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PARTY LIFE: Ciara, Rocsi & Omarion TOAST IT UP With SKYY Vodka + Mashonda, Yandy & Estelle Celebrate JONES Magazine

 photo mashonda50_zps68d806d4.jpg

Your fave party people were back at what they do best last night--partying it up on both coasts and looking pretty damn fabulous while doing so.  Check out Ciara & Rocsi pouring up the SKYY Vodka in Hollywood, plus Mashonda, Angela Simmons & Yandy Smith helping JONES magazine celebrate in NYC....

 photo mashonda34_zpsb1b6bebe.jpg

Sometimes you need a good sexy drink to up your own sexy factor while partying it up with your friends.  So Ciara brought her "Body Party" to Greystone Manor for the "House of Moscato event" in Los Angeles, all to help celebrate the launch of their newest infusions, SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape.

"Entertainment Tonight" host Rocsi Diaz turned up in a sexy red dress as both she and Ciara had some fun with Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens and the red carpet props.

 photo mashond27_zps7dab00cd.jpg


 photo mashond28_zpsad7ec534.jpg   photo mashond26_zpse60bd068.jpg

Ciara looked amazing as usual in this little black long sleeved Helmut Lang dress and black Louboutin platform pumps.

 photo mashon21_zps681e0954.jpg

Rocsi had some fun on the carpet too and posed it up rocking this cute dress and Jimmy Choo sandals:

 photo mashon25_zps19d8f0f7.jpg

 photo mashonda32_zps7570d5dc.jpg


 photo mashond24_zpsa4d7cc85.jpg

Y'all know Omarion already loved this.

 photo mashon22_zps95898224.jpg

 photo mashon20_zps77088a08.jpg 


 photo mashon29_zps8299252e.jpg

"Single Ladies" star (where the hell is that show anyway?) Denise Vasi made her way to the party.

 photo mashonda40_zpsdb066368.jpg

Ex Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton was there.

 photo mashond30_zps69536657.jpg  photo mashond23_zps9c297a50.jpg

And DJ Just Blaze and Theophilus London rocked the stage with a live performance.  Fun times!


And over in NYC, the 3rd Annual Jones Magazine 2013 Best in Beauty Issue Celebration Dinner went down at the über exclusive DUO Restaurant & Lounge.  And some of our fave fab chicks were on hand to celebrate:

 photo mashon1_zpsb97dc4a8.jpg

Angela Simmons looked stylish as usual in super cute lime green sandals as she posed it up with "LAHH" star Yandy Smith and former "LAHH" star Mashonda with the perfect makeup as usual. 

 photo YandySmith_zps6f7e2b5b.jpg

 photo mashon10_zps161cf6f8.jpg

 photo mashon5_zpsae1ace35.jpg  

 photo mashon7_zps26df4d92.jpg

The ladies all kicked it with Sidra Smith (Tasha Smith's twin sis), Raqi Thunda and a camo loving Estelle.

 photo mashon6_zpsd2786fec.jpg photo mashon9_zpsce55c84d.jpg photo mashon8_zpsfdb82404.jpg

Estelle was spotted looking cute as usual--since we've noticed her style game has stepped all the way up--as she had some fun with party promoter Legendary Damon.

 photo mashon2_zps274b54a2.jpg

Hey Sidra!

 photo mashon3_zps460bfa72.jpg

"Gossip Game" stars Angela Yee and Kim Osorio were there... 

 photo mashon4_zps0bb62d87.jpg 

And beauty queen Kamie Crawford (Miss Teen USA 2010) was there snapping pics with publisher Londell McMillan.  So gorge.

Fab times all around!

Photo Credit: Michael Simon/Star Traks for SKYY Vodka, JONES for Jones Magazine




SIDRA SMITH ain't shit, i

SIDRA SMITH ain't shit, i seen her on 125st in HARLEM & she walked towards me & looked at me like i was thinking bout snatching her purse "PUNK BITCH" . . . . now "TASHA" is all that, i met & shook her hand in the VILLAGE 3yrs.ago & she was sweet.

