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Lauren London SITS PRETTY For JET Mag, Rails Folks For Constantly Asking About Her Relationship With Lil Wayne's Other Children's Mothers

 photo laurenlondonjet_zpse7c816bb.jpg

Lauren London is back in the mix with her new leading role on BET's "The Game" and her seemingly positive relationships with her famous ex's other children & their moms.  Check out the fab chick's new cover, and why she's tired of the constant questions about her son's siblings...

In a brand new photoshoot showing off that gorge face we've loved since the movie ATL and a plush white off the shoulder sweater, 28-year-old Lauren London is the latest face of JET® Magazine.  And in the upcoming issue, the single mom gets personal and keeps it all the way real as she gives the inside scoop on how she balances a hot career and co-parenting with her famous ex—Lil Wayne

Chick also made sure to set the record straight on all the rumors surrounding her personal life and explains why she’ll never compromise herself (or her son) for fame. Here's a few excerpts from the issue that hits newsstands April 29th:

On having a positive relationship with Lil Wayne's other children & their moms
“People like to make it into this big thing, but it’s really not. There’s peace and love and my son knows his siblings. We all get along. We all clearly keep getting along. I’m tired of talking about it. What else do you want me to say?”

On addressing the many rumors surrounding her:
“I’m very blunt and honest. I have a very loyal heart. If I love you, I ride for you if I don’t f*** with you, I don’t f*** with you…If you want the truth, call me.”

Also in this issue--a preview of the trendiest swimsuit styles for him and her, an extensive guide to the hottest summer tours of 2013, featuring Beyoncé and Boyz II Men, and Iron Man 3 star Don Cheadle dishes on his questionable dance skills.  Ha!




Hold on. Is she getting upset

Hold on. Is she getting upset because people are asking her about having a child with Lil Wayne? Wasn't that the name of the game? I mean, if Wayne was broke and looked the way he does now, with the amount of kids he had when they met, would she have still had his child? Heck no. She did it because it was LIL WAYNE. That's why they say, "Watch what you wish for". Don't be upset with the general public because you are out here looking like a fool.
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For real

For real
charchar's picture

Wow all I can say is wow!

Wow all I can say is wow! People make mistakes however if people think that fathering loads of baby's from different woman paying your way but doing, drugs and getting arrested means ur a good dad the world is doomed lol smh
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I feel the way most of the

I feel the way most of the you feel, but maybe not as harsh..I am still a fan but she does not seem to be the same..I fell in love with her when she was doing videos with pharrell, when I first saw her on those Videos I wanted to read about her and find out who she was, I saw a star in the making then she seemed to have lost something, something in her eyes is not the same. I still think she is going to be OK though

Sorry Lauren, but thats

Sorry Lauren, but thats really the only interesting thing about you. If you want attention for other things then do OTHER THINGS. should be grateful that you even got a cover albeit Jet magazine that only old ppl read on the toilet.
shuga's picture

Sorry but LL was on the come

Sorry but LL was on the come up before she did what she did and something has DEFINITELY been taken out of her since she became a baby mama, people don't respect her or have a lot of interest in her. All she had to do was to keep on plugging and she would have made it the self respectfull way! LL should have keep using the the half jew card or part jew card and she would have kept getting gigs like Zoe Kravitz , Drake, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones and even getting a lead tv show like Tracey Ellis Ross had! Instead of being on the Game which I don't watch, LL would be in Movies not a LOUSY BET show! LL chose a steady check over a better career and finding someone who could have loved, married and then created a kid with, I know she loves her kid but was it really worth it?
Shay's picture

Girl you already comprise.

Girl you already comprise. You sleep with a gremlin
xedos's picture

Lauren looks gorgeous, and I

Lauren looks gorgeous, and I loved her in ATL. I dont see the need to ask her about Wayne every second either. Hell, sometimes I forget that she is even his BM until ppl bring it up. She clearly knows that Weezy isnt the person that she should be with since they arent together anymore. Who cares who she chooses to have sex with, she's only here to act for us. Her cooter shouldnt be our concern..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I'm sorry, she may be pretty,

I'm sorry, she may be pretty, but she can definitely not act. She has next to no range of emotion. I've tried watching her in several different projects and it just all comes out the same to me. Really not seeing what the big deal is about her beyond who she got pregnant by...
mimie42859's picture

Pretty girl. but, she kind of

Pretty girl. but, she kind of downgraded herself big time by hooking up with dude which obviously showed her self-esteem was low at the time because she could have had pretty much anyone she wanted.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

