though....it is a little wierd when preachers or community leaders state how good the lost was, but they have a rap sheet longer than my arm. Maybe God had enough of his drama....IJS.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I guess this is "news"

I guess this is "news" because it involves Trina's brother. This type of stuff happens every day in inner city, poor, down trodden areas, and no one bats and eye and it gets no press. That neighbor said it right, easy access to guns (people killing machines) is the root of the problem. That coupled with an inability to express their thoughts, gripes, beefs in a civilized manner and no moral compass or code.
The Real Thing's picture

Have some sympathy, doesn't

Have some sympathy, doesn't matter why attention is being brought to the situation. Point is it has happened and we need to quit killing our brothers and sisters and learn how to control our anger.
shaneice225's picture

Know the difference between

Know the difference between Black people and NigGERS. Black people are doing above average things or taking steps to get and make a better way for themselves and those coming up behind them. NIGGERS are still enforcing the crab in the barrel syndrome, more concerned with "light skin is the right skin", who has "good hair", killing each other for pennies, spending their last on sneakers, the latest iphones, rims ~ yet their credit scores are 390. RIP to Trina's brother, no feud is worth dying for.
GetUrLife's picture

Yep. It's called the Willie

Yep. It's called the Willie Lynch Syndrome.
Suga Bear's picture

And to the person who said

And to the person who said that people in 3rd world countries behave better than American poor, you have never been to a 3rd world country, spoken to any from a 3rd world country or even read about what happens there. <<< What happens there? I live in a 3rd world country. "People in 3rd world country sell their children into slavery and prostitution along with every other crime you an imagine" <<< So this doesn't happen in 1st world countries either?? It is amazing the views some ppl have when you don't live/experience it.
amdiaries's picture

Did anyone watch the video?

Did anyone watch the video? One of the people described him as a good kid when his record indicate he was anything but that. It sounds like Trina might have been expecting this to happen any day just based on how he was living. And Trina is not some big superstar. She is a Z-Lister who probably pulls in 5k a show at the most. She can't afford to save her whole family. And to the person who said that people in 3rd world countries behave better than American poor, you have never been to a 3rd world country, spoken to any from a 3rd world country or even read about what happens there. People in 3rd world country sell their children into slavery and prostitution along with every other crime you an imagine. Chile you know not what you speak. Poor people commit crimes. I don't know why, but they do. Worldwide.
Bird's picture

You sound ignorant, just

You sound ignorant, just because he ran into trouble does not mean he is a bad kid. I guess people can't change their lives?
shaneice225's picture

Honey i live in a third world

Honey i live in a third world country and why there might be some truth....but all those stuff happen in 1st world countries too....also people from 3rd countries are more hardworking.....you claim to be living in a 1st world country... yet compared to your country standards and the facilities/education,opportunities available to you people...you guys are more barbaric than those in 3rd world countries....true...
HAPPY's picture

You're not more hardworking,

You're not more hardworking, if you were your country wouldnt be 3rd world. Try accomplishing what Black Americans have in the US in your shit hole. You can't. I don't know where in this world you hail from but youre apparently black. Blacks in the 3rd world are more barbaric than US Blacks. We use hand guns to hurt people where as you'll use machetes and machine guns to slaughter villages, women, children and rival political parties. We're not accustomed to the heinous crimes that are normal for you guys. FACT.
KENNEDY78's picture

I never said there were no

I never said there were no crimes.......our country is that way because of politcians and the bribes the western governments give them.....we are not clean ...but we dont have handouts and free education or healthcare bla bla....trhe average poor has to work extremely hard to put food on the table.....and yes people are contributing to their countries...youve obviously not travelled much i guess you think all you see on tv is the real africa.......my point is that you pple have free public education till high school level...........but some of you choose not too.....rather do drugs....you lot make excuses that the black man cant get a job ...yet African immigrants come over and get work......yes African immigrants are also contributing to the development of the black communities.....we are not perfect but the sources you lot have in your 1st world countries.....by now you guy should be the black pace setters of the world...but nah you are mostly known for rap music....so yes compared to the standards of your country you behaviour (not all black americans) is equal to third world countries if not worse
HAPPY's picture

