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EVENT FAB: Miguel, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera & MORE At The "Time 100 Gala" + Vanessa Williams & Cuba Gooding Jr. At "The Trip To Bountiful" OPENING Night

 photo time-100-gala-2013-6.jpg

The "Time 100" Gala was held last night, honoring Miguel, Frank Ocean, Shonda Rhimes and others who made the list of the world's most influential leaders. View pics from the event inside and see Vanessa Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. on the opening night of "The Trip To Bountiful."

 photo bt4.png

Last night, Frank Ocean (shown atop with Justin Timberlake) was among the celebs who celebrated being chosen for the Time 100 issue, which lists the world's most influential artists, politicans and newsmakers.

 photo bt3.png

Held at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Frank walked the red carpet with his lovely mother Katonya Breaux Riley.

 photo bt9.png

 photo bt1.png

When asked how he felt about being included on the list, Frank told MTV News, "Pretty cool. The whole list is pretty rad, a pretty good assortment of folks. A very varied assortment of human beings in all different spaces and cool, very cool."

 photo bt6.png

 photo bt7.png

Miguel, shown atop with Christina Aguilera, was also on the list of the world's most influential leaders.

 photo bt10.png

As famous folks like actress Amy Poehler celebrated his influence, Miguel told MTV News that he hopes to work with President Obama one day on projects that will influence families and American citizens.  He said, 

"...And I think family is, having a great family, or just two people in the family that help raise a child makes a huge difference on the kind of citizen they become and how competent a citizen they will be. And if there's anything we can do socially, economically or culturally to encourage that or affect that, that's something I'm interested in collaborating for."

 photo bt2.png

Singer Raphael Saadiq, who made the "TIME 100" in 2012, attended the gala with Kim Porter on him arm (not THAT Kim Porter!).

 photo bt5.png    

CBS Early Show anchor Gayle King attended the gala.

 photo bt14.png

"Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes was also on the 2013 TIME 100 list.

 photo bt13.png

Senior Advisor to the POTUS Valerie Jarrett, who also made this year's TIME 100, looked amazing in her flowing blue gown.

Congrats to the honorees.


And over on Broadway......

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyRZtFd6b0uVml.jpg

The cast of "The Trip To Bountiful" celebrated their opening night last night.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyIbLskdpLO7kl.jpg

Emmy award nominee Vanessa Williams stars in the show which opened at Broadway’s Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyUYDmb0vrYb3l.jpg

Vanessa will share the stage with Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyFsQq_TgQzmMl.jpg

Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winning actress Cicely Tyson returns to Broadway, after a 30-year absence, for her exciting role in the play.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyaC4KYaNg_AOl.jpg

Tony-award nominee Condola Rashad, (the daughter of actress Phylicia Rashad and sports broadcaster Ahmad Rashad) also graces the stage.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyRaXMjBZZNcgl.jpg

Former "The Dukes of Hazzard" actor Tony Wopat also stars in the play.

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyXuRYBRqU63ml.jpg

The play is being produced by entertainment mogul Kevin Liles, who walked the red carpet with his lovely wife Erika Liles.  When asked why he chose to produce the play, Kevin said, “I pride myself in always looking for opportunities to share enriching cultural experience with others."

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartySFft9ifMYfrl.jpg

 photo TripBountifulOpeningNightAfterPartyaoGJWEmf6SCl.jpg

Kevin also posed with recording artist Estelle.



Photos via Jamie McCarthy//Robin Marchant/Getty Images North America




Go Gail finally looking

Go Gail finally looking rested and polished!
star's picture

Frank Ocean is so weird...

Frank Ocean is so weird...
cutethatsall56's picture

LOL! I keep thinking the same

LOL! I keep thinking the same thing! I wonder if he suffers from some kind of psychosis. His overall persona is just...strange. He definately suffers from delusions of grandeur though :-)
Burself's picture

Estelle is so under rated.

Estelle is so under rated. She is a GREAT talent and should be at a higher level than rihanna and nicki minaj. Sick of justin timberlake and that suit and tie CRAP Cicely looks a mess The white blood in vanessa williams that helped make her a young beauty, just might turn her into a cartoon character like most white ladies. Gayle looks great. One has to wonder why she has no man LOL maybe the reason is obvious LOL
cassandra29's picture

Nice looking crowd overall .

Nice looking crowd overall . Congratulations to Mr Ocean too.

Estelle continues on her

Estelle continues on her decline I see. WTF is she wearing?!!!. Shonda, I love your work but please give Jeannette Jenkins a call! I thought Frank Ocean was Jamie Foxx in the first picture. My bad!
PacificGirl's picture

When a person knows they have

When a person knows they have the talent and the work ethics, and have to sit around and watch NO TALENTS like frog frank ocean, and no dancing/no singing rihanna and nicki get all the glory it is tiring, and draining. Many of our greats are getting very tired of seeing no talents get all the glory. If I were Estelle I would just go back home to England because America has sunk into the land of low performers and no talents, then they wonder why our kids aren't performing in schools. Why should they when they see lazy undisciplined low performers getting all the shine.
cassandra29's picture

Heaven forbid Frank Ocean

Heaven forbid Frank Ocean should touch Justin's wack a$$. I don't like this album~ well maybe 1 song and it's not that suit and tie crap. Even though he sucks ~ Justin should give acting a second go round. And as for Frank . . . I would've thought being gay ~ he would've chosen a more fabulous moniker than that gov't weiner first name.
GetUrLife's picture

Girl I went out and bought

Girl I went out and bought that JT album and it is some garbage. I dont even listen to it. I do like Justin as a singer and an actor in general.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

In my opinion they're giving

In my opinion they're giving Frank Ocean this award because he announced he was gay (the week his album was released) because his singing is really bad. Seems like publicly embracing homosexuality gets you a pat on the back in the media. Congratulations to Miguel, he actually deserves all the recognition he's getting.
jgraves58's picture

i'm so sick of the GOVT

i'm so sick of the GOVT forcing these no talents down our throat for political reasons. it aint stopping hate any way.
cassandra29's picture

Is Frank Ocean trying to look

Is Frank Ocean trying to look like a f**king creep in every pic he takes or is that just how he looks? He's a handsome man but the facial expressions on that kid are so disturbing.
Mouse's picture

Love Vanessa Williams

Love Vanessa Williams always...haven't seen her in a while she has aged significantly but still gorgeous and radiant !
Crystalalonso's picture

Yes, she's 50 now...but her

Yes, she's 50 now...but her aging seemed to occur over night.
C2C's picture

Cicely Tyson has been 70

Cicely Tyson has been 70 years old for the last 30 years. I adore Miguel.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

What is going on with Ms.

What is going on with Ms. Estelle's hair? Lol...no no no boo..
Prettygrlmika's picture

ugh...Estelle always look so

ugh...Estelle always look so tired-like she's recovering from a stroke. I really loved American Boy...but now she looks like she could be Dawn Richard's mother. :/


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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