The Reason Peeps Are Curios

The Reason Peeps Are Curios Is That You Are A Grown Woman Lauren And You Know How Not To Get Pregnant, Unless It Was Accidental. (Condom Breaks). But It Seems As Though She Got Pregnant On Purpose. IMO
Keyths'Girl's picture

Wow all this ignorant hate

Wow all this ignorant hate for the AMAZING REAL MAN that is Lil Wayne. Anytime a man is man enough to make sure all of his children, in and out of wedlock, feel equally loved and cared for he is a TRUE man. If these womens' children were not being equally loved by their father there would be all kinds of hate and jealousy amongst the mothers and siblings. So all of you low life, low performers who arent qualified to build an empire or a great family keep on with your ignorant jealousy because you're not hurting lil wayne and his lovely family. God Bless Lil Wayne, and his family. Wayne is a role model on how to love. Unlike ignorant Michael Jordan who disowns his son and doesnt want to provide for him. Unlike ignorant Dwayne Wade who'd rather feed lawyers than the woman who laid down her life to give him his children. Unlike ignorant Dion Sanders who wants his children to have to go to the ghetto and dodge bullets when they go visit their penniless mother. Unlike ignorant Usher who has so much repenting to do. I could go on and on. Wayne has never hurt anyone. He is a hero.
cassandra29's picture

I cannot get over Cassandra29

I cannot get over Cassandra29 - calling lil Looney tunes an amazing real man..... girl stop. Real men don't bounce so much that they have 2 women pregnant simultaneously. Who hurt you girl - we're yo girls, don't you know that we lub you (in my Destiny's Child voice).... (>_<)

I never said he is perfect,

I never said he is perfect, but I stand by my assessment that he is a GOOD man, not a PERFECT man. THE EVIDENCE THAT HE IS A GOOD MAN IS CLEAR FOR ANYONE TO SEE. HE WILLINGLY SUPPORTS HIS CHILDREN TO THE SATISFACTION OF ALL THE MOTHERS. HIS CHILDREN KNOW EACH OTHER AND LOVE EACH OTHER. HE GATHERS THEM ALL TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. The fact that he has many baby's mother is a testament to the fact that WOMEN CHOOSE TO HAVE HIS BABIES, AND NOT ABORT THEM. What should the world believe about him? Your stupid opinions based on some internet talk, or the EVIDENCE from the people involved. A MAN'S PRIMARY JOB IS TO PROVIDE and any time a man does that WILLINGLY for women who had no close relationship to him when they became pregnant, he is a GOOD man. Let's see if your baby daddy does half as good. Being a good father has nothing to do with a man's sex life. You think that being faithful to a woman has something to do with the quality of the father, and it DOES NOT. You need that quality in your baby's father because it IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR INSECURITIES, NOT HIS ABILITY TO FATHER. And yes, good men sometimes go to jail. Wayne hasn't raped anyone or murdered anyone. His charges are all minor stuff. Taking cough syrup is not a crime.
cassandra29's picture

Girl stop. You sound

Girl stop. You sound intellectually impaired and DEFINITELY one who will settle. By the by - I don't have a baby Daddy, he's my husband & he was for 7 years BEFORE we made our 3 babies. Nuff said.

0_o not sure if serious

0_o not sure if serious
shuga's picture

Chile, you have a lot to

Chile, you have a lot to learn. A GOOD dad does NOT go to jail for 8 months on gun charges. A GOOD dad does not party, drink codeine, smoke weed, talk about women in a misogynistic way. A GOOD dad does NOT have 5 children by 5 different women. A GOOD dad spends as MUCH time as he can with all of his children. The only time you see wayne with his kids in on their birthdays. This man is FAR from being a role model. All that ninja is doing is writing checks to all 5 baby mommas each month. And guess what? They aren't complaining.
montycarlo105's picture

You are the one with a lot to

You are the one with a lot to learn LOL Good dads go to jail all the time. Jesse Jackson Jr is going soon. He might be a thief, but I bet he is a good dad. A good dad sometimes smoke weed. Smoking weed is not a crime in many states now. Drinking cough syrup is not a crime. It is not cocaine or heroin. Talk is CHEAP. Actions are what matter. Wayne's ACTION say I love women. I take care of them and my children without being forced to like Michael Jordan, who you probably think is a good man. If the mothers say he is a good dad, who the hell r u to question it. Mothers are NOT happy if their children aren't happy. And you said all he does is write checks LOL LOL IF EVERY NEGRO MAN IN AMERICA WOULD WRITE A CHECK WILLINGLY, I TELL YOU, LITTLE YOUNG MISSY, THAT MOST OF THE BLACK CHILDREN IN AMERICA WOULD BE A OK. wOW! IF YOU R LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET A BABY DADDY LIKE LIL WAYNE YOU WOULD HAVE IT MADE LIKE LAUREN. HER CHILD WANTS FOR NOTHING.
cassandra29's picture

So go live happily ever after

So go live happily ever after with you jail hopping, thieving, weed tokin', just write a check for lil mama men! I'll continue to feel sorry for yah! Couldn't respond sooner, I was being spoiled by my HUSBAND!