So its our fault that you all

So its our fault that you all are too stupid and poor to provide resources to the less fortunate? Thats nothing to brag about, you're more concerned with mutilating women than providing free education and we should feel bad? We are the black pace setters of the world and the most emulated sweet heart. Thats why you're on a BLACK AMERICAN womans blog! The 2 most powerful black women in this world are AMERICAN! The most powerful man on the planet is a black American man. Apparently you're ALSO believing what you see on TV because the new found accomplishments Africans are proud of we've already done. First black doctors, chemists, scientists and scholars were all Americans our history is rich and again we established ourselves long ago. We have our own colleges, high schools and corporations. Please refresh us on what you've done in Africa, I'm all ears. You live a glass shack, where do find the audacity to throw stones...
KENNEDY78's picture

Although you don't like me

Although you don't like me sista Kennedy i gotta say you right sista!!! I use to date a sista from ghana AND ALL HER AND FAMILY DID WAS TALK SHIT ABOUT BLACK AMERICANS. Im like yo it aint our fault yall in a fucked up situation and can't take care of your fucking selves AND GIVING YOUR NATURAL RESOURCES UP FOR NOTHINGGG AT ALL. It aint our fault crakkkas, chinks, and arabs come in fuck your women , colonize your land . I mean if anything BLACK AMERICANS SHOULD BE MAD AT AFRICANSSSSS. Africa is suppose to set an example OF WHAT BLACKKKKKKKK POWERRRRRRRR SHOULD BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BUTTT THEY NOT, THEY JUST AS BITCHMADE AS THESE AMERICAN NIGGAS AND JUST AS SAVAGE IF NOT MOREEEEE. I MEAN A CRAKKKA FROM THE CAVES AND HILLS OF EUROPE TOOK OVER THEIR WHOLE FUCKING CONTINENT. And made them worship THEIR image of God. I mean that shit is sad, and if you look at the chinese the reason the crakkka couldn't beat them is because THEY'LL DIEEEEEEEE BEFORE THEY LET THAT CRAKKKA TAKE THEIR LAND, RAPE THEIR WOMEN, AND STEAL THEIR PEOPLE. And another good think i can say about the chinese THEIR GOD DON'T LOOK SHIT LIKE SOME CRAKKA OR SOME ARABBBBB. Black Americans have a reason to fuck up, ofcourse we on the richest continent on the planet, BUT THEM CRAKKKAS HAVE BEEN PLOTTING AND SCHEMING SINCE THEY TOOK US AFRICA, and we are not on our OWN CONTINENTTTT. So we can make an excuse, they have no excuse to have to beg a crakka for fresh drinking water and food when they have nothing but food and resources on that continent and thats not to say all africans are just stupid im not saying that at all. BUT MUTHA FUCKA THEY SHOULD BE THE LAST TO TALK DOWN ON ANYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDAMN BODYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHUTTTTTTTT YAAA GODDDAMN MOUTHHH.
LetsGetIt's picture

I guess I don't dislike you,

I guess I don't dislike you, its some of your views that I disagree with. Your points were perfectly stated. I agree, our shortcomings come from centuries of systematic racism designed to keep us where we are. Since Africa didn't face the same challenges WE DID, I'm not sure how they feel they cant point fingers when their situation is dire. Oh and you're so right, They're obsessed with us. Haven't figured out why, but they all ask weird questions like do I know my dad, and its like they learn everything they know about us from watching Maury. Thats how they form their opinions! So yeah I can't take their advice on anything, nor will I be ridiculed by them bc like you said, they are the richest in natural resources that THEY DON'T OWN. They're still allowing Arabs to enslave them in the 21st century. Also how does apartheid happen on a black continent. They're cowards, any other country would have waged war against the US for what happened to us. But seeing how China and Belgium practically owns a black continent I guess one shouldnt have expected more from them. " MUTHA FUCKA THEY SHOULD BE THE LAST TO TALK DOWN ON ANYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDAMN BODYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHUTTTTTTTT YAAA GODDDAMN MOUTHHH." THE END! LOL!
KENNEDY78's picture

