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Kanye West ADDED To "SNL" 38th SEASON Finale + Iggy Azalea's "Bounce" (SINGLE) + Kelly Rowland's "Talk A Good Game" RELEASE Date

 photo KanyeWestKimKardashianReunitesKanyeShoppingIcn6Lv5-bl0x.jpg

Kanye West is set to close out the 38th season of "SNL".  Get deets on his appearance inside and hear Iggy Azalea's "Bounce" record and get Kelly Rowland's official release date...


"SNL" just announced that Kanye West will join Ben Affleck on May 18 for the "SNL" season finale.  The show tweeted,

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-26at35509PM.png

It will be the rapper's first appearance on the show since 2010.  Meanwhile, Ye is gearing up for a huge summer with new music, a headling gig  at the Met and he's prepping to become a father

And we'll be tuning in to see if he debuts any new music on the show.....


And in new music:

 photo IggyAzaleaSoundChangeLivePhotoCallGEq77XUWzBQx.jpg

Rappy Iggy Azalea may be bubbling under in the US,  but she's on fire in the UK!  Across the pond, she's already pushing her next single "Bounce" from her upcoming disc The New Classic.  Newly signed to Island Def Jam, it looks like Iggy is making the most of her popularity in Europe and capitalizing on the popularity of electronic music.  And she'll have them twerking on the dance floor with this one....

Listen to "Bounce" here:


And Kelly Rowland has made it official....

 photo Kelly-Rowland-Kisses-Down-Low-Vid.jpg

After a name change and a few pushbacks, Kelly Rowland has an official release date for her fourth solo album, Talk A Good Game!

Republic Records will release the disc on June 18, the same week that Kelly's scheduled to perform on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

Kelly told Billboard that the album "...feels like everything I wanted to make as far as music and R&B. I wanted to make sure my roots were really pronounced on this album.”

And fans will be pleased to learn that Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Michelle Williams appear on the disc's song “You Changed.” 




Who's still checking for

Who's still checking for Kanye? His fashion sense is weird, his last few singles have been lack luster, his "baby mom" is a "bust it baby" and his mother is dead and rollin' in her grave looking at the several mistakes he has made. He's done. Finished. Obsolete. One day he will just be the man who helps make the songs -- in the studio, never to be heard from again (a la Jermaine Dupri). It was bound to happen sooner or later but, the "Kardashian Curse" has clearly accelerated the process.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Kanye always looks so unhappy

Kanye always looks so unhappy I hope he finds his sanity I miss the old Kanye.. Iggy looks like Gwen Paltrow in that pic with the suit.. And Kelly album will be a flop chick your not Kathy perry you azz too black for that blue wig looking so so ratchet, all of Kelly music is pointless..
MzOpinionated's picture

"Arab Jew with no soul Bitch"

"Arab Jew with no soul Bitch" ... that's quite a mouthful. Jesus is very proud of you, I'm sure. You are a non-judgmental, accepting, love-thy-neighbor type of Christian and I think more people should aspire to be just like you. (shade, shadows, darkness and caves).
Bean1920's picture

I just dont understand why he

I just dont understand why he would claim a baby with a woman who conceived the baby when she was married to someone else, and openly drinks and party in miami, and will sleep with any man who throws a dollar her way??? What is wrong with these negro men? If a black girl was in the same situation as kim this negro wouldn't even claim the baby without a DNA test, when it popped out looking just like him.
cassandra29's picture

I admire Kims busines sense

I admire Kims busines sense only...but i have to agree if it were a black woman that behaved like her...it would not be easy for her.....the worst is that the black women supporting kim would be the same ones that would insult a fellow black woman if in her situation ...its all good...lets see if the relationship would last..
HAPPY's picture

i SEE only a relationship for

i SEE only a relationship for the camera. he seems to have made the same fool mistake as michael jackson - paying a woman to have his baby. and that is so completely foolish unless he is gay. there are just too many beautiful black girls who would have loved him and his child and made a proper family. At one time I'm sure he could have chosen Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Kelly rowland, or any number of great girls for his wife. I know his mother weeps from her grave. in honor of her memory, he should have gone on and made her proud of him, even from the grave, as the great Jennifer Hudson has done for her deceased mom. Mom's really want to know that they did a good enough job that their children survive well when they go to their reward. At this point, poor Donde put all that work into him, and this happens, but it is not to late to straighten himself up, and make a proper family and live a good life. God bless Kanye. What a waste for a good man to go out this way. But he can still turn thng around. It's not to late.
cassandra29's picture

I have a feeling that Yeezy

I have a feeling that Yeezy gonna clown! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

I dont think it has anything

I dont think it has anything to do with Nelly, I just think sherealize she can do better.
Eran's picture

Yep and ya Neva Shud Have

Yep and ya Neva Shud Have bothered making this video EITHER...lol I swear Nelly somewhere snigglin' his azz off!!! Smh...*sigh n' sips Golden Dream....
Like Really's picture

Kanye is EVIL...and deserves

Kanye is EVIL...and deserves that Arab Jew with no soul bitch (no shade though)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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