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WNBA STAR Skylar Diggins SIGNS With Roc Nation Sports + Nicki Minaj CAST "The Other Woman" Flick

 photo skylardigginssignstorocnation1.jpg

Skylar Diggins has announced her arrival at Roc Nation Sports.  Get the deets inside about Weezy's fave WNBA baller and find out about Nicki Minaj's new movie role....


Earlier today Roc Nation Sports announced the signing of WNBA star Skylar Diggins.  The Tulsa Shock baller was the number three overall pick in the first round of the 2013 WNBA Draft.  And she's been on the radar of Jay & his new Roc Naton Sports crew for a while.

Skylar, who became the only player in Notre Dame history to be a four-time All-America selection rose to fame as both the "alleged" crush of Lil' Wayne and as a two-time recipient of the Nancy Lieberman Award, given annually to the nation's top point guard.

Skylar tweeted her excitement after the announcement....

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-25at35853PM.png


Skylar will earn her bachelor's degree in management-entrepreneurship from Notre Dame in May 2013.  And this is another big move for the Roc in just a matter of weeks.  Win-Win for everyone.


And on the big screen....

 photo NickiMinajNickiMinajPromotesKmartCollectionCYQnQz6OZXxx.jpg

Nicki Minaj has just landed a role in the upcoming Cameron Diaz flick The Other Woman.  Nicki will be directed by Nick Cassavetes in the film, which centers on Cameron's character enacting revenge on her boyfriend after she learns that he's married.  But here's the kicker...she teams up with his wife to do the damage!  Sounds like Nicki's kind of movie right?

Nicki will play Cameron's sassy, blunt & sometimes lethal assistant in the film which starts shooting in New York in May. Actors Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Chicago Fire‘s Taylor Kinney also star.  Nice movie Nic!





REd™'s picture

just like no one wanted to

just like no one wanted to see Kim K act no one wants to see Nikki unless it is a movie with her naked from the waist down. Please
lola69's picture

why not sign Brittany Griner.

why not sign Brittany Griner. she has a better shot of being in the NBA and making history with her skills then Roc Nation could brag. this chick is Lil Wayne next baby mama
lola69's picture

Congrats to Nicki!!

Congrats to Nicki!!
holmesa925's picture

CONGRATS 2 Skylar.

CONGRATS 2 Skylar.
sexe757's picture

Congrats to Nicky for her

Congrats to Nicky for her success and for toning it down a notch. She looks great!
JewelryLover's picture

Good luck to Skylar...can't

Good luck to Skylar...can't wait to see her play! I'm looking forward to seeing how the careers of all these new Roc Nation signees work out. It's difficult to tell if Jay is a good manager since Rihanna's the only person under his wing that I've seen be successful. And of course she was already established at the time. Time will tell.
CheyPie's picture

What about Kanye? I wouldn't

What about Kanye? I wouldn't call Jay his manager, but he's def been under his wing since he came in the game... and he's successful, a little crazy, but successful. lol.
Candace's picture

Yeah, but he pretty much

Yeah, but he pretty much established himself under Def Jam when he was still with Dame Dash. I'm talking about these newbies that possibly could have gone the route of a traditional management company with more experience than the new Roc Nation management. And lol. Kanye & crazy always belong in the same sentence.
CheyPie's picture

Is that an engagement ring

Is that an engagement ring she's wearing?
mimie42859's picture

well, i dont like nikki but

well, i dont like nikki but at least she may have some acting skills....i may watch just so i can talk shit abt her.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I'm not a Delta, but I am not

I'm not a Delta, but I am not ok with these clowns being so crass enough to use their diamond sign. I thought the girl had pledged when I looked at the damn pic. Smh.
Keys's picture

I AM a DELTA and immediately

I AM a DELTA and immediately thought she was throwing up the pyramid. The Roc Sign though very similar is different with not so tight fingers with the emphasis on the the Left and right pointer finger and thumbs touching while the other fingers are loose.. But this right here is the pyramid. As a recent college graduate.. she knows that --that right there is a pyramid.. especially with that pose.
opinionsarelike....'s picture

I think people just sign to

I think people just sign to RocNation so they can throw up the Roc sign and for RocNation notoriety and be affiliated with Jay Z. Jay Z could make bottled water and have someone endorse it and they will be somewhere throwing up the Roc sign.
shaneice225's picture

DAMN!!! My thoughts exactly!

DAMN!!! My thoughts exactly!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lol.. It definitely feels

Lol.. It definitely feels that way!
Like Really's picture

Congrats to Skylar! It's been

Congrats to Skylar! It's been a pleasure watching her play in college. Love her competitive fire.
Tagirl27's picture

Only I comment, see you all

Only I comment, see you all don't care about a sista doing something productive. It's all about looks and money. I bet most of our black people don't know who is Misty Copeland.
In God We trust's picture

What does Misty Copeland have

What does Misty Copeland have to do with this? and speak for yourself I know who Misty Copland is and most people I know, knows who she is! People who are into dance TRUST they know who this TALENTED lady is!
Shay's picture

What are you arguing about?

What are you arguing about? Why do some people act confused like they've been lied to and dupped before? It is actually what I said. No one seem to have commented in which is considered to be ignored about black women doing things that's productive like basketball, ballet, tennis etc...
In God We trust's picture

Jay Z stay making power

Jay Z stay making power moves! He has set the bar so high for these rappers. Wow! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

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