And sista don't you find it

And sista don't you find it odd that they have a dislike for us, but these ARABS and EUROPEANS they have nothing bad to say about them at all. You have some Africans that would rather see their children with a white man/woman before a black American. And i kinda understand why.....but goddamnit crakkkas have nothing but raped Africa since they came in existence but you mad at us???LIKE I SAID BEFORE weeee should be mad at them!!!!And shit when it comes to apartheid THEY COPIED THE BLACK AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT in order to get out of that situation like you said any other country would rage war against these crakkkas. Well Ethopia have and the congo have before but still man African had leaders like Kwame Nkrumah GREAT LEADER and Patrice Lumumba and they killed them brothas SAVAGELY chopped the brotha into pieces and threw his body in sulfuric acid ALSO THAT some cooon ass negro WHO WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE UNITED STATES could get in. LIKE GODDDAMNNN Africa could be THE MECCA FOR EVERY BLACK NATION but when it comes to selling out them NIGGGAS ARE NUMBER 1 don't believe me ASK YOUR ANCESTORS WHO THEY SOLD OUT FOR SOME SALT AND SHITTY WEAPONS.
LetsGetIt's picture

These artist are always

These artist are always talking about how many red bottoms they have but can't get there siblings out the hood though?
cutethatsall56's picture

Maybe her brother was an

Maybe her brother was an asshole. *shrugs*
Suga Bear's picture

We cannot make an excuse for

We cannot make an excuse for criminal behavior. The "white man" didn't force anyone to commit crimes, those who commit crimes chose to. If people in 3rd world countries can live in real poverty, joblessness, AIDS,etc and not feel the need to commit crimes, how dare we give anybody or ourselves a free pass on committing crimes.People in the hood, aren't killing each other to survive dire situations, they kill because they want to. No matter what the situation is criminal behavior is wrong. How long are we as a people going to use that tired excuse of the "white man", fault? When black men, blame white man, it appears as if , you can't decide wrong from right. So, a black man kills another black man, and it's the white man fault, because of the laws. Give Me A Break. We will all stand in judgement for our actions, and blaming another person responsible for our actions is not an excuse. Black men need to man up, that's the problem, these black men go out and commit crimes, and they know that some will excuse sadistic behavior because of the black man's place in society. The black race is jacked up when Bill Cosby and his philosphy is torn to shreds, and Gangster Rappers who promote gun violence is worshipped. And in 20 seconds someone will post a comment on Bill Cosby personal life which has nothing to do with this post.

You've got a lot of living to

You've got a lot of living to do. Ever been to Rio, Haiti or Jamaica? They've had the highest murder rates in the world REPEATEDLY. Jamaica has the highest out of wedlock birth rate in the world so far. WE ALL Have our problems. Know what you speak of before speaking. I won't even get started with some of the east European countries....
KENNEDY78's picture

Did you just say "if people n

Did you just say "if people n 3rd world countries can live in real poverty, joblessness, Aids, etc and not feel the need to commit crimes......"? WTF!!!!!!!!! Please tell me that you're late on your April Fool's Day Prank or at least tell me that you live in a bunker, with no access to the real world......PLEASE TELL ME THAT. smdhandnotlol......(squints eyes) REALLY????????
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't blame the white man

I don't blame the white man for a GODDAMN THING, black people just hate their damn selves. But lets not play dumb, WHITE SUPREMACY HAVE BEEN A FACTOR IN BLACK PEOPLE DESTRUCTION , you'd be a fool to think otherwise. But that's not to say WHITE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME they part of the blame , BUT I PUT MAJORITY OF THIS BULLSHIT ON US!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I usually don't agree with

I usually don't agree with the things that you have to say on here but I will agree with this. We do these things to ourselves...its just a bad cycle of poverty,ignorance, and like you said self hate and destruction that never gets broken and its sad...
Prettygrlmika's picture



Dang this is sad I can't even

Dang this is sad I can't even imagine how Trina feels. Why is he living in that area/the hood? I would think Trina's family would be living in a better neighborhood. He has two kids too, smdh
sexybrownpyt's picture

You guys arguing on this

You guys arguing on this blog, stop being armchair politicians & get a life!!! That is terrible, Trina, my heart sincerely goes out to you even though you may never read this. If I lost one of my brothers, jeez. My heart fell for her, RIP Wilbrent

You're the one on here

You're the one on here sending condolences to people who you just stated will never read this shit, so if you ask me........getting a life would be more suitable for you.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Letsgetit.......You are

