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MOVIE FAB: Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs & Eddie Cibrian In MORE PICS From "The Best Man Holiday" Set

 photo bme1.jpg

Morris Chestnut was spotted looking as scrumptuous as ever on the set of The Best Man Holiday.  See more pics from the set of the long-awaited sequel to The Best Man inside.....

 photo bme2.jpg 

Good looking actors Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut were spotted filiming a scene for 'The Best Man Holiday' at a park in Toronto, Canada yesterday.

 photo bme3.jpg

Well isn't this interesting?  We've found out that actor Eddie Cibrian (who famously cheated on ex-wife Brandi Glanville of "RHOBH" with his now wife Leann Rhimes) is a part of the cast.  Guard ya girls! Eddie has been branded a notorious cheater and has "fallen in love" on-set before. 

The film is expected to hit the silver screen November 15, 2013.


Photos via INF




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i will only support the moive

i will only support the moive to see if the cutie eddie c, is going to be hooked up with one of the female leads. but other than that, i'm not really interested in the movie, wasn't impressed with the first.

Love Morris! Eddie is SUPER

Love Morris! Eddie is SUPER hot and a great piece of eye candy for the ladies on the set.
Denise2007's picture

This better be GOOD! No, this

This better be GOOD! No, this better be better than the 1st one. I loved the 1st one soooo much. lol I hope this one is even better...if that is possible. hehehe
sexe757's picture

dont know who that Eddie

dont know who that Eddie Cibrian is but he's cute in this pic! lovin the jet black clark kent/superman hair!
shuga's picture

Eddie Cibrian is always

Eddie Cibrian is always thrown in a move with an all Black cast..lol
ZenLea's picture

Morris Chestnut will probably

Morris Chestnut will probably be the sole saving grace as to why this movie will draw folks (specifically referring to blk women) to the theater. Personally, I'm not supporting this shit.
wildlife's picture

You're probably right. But

You're probably right. But hopefully folks won't let their personal feelings towards a couple of characters keep them from supporting all of the other actors. What about Sanaa, Nia, etc? Should they be punished?
CheyPie's picture

i 100000% support sanaa and

i 100000% support sanaa and nia; however, i just can't stomach the three stooges - harold, taye & terrence. these clowns can ask their white in-laws to go see the movie and support their flick.
wildlife's picture

I understand. And honestly,

I understand. And honestly, with or without these guys I'm not that hyped about the movie. The first was good, but it wasn't so great that we needed a sequel ten? years later. SMH. Hec, if we can't get an ORIGINAL new black film (Tyler Perry doesn't count IMHO) then I would've preferred a sequel to Love & Basketball. I would actually be interested in seeing how Omar & Sanaa's relationships developed after they married and she went to the WNBA. There was at least good character development in that film. But that's just me. I'll stop now lol.
CheyPie's picture

a love & basketball sequel

a love & basketball sequel would DEFINITELY be worth watching!!
wildlife's picture

I was thinking the same thing

I was thinking the same thing LOOOL ....ok ok at least Netflicks for Chestnut
Tren's picture

Morris looks great! Been

Morris looks great! Been crushing on him since the first movie.
CheyPie's picture

The Waiting to Exhale sequel

The Waiting to Exhale sequel is POINTLESS w/o Whitney.. Savannah is the main character of both books.

your comments have no

your comments have no relevance to this post?
ZenLea's picture

Morris and Taye. Love the

Morris and Taye. Love the CHOCOLATE! #YUM
PacificGirl's picture

I CANNOT wait for this

I CANNOT wait for this movie!!!! This is the best idea to make a Best Man sequel...next they should make a Waiting to Exhale sequel...I hear it is in the works though. Is Morris Chestnut's wife in the movie coming back? I have not seen her in any of the pictures circulating the net.

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