I love Estelle's 2 tone

I love Estelle's 2 tone blonde look. She needs to make new music soon. I love Denise Vasi. I been waiting all year for Single Ladies. Rocsi looks cute And Ciara in love, is more precious than any hit record or money. He just better be good to her and so far he is, because you dont glow like that from bad treatment.
cassandra29's picture

ciara signed an exclusive

ciara signed an exclusive contract with wilhelmina modeling agency about 5 years ago.
wildlife's picture

Cici looks nice...Roscoe shud

Cici looks nice...Roscoe shud Keep that wide trap of hers closed...Estelle is not cute as usual but this was a better choice of lately and sumthin about Angela S really freakin annoys me ugh! Smhlol...*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

Jesus would have Anal Sex wit

Jesus would have Anal Sex wit CiCi's Leg (thats how hot her body be)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

ciara looks better blonde and

ciara looks better blonde and less manly. rocsi can go back home because I can't see anyone else but her forehead
lola69's picture

If the definition of man is

If the definition of man is soft, sexy, sensuous, melodic voice, kind eyes, and voluptuous figure then I guess Cici is manly LOL u crazy or jealous
cassandra29's picture

why did you have to fuck up

why did you have to fuck up this thread with your rocsi comment? always fucking negative. why don't you post a full body pic of yourself and let us see if you physically measure up to rocsi.
wildlife's picture

I agree. Rocsi seems like a

I agree. Rocsi seems like a nice pretty girl to me. She is not a gold digger or jerk like some hispanic girls who hang with blacks, as far as I can tell.
cassandra29's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

Why is she famous? Fame

Why is she famous? Fame should not be inherited.
cassandra29's picture

Wow Rocsi has no ass... at

Wow Rocsi has no ass... at all.
Peace Silas's picture

Thank God everyone doesnt

Thank God everyone doesnt aspire to have 2 basketball butt cheeks like you. You dont know that you look like Popeye's Olive Oil, I guess.
cassandra29's picture

Everyone looks great. Ciara

Everyone looks great. Ciara looks gorgeous sitting on top of the bar. I love the back of Rocsi's dress. Raqi Thunda is always a blah to me, and everyone else looks nice
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Whoever is Estelle's stylist,

Whoever is Estelle's stylist, they're doing a great job.
Realist's picture

ok so Ciara gots that body.

ok so Ciara gots that body. Raqui looks sloppy but she has a pretty face. I luvs me some Yandy.....and Estelle needs something....she looks like a dry cockroach.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

isn't that Vanessa Hudgens on

isn't that Vanessa Hudgens on the left in the first pic?

Yes! … That’s Her,

Yes! … That’s Her, Vanessa…And have you ever seen Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens do the Beyonce ‘Run the World (Girls)’ Dance? Vanessa can Dance…
rebellious soul's picture

Ugh...angela yee. Seriously

Ugh...angela yee. Seriously I don't think she contributes anything to Power105's breakfast club...her personality is dry as a good white wine. I thought I was being a bit mean and decided to watch her on Gossip Game. Nope...I was pretty much right to begin with. And to top it off she starts ish in the background and when someone checks her on it she back tracks. Lame. Kim Osorio...I LUV. Cici and dem legs need some sort of endorsement...she looked good. Seriously has she ever had any product endorsements? I loved the back of Rosci's dress.
AnoniNYC12's picture

well I heard Reebok has an

well I heard Reebok has an endorsement spot available!
shuga's picture

Cici got them LEGGGGGGGS for

Cici got them LEGGGGGGGS for days baby..looking DAMN good Girly!!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Denise Vasi and Ciara got on

Denise Vasi and Ciara got on the same dress. I wonder if that's the reason for her putting on that overcoat.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I love that dress and Ciara's

I love that dress and Ciara's killer shoes Whene is Single Ladies coming on? Ciara would be a great addition to that show
cassandra29's picture

I love angela yee but she has

I love angela yee but she has got to get a stylist! The things she wear are so unflattering to her figure.
Syn-Syn's picture

maybe she's preggers?

maybe she's preggers?

Cici look stunning, Kamie,

Cici look stunning, Kamie, Mashonda, Rocsi, Denise and Angela look nice. that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Damn, Ciara looking mighty

Damn, Ciara looking mighty good! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

…a Leggy Affair, and Skyy

…a Leggy Affair, and Skyy Vodka too?...Oh, that Event was serious.
rebellious soul's picture

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