Letsgetit.......You are definitely right that the white man has successfully destroyed our people, but I am a firm believer in the phrase "he who laughs last, laughs best". Moving right along........While I've never have and never will wear blonde hair, I think the black females that do, (except for celebrities like Bey, who tries to be more appealing to her white audience)does so with artistic intentions. I don't think it has nothing to do with them wanting to be white. They wear all kinds of crazy ratchet styles with all kinds of crazy colors like blonde, red, pink, burgundy and whatever else. I'm not a fan of any of it , but it is what it is and as far as them wearing contacts.....uhhhhhhh, you do know that black people have colored eyes you know, so wearing contacts would not be considered blacks trying to be another race. ijs......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Sista....black people

Sista....black people TYPICALLY don't have blue and green eyes COME ON SISTA THANGGGGGG!! Now he who laughs last IS LAUGHING LAST, the problem is WE'RE LAST and another problem is WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE OUR TIME TO LAUGH???Now sista when you can see more black women with blonde hair than with their natural hair THAT'S A PROBLEM. ATLEAST TO ME IT IS, because we don't prefer our own CUSTOM LOOK!!! Earlier you said we're going to be wiped out I AGREED but why are we going to be wiped out "Because we don't have pride, we don't love ourselves, and we don't have unity" i always look up to the ancestors like Marcus Garvey who said "Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you." And also this quote "Your allegiance shall be to your God, your race, your country. Remember that the Jew in his political and economic urges is always first a Jew; the white man is first a white man under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. So you can do no less, BE BLACK; BUY BLACK; THINK BLACK AND ALL ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF."
LetsGetIt's picture

I've never ever seen a black

I've never ever seen a black person wear blue contacts. Their color of choice is mostly Hazel and contrary to your beliefs, some black people do have green eyes and grey ones too. Like I said before, contacts have nothing to do with wanting to being white, but has everything to do with them not being satisfied with the way that they look. I know you're gonna believe what you wanna believe, but it is what it is and as far as your other statement......we will laugh when it's time for us to laugh. TRUST!!!!!! (squints eyes) How did we get on this topic? smdh. ANYWHOOOOO!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I forgot to press reply. Womp

I forgot to press reply. Womp Womp lol...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I know this may be

I know this may be inappropriate at the moment, but I am LMAO at YBF saying "the brother of Here We Go Rapper". Why couldn't yall just say the brother of rapper Trina. Something about that song title got me in tears. Excuse me. Anywho.... That's f--ked up. Between interracial relationships and all of these ignorant killings, the black community will be wiped out very soon...........and I think that's the plan.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I too was like: SAY WHAT NOW

I too was like: SAY WHAT NOW to the way she worded it , The brother of Here we go rapper is confusing I'm like is that a song I should know by her? Cuz I'm not familiar with any of her music. It should have read Rapper Trina's brother was killed this morning.
Shay's picture

Exactly!!!...... at least I

Exactly!!!...... at least I got a good laugh out of it though. lol...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well i agree with you sista,

Well i agree with you sista, but you just now coming that realization???Black people been fucked since the late 70's going into the 80's??Shit just gotten perpetually worse over the years? Now if the black race is going to be wiped out me and you can get together and create a new generation of BLACKNESS LOL. But interracial relationship aint killing the black race since YOU NEGROS CLAIM MIXED BREED ARE BLACK LOLLLLL, which is complete bull to me but it is what it is. If you ask me Negros are just a defeated race of people, this white man has successfully destroyed black people with a blueprint and i already know black women are going to act as if we aren't fucked up and im just making shit up CAUSE THAT WHAT YALL DOOOOOO!!!But i been said it, anytime we have niggas killing each other at a high rate, single parent homes, and our race of women have blonde hair with contacts BEST BELIEVE WE ON A DECLINE!!!!! Anytime a rapper can make a joke of emitt till's death AND NOTHING HAPPENS we on a declineeeee!!!I been saying that if black people don't unite WE GONE BE WIPED THE FUCK OUTTTTTTTTTT!!!And you got dumb ass negros saying "That aint gone ever happen black folks gone be here foreverrrr" iight keep thinking that without any fucking unity within the racee and see what happen. When shtf or martial law happens niggas gone be the first going willingly to them fema camps following them crooked ass pastors and black women who love the system.
LetsGetIt's picture

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