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TV FAB: Nick Cannon, Christina Milian, Mel B, Ray J & MORE AT The NBC Upfront

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDayeKV7NZCXgTFl.jpg

Nick Cannon, Mel B., Ray J, Christina Milian and other NBC stars came out to promote their upcoming projects for the NBC Upfronts in California yesterday. See the celebs in their springtime best inside....

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDay49vuKSUR-qvl.jpg

Doing his best Morris Day & The Time impersonation, "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon donned THIS outfit for the 2013 NBC Universal Summer Press Day....and had his mirror and mirror guy on hand.  That damn Nick...

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDayT-vwe5SG9WYl.jpg

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDaylnxEmhkhjeDl.jpg

Easter brunch fresh.  Held at Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena, California, Mr. Cannon kicked off the event in his springtime swag complete with an attendant and a cane.

 photo nbccm4.jpg

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDay5DAPrhjHSQfl.jpg

Nick's "AGT" judge Mel B. has already drawn some "boos" from the studio audience during tapings, but we'll give her applause for her red carpet look.

 photo nbccm8.jpg

She added a little springtime "spice" to the event while rocking a body hugging black dress with a center panel of contouring with black and white stripes.  Nice.

 photo nmccm2.jpg

Meanwhile, Cash Money recording artist Christina Milian looked like a doll...who couldn't stop playing in the concealer....as she promoted her gig on "The Voice."

 photo nbccm1.jpg  photo nbccm3.jpg

She looked fab in a lace blue mini dress and nude heels.  Super cute look for her. No more ring though?  Maybe she didn't want to continue to lead her fans on with making them believe she and boyfriend Jas Prince are engaged.

 photo photo96.jpg

Before the red carpet, Christina got her nails and toes pampered, tweeting "Quick pedi w the crew.. Lol".


 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at91536AM.png

Ray J, who's hosting Bad Girls All-Star Battle, walked the red carpet.   This guy...

  photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDayOqfiiHlrWf0l.jpg  

 photo NBCUniversalSummerPressDayCLScfa9ocu4l.jpg 

The reigning Miss USA, Nana Meriwether, looked amazing as well.  Fab times all around.



Photos via  Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images North America




He is too silly, why do men

He is too silly, why do men play Morris day most of the time. I wonder if they have an Italian cook? lmaol
In God We trust's picture

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Mel B's missing hairline and

Mel B's missing hairline and giant forehead......womp
star's picture

Christina's make-up looks a

Christina's make-up looks a mess #IJS
Peace Silas's picture

Let Mariah's Man Be. Mel

Let Mariah's Man Be. Mel Looks Good, I See Ms.Milian Still Trying 2 Stay Relevant.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Why does everyone give Nick a

Why does everyone give Nick a hard time got wearing suits and caring about his appearance??? Smh
Damngirl's picture

Why does everyone give Nick a

Why does everyone give Nick a hard time because he wears suits and cares about his appearance . Smh
Damngirl's picture

mel b legs look like crooked

mel b legs look like crooked stump post. she should always wear long dresses
cassandra29's picture

Hey..has anyone noticed that

Hey..has anyone noticed that Miss USA looks like RHOA Cynthia Bailey or at least Sisters!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Miss USA looks a whole lot

Miss USA looks a whole lot like RHOA's Cynthia Bailey. Cute dress and hair on Christina Milian, but I believe her make-up artist went way too heavy on the banana powder under the eyes! Go ahead Mel B.; I see you girl!
The Real Thing's picture

Nick Cannon look like the

Nick Cannon look like the black Willie Wonka!!! lol he should have wore that suit for Easter.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Nick is a fool for that!!!

Nick is a fool for that!!! LOL I'm so terrified that if I use concealer I'll look like Christina and other celebs....wait....forget it.... I just remembered you're supposed to blend it in. Mel B looks great. Miss USA is gorge!!! She reminds of Cynthia Bailey a little bit.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Yes Miss USA can be pass as

Yes Miss USA can be pass as her sister.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Ok so Nick Cannons suit is a

Ok so Nick Cannons suit is a very peculiar color combo but I guess it works ok. Mel B looks great per her usual. And Christina should just avoid lace at all costs.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

ok so where is Adrienne

ok so where is Adrienne Baillon cuz i know she is there somewhere. must be hiding in the bushes.
shuga's picture

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