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FASHION DIVAS: Beyonce STANDS IN THE SUN For Brand New H&M Commercial + A$AP Rocky GOES YACHTING For "GQ", Explains His "F*CK IT" Life Philosphy

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Beyonce previews her "Standing In The Sun" song in her new H&M ad. Watch the commercial inside and see A$AP Rocky give his philosophy about life and things he doesn't understand in the May issue of GQ.


In her latest ad campaign for H&M, Beyonce treats her fans to a preview of her song "Standing In The Sun" written by Sia and Greg Kurstin.  

While starring as "Mrs. Carter" in the Jonas Akerlund-directed video, Bey models several bikinis as her banging bronzed bod get kissed by the sunlight.  Grab your fedoras and bikinis because it's about to get fabulously tropical.

Watch the new commerical here:



  photo tumblr_mlsv9zteU71qibewgo1_500.jpg

Beyonce posed with Salma Hayek (who partnered with her and Gucci for the "Chime For Change" Global Initiative) backstage at her Paris concert last night.


And on magazine racks.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-25at84131AM.png

Controversial rapper A$AP Rocky, who's currently trekking it with Rihanna on her Diamonds World Tour, modeled a few choice pieces for summer 2013 in the May issue of GQ.  The cocky fashion divo rapper, who commonly describes himself as "pretty", told the mag, "I wanted to model when I was younger. I was always into clothes and shit."  

He also gave an arrogant shout-out to menswear blogs who post pictures of him.  "I'm the man on those things. I don't really look at them. Well, I guess I do, but only when I'm looking at myself. I inspire me."

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-25at84148AM.png

We wonder if he was offended that the stylist for the shoot paired him with a brown skinned girl wearing pinkish red lipstick.  You know how A$AP feels about the brown girls and those color lipsticks.   

Also, he gave a charming interview to GQ where he said anytime he doesn't understand something in life, his philosophy is to just say "F*ck It." Let's all follow him on Twitter and Instagram so we can stay inspired.  But all jokes aside, we're loving A$AP's music.  Dude is talented.


First Picture (Sweater by Ralph Lauren Purple Label / Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren / Belt by Louis Vuitton / Cap by Stampd Los Angeles. Bracelets by Miansai / Necklace by Gucci)

Second Picture (Jacket by Tom Ford / Sweater and shorts by Gant Rugger / Sneakers by Vault by Vans / Rings by Cartier / Watch by Rolex. Cap by Stampd Los Angeles / Towel by Hermès)


Watch BTS footage from the shoot and A$AP's "F*ck It" philosophy:


GQ Video/Photos via Jim Dzuira/Ben Watts



I dont like that beyonce

I dont like that beyonce commercial. She looks beautiful, but i think it wouldve been sexier without her singing. Just there looking pretty with the music but no words. Its just too much. And i dont like that side part blonde wig she been wearing since 2006. She only wears it in commercials and ads. The part is too far on the side and the hair is unlayered and just flat. She can do better hair than that. And how she go from blonde hair to black hair in the same commercial?? I still love her but im realizing shes not as creative as i thought. Great businesswoman though. Talented, Just lacking a creative side...
Supermodel01's picture

wow that's some

wow that's some synopsis......lol
star's picture

That's a gorgeous pic with

That's a gorgeous pic with Bey & Salma.
Realist's picture

She's gorgeous with a body to

She's gorgeous with a body to match and that black hair looks so good on her.
I_love_laughing's picture

She looks beautiful as

She looks beautiful as always. But the video seems a little overkill for a commercial. I could see myself getting annoyed if this popped up every time I watched tv. But to each his own. I do love a lot of the commercials some of these NBA players have lately. Like Blake Griffin with Kia & Chris with State Farm. Those are cute :)
CheyPie's picture

Alright all u bum azz hatin

Alright all u bum azz hatin pigeons...get in here and bump Mrs. Carter's blog hits with your tired azz rants
TrueThinker's picture

Asap is handsome...he just

Asap is handsome...he just needs to cut that ultra perm out his head. Beyonce is Gorge without makeup!!!!
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

I don't know what she selling

I don't know what she selling for H&M..BUT I WANNA BUY IT..HELLO! That commercial is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT f**k what you HEARD!!!!!!! O yea and I want them earrings bey ROCKN in that black swimsuit...they are DOPEEEEEEEE!
MsMidwest's picture

Salma Hayek has always been

Salma Hayek has always been so beautiful to me. She should have made the 100 list.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Beyonce is gorg and just a

Beyonce is gorg and just a natural beauty.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Loved the commercial and love

Loved the commercial and love Bey!

