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Rhianna dined out with friends in NYC last night.  See the candids inside as well as pics of Chris Brown's customized Lamborghini.

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Last night, Rihanna was snapped leaving dinner at Phillipe Chow's restaurant in NYC.

 photo grenh1.jpg 

After dinner, she and her pals headed out to Greenhouse Nightclub, the same bar where Chris Brown and Drake brawled a few months ago.


And while Rihanna was partying in NYC......

 photo lamb35.jpg

Chris Brown was tearing down the streets of LA in his customized Lamborghini courtesy of West Coast Customs' Ryan (shown above).

  photo bluey1.jpg 

Chris debuted his new color paint job last night when he arrived at the Supperclub.  He partied until 3am with some of his celebrity friends and tweeted, "Love LA!!! #SUPPERCLUBTUESDAYS turn up was real tonight @wizkhalifa @Tyga @TheRealTank @NeYoCompound #0HB!!! Have fun wit ya life."



Sunday night, Rihanna was spotted at King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami where she reportedly spend $8,000.  That's how you "Pour it up, Pour it up"!



Photos via Splash/Twitter 




Rih looks pretty, as usual.

Rih looks pretty, as usual. And it looks like she was havin fun makin it rain on that stripper. That skripper was workin it, because she knew Rihanna was tippin lolol I know ppl are going to probably talk crap, but so what. She is a young girl having fun! Let her live..And Breezy's Lambo looks nice, as well..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Headquarters got that skirt

Headquarters got that skirt pulled a lil too high but im diggin the shoes .. Anyhoo It takes a true ***** to cheapen a gotz dam Lamborghini!!! Smhlol...*sigh n' sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Rihanna is a tacky dresser.

Rihanna is a tacky dresser. Chris Brown really doesn't have anything better to do than de-valuing one of the worlds most expensive cars.
jgraves58's picture

maybe that just part of her

maybe that just part of her appearance fee. you know these celeb get money to show up at a club. i don't think rihanna would travel with that much cash she went their with empty hands not even a pocket book. that girl never buy a car of her own. she got 2 cars and they were bought by Jay z . so i don't see her using her money doing this shit .
xedos's picture

how would you know all this

how would you know all this about someone you have never met? She goes to strip clubs more than the average man, and there aint nothing in there but leeches looking for woman azz and puzzy
cassandra29's picture

Jesus would force RiRi to

Jesus would force RiRi to marry him just for her LEGS....and that car is sooo ugly, Jesus would have to crash it after driving it.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I still have no idea why a

I still have no idea why a woman would enjoy being in a strip club. Let alone spend money there. Can someone enlighten me?
CheyPie's picture

@CheyPie ~ the music is

@CheyPie ~ the music is always hot ~ you can play pool, the girls are down to earth ~ it's not as gross as you may think. There are a few d*ck heads who act like they've never seen a$$ or p*ssy, but otherwise it's a chill environment. It also mixes it up for you and your man. Try it once, but it's not for everybody [Side note: I have 6 brothers ~ so my mindset is not like a "normal" female) ~ ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

you mean it mixes it up for

you mean it mixes it up for her and her man Melissa that she holds hands with, makes kissy face, and sleeps with every night. chris brown was nothing but a Beard. she proved she hated him when she wouldnt let the feud die
cassandra29's picture

because its fun. because the

because its fun. because the women are beautiful and talented and even if you dont have a sexual attraction to them you may still be able to appreciate the aesthetic value. ppl like what they like. you cant explain why chocolate tastes good to some ppl and why some ppl prefer other candy. personal taste is just that.....personal. so far, Ive never gone with a man only with my other female friends. as women we big each other up in every other way, so why not this way if you dont see nudity and sexuality in a negative light. I love seeing them put that work in. IN MY OPINION, its no different from seeing the body streched to new lengths at an alvin ailey show. PERSONALLY, i love seeing black ppl (more specifically black women) doing their thang. you never hear about any fights at the strip club because everybody came to chill and have fun. and at least i know that any man I may meet there (altho I never have) wont be sexually repressed. Im a good time girl and I like good time dudes. Thats what its all about----a good ass time (pun intended). no need to make it more complicated than it really is.
shuga's picture

Hmm...to each his own I

Hmm...to each his own I guess. I'd probably have to experience a strip club (and I doubt I ever will) to understand what you mean. Maybe I'm just a prude. But despite how confident these women may feel, I always feel sad for women whose main source of income comes from showing their behinds every night. It's degrading. But again, to each his own.
CheyPie's picture