He takes care of his kids and

He takes care of his kids and makes them feel loved which is great. However that is what he is supposed to do. An "amazing real man" would have been responsible and used protection while he was bedding all those women at the same time so he wouldn't have his seed spread all over! After Reginae, he should have wrapped it up and waited till marriage or at least a long-term relationship so that he wouldn't have all those baby-mamas all over the United States! Also, a real man would stop abusing drugs and getting arrested so that his children wouldn't have to see daddy on the news or worry about his well-being!!
kelis's picture

Ha Ha your comment is so

Ha Ha your comment is so laughable. Guess what? Presidents dont even wrap it up LOL LOL Ask Monica Lewinsky. Why dont you ask Michael Jordan's baby mama, or any of all these girls begging negroes with money to do right by them and their children, if they wrapped it up. How many women leave their birth control to the man??? The answer is NONE. Maybe they wrapping it up with you because they know they'd rather die than have to deal with your rank puzzy more than one try out LOL
cassandra29's picture

You lost me at role model.

You lost me at role model.
CheyPie's picture

i guess 0___0

i guess 0___0
sexybrownpyt's picture

LL looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL

LL looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL & I'm really enjoying her on the game..that is all!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

She knows Hollyweird is shaky

She knows Hollyweird is shaky for black actresses. That Lil Wayne child support is long money and 18 years is a long time..lol...Stupid move anyway
Missy's picture

Lauren London is a pretty

Lauren London is a pretty chick who seemed to have some real aspirations...till she had a baby by fugly-ass-disgruntled-cockroach Lil Wayne. She still has goals obviously; but people are surprised that she used such poor judgment by sleeping with someone-with Wayne's track record, **minus protection**!! So yeah THAT'S why people keep asking about it. Sure, it sounds nice that all of Wayne's baby-mommas get along, but being part of that group is not cute. I think LL knows she made a poor decision, because despite what she *says*, you NEVER see her with her son in public. That is one kid who is rarely if ever seen by the paps. So--don't get mad when people ask questions: in fact getting mad shows that she knows she eff'd up & that her stock fell faster than Nasdaq's once she joined the YMCM-Baby-Momma-club.

ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!

ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!
Realist's picture

LOL...u right Godiva-Diva The

LOL...u right Godiva-Diva The Image of the Brand is what sells these dayz! smhlol..tehee*cheers
Like Really's picture

EXACTLY!!... she should be

EXACTLY!!... she should be flattered people ask her so often... they do that because they're still trying to comprehend WTF she was thinking... we obviously thought better of her...

She has become so blah to

She has become so blah to me...even her acting. I guess that's what having a baby by a evil self-hating coon can do to you.
Keys's picture

she looks cute but nothing

she looks cute but nothing she said made sense. What exactly is there to get along about. it's not like she calls these the other baby mommas everyday and asks them how their day was. I'm sure they only speak when they have to. I lost ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL respect for her when she had Wayne's baby 1 month before Niveas.. Like, really you dumb broad?!? you let this nasty gremelin looking dude skeet in you knowing how many women he's running through constantly. No to mention he was effin Nivea a few weeks before you?!?!? WOW Lauren, you are dumb fa real. YUCK! get an AIDS test PLEASE!
montycarlo105's picture


cassandra29's picture

I agree. She's a beautiful

I agree. She's a beautiful girl, but she lost a lot of sex appeal when she got knocked up by Lil Wayne. And I feel no sympathy over the persistent baby mama questions. If you could handle letting a gremlin get it in, then you can certainly handle a few baby mama questions. Next.
CheyPie's picture

wonder why so many millions

wonder why so many millions of people/women spend their time watching his videos if he is such a gremlin??? LOL apparently sexy gremlins are in style LOL
cassandra29's picture

Lawd- Meet Gremlin Baby Mama

Lawd- Meet Gremlin Baby Mama #5!!!! Now spread 'em!

one million and one percent

one million and one percent in agreement on that.
cococaramel's picture

Cute cover..

Cute cover..
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