Notice they didn't show her

Notice they didn't show her very average butt with just the 2 piece only with the pads in the dress. Love her earrings they match her wig well.
TeaNicole's picture

asap rocky is a joke

asap rocky is a joke
ZenLea's picture

Her body is not good enough

Her body is not good enough for modeling and no one is going to wear them cheap clothes. Rihanna would have looked better in that bikini. Her hips too big, and her stomach looks pouchy.
cassandra29's picture

ASAP Rocky is not cute in the

ASAP Rocky is not cute in the leastand he cannot sing/rap or whateve he does. lol!! Beyonce looks pretty in the video, her skin is glowing. so much hatred on this blog as usual. LOL!!
sweetpea1989's picture

The video was pretty. And she

The video was pretty. And she looked great! But there's not way she had a baby with the stomach unless she got lipo or something because her skin is SUPER tight and so is her stomach...no stretch marks. So either she got that ish lasered off OR she got some kind of surgery #trust
montycarlo105's picture

I'm not trying to be rude,

I'm not trying to be rude, but I have 2 kids and no one could ever tell by looking at my stomach. And, all I do is jog 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week. If you live by the motto "eat less, move more" you would be surprised how nice your body can look! And, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep. Obviously I know I'm blessed with good genes, but I HATE when women think spitting out 1 freakin' kid means it's ok to be 300 pounds for the rest of their lives!!
lalarey's picture

Totally agree with your

Totally agree with your comment!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

dont cast your pearls before

dont cast your pearls before swine. the ppl that have decided to hate bey will hate her and there is nothing you can do about it.
shuga's picture

Go Beyonce!! Continuing to do

Go Beyonce!! Continuing to do big things while the miserable crabs sittin around hating.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Pretty much. The time

Pretty much. The time invested in hating her should be spent doing something constructive with their lives.
Mrs_B_35's picture

ZERO booty <----- any pic u

ZERO booty <----- any pic u see of her with a booty FAKE or she wears Padded Shorts!!!!!!! PHONY BITCH!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture


ahsikal78's picture

UM...ASAP ROCKY pretty???

UM...ASAP ROCKY pretty??? 0___0 LMAO now that's funny!!! I guess his cockiness fulfills his insecurities. Love Beyonce's commercial, she looks great in both blonde & black lace fronts. That commercial just made me thirsty for H20 -gets up and grabs water bottle. H&M have some great pieces.
sexybrownpyt's picture

H&M commercial or a Bey

H&M commercial or a Bey video?........and does she think those fake ass hips in that tye dye swimsuit is unnoticeable? ......and the way she's looking while sitting in that chair.....how stupid does she look? smh..
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LoL!! Yea tryin way too hard

LoL!! Yea tryin way too hard to be sexy all that unnecessary panting, swaying, and tootin on her dam tippy toes! Lol and yes indeed extra ridiculous in that chair..chile I bust out laughing it just looked so unnatural!! Smhlol...*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Extra ridiculous and

Extra ridiculous and unnatural......Yep that's Bey for ya.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

girl, you know you love you

girl, you know you love you some Beyonce....lol....gone and admit it.
shuga's picture

Nope, not at all.

Nope, not at all.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

You better work B!!!!!!!!

You better work B!!!!!!!! Love the pic of you and Salma too!
cutethatsall56's picture

white men will love the

white men will love the video.
wildlife's picture

This is nothing more than a

This is nothing more than a 2013 "Baby Boy" video. She needs a new creative team cause everything she does now is *yawn*.

OH emm gee I was thinking the

OH emm gee I was thinking the same thing! It reminds me of baby boy but 2013. Im a Bey fan, but she is getting boring creatively. The music is yawn, commercials, tours....everything seems the same. She needs to get some perspective and inspiration. I would thnk that after a baby and all the world travel, she would be inspired to do something different.
Supermodel01's picture

that pic of ASAP in the blue

that pic of ASAP in the blue and white is NOT the business. lol!! them knobby knees tho. he reminds me of scott disick.....not gay but so vain that he would jerk off to himself (scott's words, not mine). but kudos to him for venturing outside the box and expanding his horizons.
shuga's picture

you are dellusional just like

you are dellusional just like the Carters
lola69's picture

Enough. over exposed where

Enough. over exposed where they are now on everyone's last nerve. don't teach your daughers to not value education and sell your body to the highest bidder
lola69's picture

Beyonce can do no wrong in my

Beyonce can do no wrong in my eyes. Shawn carter is a lucky mofo! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

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