Ummmmmm... "its no different

Ummmmmm... "its no different from seeing the body streched to new lengths at an alvin ailey show". Not so much!!! Alivin Ailey dance company does expressions of art and emotion through dance. THEM HOES AT K.O.D's ARE JUST SELLING ASS AND WET DREAMS. But I get where you were trying to go with it. See you in Perfections!
WallStreetWilli's picture

thats why I put "IN MY

thats why I put "IN MY OPINION" in caps because for me the AA show and the girls at Sin City have a lot in common. its perfectly fine if your opinion differs from mine.
shuga's picture

Well put...that was perfect

Well put...that was perfect
Prettygrlmika's picture

one minute you claim that

one minute you claim that real women go to strip clubs and the next you're talking meeting a man not sexually repressed who will engage in a 3 way with lesbuns LOL
cassandra29's picture

I never claimed "real women"

I never claimed "real women" go to strip clubs because I would never make an allegation about what constitutes a real woman. I dam sure never said anything about a 3 way with "lesbuns". As a matter of fact I mentioned being able to appreciate someone WITHOUT being sexually attracted to them. you seem fascinated with lesbianism......not that there's anything wrong with that but your issue isnt with me, Rihanna or strippers.
shuga's picture

your attempt to turn the

your attempt to turn the tables aint working. LOL no one cares if I'm a lesbun or not, but everyone knows real women dont have women simulating oral sex with them in their shows LOL
cassandra29's picture

simulating oral sex???

simulating oral sex??? either you are very naive or an excellent troll....lol. thats the other difference btw male and female strippers--only male strippers pick you up, flip you over and do all sorts of outlandish shit to you. in my experience, female strippers dont do that. but you right about one thing, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU. so we finally agree. lol!
shuga's picture

@shuga ~ in a nutshell ~

@shuga ~ in a nutshell ~ you're explanation says it best.
GetUrLife's picture

in a nutshell, real women

in a nutshell, real women dont have lesbuns simulating sex with them in their stage act
cassandra29's picture

@cassandra29 ~ in a nutshell

@cassandra29 ~ in a nutshell real women are secure enough with themselves to not even care either way.
GetUrLife's picture

If rihanna is a REAL woman

If rihanna is a REAL woman and not a closet lesbun, who is as easy to see through as all those pics she takes, why does she spend all her time stalking and sweating and watching everything the beautiful sexy ciara does, and why does she spend the rest of her time trying to get chris brown to commit suicide. Only lesbuns hate men to that extent. Other women forgive and move on.
cassandra29's picture

I personally don't like

I personally don't like either, but according to friends most of the male strippers are gay, so why not go see real women instead....lol. I don't know. Baffles me too. But maybe they trying to help a sistah out or something.
JewelryLover's picture

d8ck is d8ck. real women want

d8ck is d8ck. real women want to see d8ck and real women dont hump on other women in broad daylight at carnival for all the world to see, so you need to stop lieing. What are we supposed to believe your lieing tongue, or what we see plain as day. there is no trend, except lesbuns going to strip clubs because they like women and not men.
cassandra29's picture

I am also baffled at this

I am also baffled at this trend ....there are male strip clubs out there for women ...but due to rappers glorifying strippers.....women especially black women seem to think is cool to be in these places...why would you join men to debase your fellow woman?...some even believe that if your 'down' with your man or follow him to strip clubs that he wont cheat on you and treat you better...which is the biggest lie sold to the black woman...Rihanna is doing all this for attention its bad now that the media have started referring to her as the 'bisexual singer'...smh ...if she really wants to be hard she should go to male strip clubs...
HAPPY's picture

and she vacations with all

and she vacations with all lesbun women for attention to. LOL yeah right
cassandra29's picture

Riri going to this strip club

Riri going to this strip club is as act for attention...roll eyes..she tries so hard to be "cool" and relevant. If she was in a healthy state, dropping 8 grand at a strip club would be the last thing on her mind. Chris brown's paint job look childish, only a 3-5 year-old would love.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Article says she SPENT $8000,

Article says she SPENT $8000, not that she gave a stripper that much. It was probably for drinks, food, etc.
srenitamoore's picture

she aint paying all that just

she aint paying all that just for a dance that's 4 sure. she's getting more than that out of it.
cassandra29's picture


MsMidwest's picture

That Lamborghini looks cheap

That Lamborghini looks cheap as hell, like a toy car. All those colors, WOW, SMH.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

and we're supposed to believe

and we're supposed to believe a woman who touches other womens behinds and looks at puzzy every chance she gets, IS STRAIGHT????
cassandra29's picture

That car is DOPE!

That car is DOPE!
sexe757's picture

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This post was fabulous

This post was fabulous
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