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EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton REVEALS Her "BLUEPRINT" For Child Rearing, How Pregnancy FEELS, And What She CRAVES

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TheYBF.com caught up with Tamar Braxton on the set of her upcoming video "The One", where she dished on being named one of the best dressed pregnant women, what she's craving and how she plans to raise her child. Find out what she said inside....

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While shooting the video to her follow-up single "The One", Tamar Braxton, who hit it big with "Love And War",  "delivered" an exclusive interview to TheYBF.com's correspondent Lauren Smith  where she shared her candid feelings about being pregnant, what she's wearing, what she's eating and if she's packed a bag for the hospital!  She also revealed a "few" deets about her upcoming album. Here are the highlights:

On what it "feels" like to be pregnant:

I don't think any pregnancy is easy...people don't talk about that a lot. Everybody's like omg it's a gift, it's a blessing...it is! But it sucks!

On being named one of "Best Dressed Expectant Mothers":

I just dress to my liking. It's nothing that I'm doing purposely. Right now, I refuse to wear maternity clothes. You go through a bit of denial. I just think there are other things to wear rather than big t-shirts and clothes that make you feel unflattering. When you're pregnant, you want to feel as sexy as you can....and that is my goal!

On who she's wearing:

I call it my "maternity" McQueen...because a lot of his things are stretchy. A lot of BCBG. I refuse to wear anything uncomfortable.

On her cravings:

I still like sweet stuff. I'm like greedy Gonzales now (and she still loves Dunkin Donuts apple fritters).

On what she will take to the hospital:

It won't be anything high fashion...it will all be comfortable clothes. (And she hasn't packed a baby bag yet!)

On how she will raise her child:

I think if I follow her blueprint (her mom Evelyn) I'll be alright. My parents did a great job raising us. We've grown up to respect our parents and respect others. We get into little tiffs but we always make up. Those are the values I'd like to instill in my child.

On her next single:

This single...I love it so much. It's a throwback single...it's one of those summertime anthems.  As so as you hear it....you'll love it.

On her leading man:

He's yummy right? He's kind of yummy in a creepy way cause he looks like my brother and my brother's son.

On her album:

My album comes out soon. It's done. It's ready. (She doesn't want to give a date because it keep s changing).

On who she's listening to:

Fantasia, Kelly Rowland, and Miguel 


Check out a few flicks from the set:

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 photo ybtama1.jpg 

Tamar posed with director Gil Green who's helming "The One."

  photo tv1.jpg

And her husband/manager Vincent Herbert was right by her side....like velcro.

 photo tk5.jpg

 photo tk3.jpg

And Tamar was right....her leading man is yummy!



Photos via PCN/TheYBF.com 




I love the photo with the

I love the photo with the slippers....that's being down-to-earth right there.
Blvdjewel's picture

Tamar looks so cute in her

Tamar looks so cute in her overalls! =) Her lead man is yummy too! <3
AyAy's picture

I don't think any maternity

I don't think any maternity is simple...people don't discuss that a lot. Every person's like omg it's a present, it's a advantage...it is! But it sucks! http://answers.webmd.com/answers/5013423/if-i-cannot-afford-tubal-ligati...
terrijhon's picture

Why are you guys comparing

Why are you guys comparing this girl's materity wardrobe to Kim K's and Beyonce's??? This is a video shoot!!! This was picked out for the video!! You know we have seen Tamar in high heels and tight dresses her whole pregnancy. I'm not saying anything is wrong with it but she's no different from the other two when it comes to letting go of high fashion!
Mama Mia's picture


shuga's picture

I dont know how kanye fell

I dont know how kanye fell into that kris jenner con. What was he thinking? The baby is not even here and kim already hating on it. I have never known a white woman who loves a black child unless white money or black d8ck comes with it. They usually treat the kid like dirt when the money aint right, and the d8ck takes flight. Poor Kanye. He'll be broke fighting for custody OR when they're done using that kid to pick his pocket. IF it is even his. She was married to that other guy. It might be his. He better get a DNA test.
cassandra29's picture

Towana and Tony are my

Towana and Tony are my absolute faves of the sisters. I dont know how Tamar and Vince got a show. I have never saw a husband so mean and disrespectful to his wife as Vince. He doesnt seem to like her at all. It shows in his eyes, demeanor and everything about him. It is hard to believe they had sex. You never see them really kiss or embrace. But why should she when his trap is open all the time to catch flies, I guess. I dont know why these 2 are married. The stress she causes him is shortening his life. I like her record though. It is a sad world when the great Toni Braxton records are not selling, but if they are requiring black people to have ipads and iphones to qualify for purchase then, that explains why many of our Greats are failing to sell music.
cassandra29's picture

Awww, Tamar looks adorable as

Awww, Tamar looks adorable as a pregnant woman! haha
C2C's picture

Did you know Afro-American

Did you know Afro-American women are more prone into having babies than Caucasian women because of the pelvis bone. Just thought I throw some eja-ma-cation on you. lol Due child bearing hips. What!!!
In God We trust's picture

girl what dahell u talkin

girl what dahell u talkin bout now???
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Now lets see if she gets the

Now lets see if she gets the same backlash that Kim K got for being honest and saying that pregnancy was not this great thing. I bet she won't because it's all personal when it comes to Kim. Sad!!! I like Tamar's honesty. Different women have different pregnancies, it's not all peaches, in some cases it's pure misery but the end result is still the same a blessing.
kayla1010's picture

Kim is just having nightmares

Kim is just having nightmares that the baby will look like Kanye's mother LOL
cassandra29's picture

lol!!! yikes!!

lol!!! yikes!!
shuga's picture

sour apple blow pops are my

sour apple blow pops are my weakness! look at the yummy pink gum showing thru, thats when its time to bite it! *drool*
shuga's picture

Tamar and that raggedy

Tamar and that raggedy looking weave/wig. Ewwww!! and Vince--- whatever!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Tamar is the cutest pregnant

Tamar is the cutest pregnant women I seen thus far. Her overalls are comfy and cute!! I like how real she was in this interview, can't wait for her album to come out. I'm not a fan of plastic surgery but I know for a fact a couple of the Braxton sisters got a nose job and Tamar's doctor messed up and made her nose crooked. Did everyone see Papa Braxton's huge nose on the show....O.O i mean its huge, i would be tempted to get a nose job too. geeez
sexybrownpyt's picture

Tamar looks so adorable in

Tamar looks so adorable in her jumper!! Kim K take notes!
cutethatsall56's picture

Tamar looks so cute. I want

Tamar looks so cute. I want to have a baby now.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Jesus isnt into Preggy Sex or

Jesus isnt into Preggy Sex or ButtHole Sex...but he'd Mouth Pump her non stop these last few months of Preggy!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You are detestable

You are detestable
Peace Silas's picture

i thought muppets had puppets

i thought muppets had puppets
lola69's picture

Hollering laughing! Funny as

Hollering laughing! Funny as heck LMBO!
I_love_laughing's picture

This fake faced heifer needs

This fake faced heifer needs to just go sit down somewhere.
Realist's picture

Beyonce see you could have

Beyonce see you could have been like Tamar but you choose to make a mockery of real pregnant women.
TeaNicole's picture

Real pregnant women???

Real pregnant women??? Beyonce wasn't a real pregnant woman? Eventhough she had HUGE breast, swollen ankles, and HUGE breasts?? And don't forget the big stomach!
Mama Mia's picture

She making pregnancy look

She making pregnancy look well, Kim Kardashian please look and learn.
TeaNicole's picture

Tamar is a beautiful pregnant

Tamar is a beautiful pregnant woman! Pregnancy is no joke, but she looks wonderful and effortlessly chic.
SweetDivaT's picture

Jesus took a ScreenShot of

Jesus took a ScreenShot of that pic so he can use it later!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jesus wishes his Dong was

Jesus wishes his Dong was that Sucker!!!!!!!!! She look good Preggo too!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Come on out the closet. lol

Come on out the closet. lol Lisa
In God We trust's picture

I have grown to like Tamar &

I have grown to like Tamar & I like her music-and she seems to be comfortable & genuinely HAPPY with her pregnancy: as opposed to Kim K, always wearing black & squeezing into the wrong clothes. Since Braxton Family Values started, I can also see how Tamar GENUINELY fell for Vince. He's not ugly-just big; he treats her well but also straightens her out when necessary. The money doesn't hurt of course but I think they're better than that. I don't think he's her velcro-as opposed to all of her other sisters' despondent, broke & cheatin-ass husbands.

co-sign girl.

co-sign girl.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


****WELL SAID, GODIVA-DIVA!!! I been saying the exact same thing!***
shylibra's picture

Yeah Tamar has put on some

Yeah Tamar has put on some weight but looking good with it like my fiancé is...gotta love a beautiful black woman!! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stuff too
V's picture

Tamar is looking great

Tamar is looking great pregnant. Give Kim K some pointers please!
The Real Thing's picture

Tamar looks cute and looks

Tamar looks cute and looks like she's embracing, rather fighting the beautiful changes her body is going through. Luv her sensible take on what she'll be taking to the hospital.
GetUrLife's picture

Maybe it's just me, but I

Maybe it's just me, but I always find it so awkward when the supporting actor in a video is so much better looking than the real significant other of the artist ... Beyonce did it in "Best Thing I Never Had" and Tamar has done it twice now -- It's like a not-so-subtle way of saying, "Yeah I'm with you but this is what I'm actually attracted to."
Girl's picture

The only thing she's the

The only thing she's the blueprint for is what not to do to your face so it doesn't look like a muppet. Black women need to be called out for all of that unnecessary plastic surgery cause it looks majorly fucked up!!!
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Still not a fan of all the

Still not a fan of all the plastic surgery she's gotten but she looks great! Her pregnancy is really wearing well on her! unlike Kim K who's body is filled with injections and implants, her pregnancy just makes her look really lumpy. But Tamar is doing it and Kim should take NOTE! Good for you Tamar!
montycarlo105's picture

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