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TV FAB: Fantasia & Anthony Mackie DRINK IT UP On Bravo's "WWHL"

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Last night's episode of "WWHL" was full of chocolate as host Andy Cohen partied with Fantasia, Anthony Mackie and "All My Children" star Darnell Williams.  See clips inside....

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During a round of promos for Side Effects Of You, singer Fantasia stopped by Bravo's hit late-night chat fest "WWHL" with host Andy Cohen last night.  And the drinks were flowing.

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Fantasia was joined by "Pain & Gain" star Anthony Mackie and "All My Children" star Darnell Williams (the guy who won two-Daytime Emmys as "Jesse Hubbard"). 

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As Fantasia promoted her lastest album, Anthony talked up his film Pain & Gain which opens in theaters today.  During a recent interview with Huffington Post, he revealed about the fitness regimine he went to star alongside the fab abs of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Walberg:

"Bodybuilding and weightlifting is more of a lifestyle more than anything else. So the diet part was easy, because it was just about staying focus and staying on your regime. It wasn’t like I had to eat anything or I couldn’t eat anything. It was all about putting together what nutrients I needed day-to-day to get enough of one thing or another in my body. So it was fairly easy for me. I ate a lot of lean protein like turkey and chicken. I got my carbs from sweet potatoes. So it became easier as time went on. But I tell you what, after three months of doing that I don’t want to see a piece of turkey or chicken for a long time."

Read more of the interview here.


Watch Anthony Mackie discussing how he introduced funny actress Rebel Wilson to "dark chocolate":

Watch Fantasia create her own "Super Girl Group" (Latoya London, Lil' Mo, Ledisi):

Watch Fantasia spank Anthony in "Pain To Gain"




 photo fannyv1.jpg

Fantasia did an in-store promo for 'Side Effects of You' at J&R Music in NYC yesterday.  And looked cute in her leather skater dress, but not sure about the head scarf.

 photo fannywr2.jpg

Fanny also signed copies of the disc for fans and took questions from the audience.


The Randomness:

1.  Funnyman Kevin Hart charged with DUI, cops say blew DOUBLE the limit on the breathalyzer.  Story.

2.  Paramedics called to the set of "The First Family" after Jackee Harry suffers a fall. Story.



Photos via IG/Bravo/DJDM/WENN.com




When is Anthony Mackie gonna

When is Anthony Mackie gonna come out?
star's picture

Wow....Fantasia and Mackie

Wow....Fantasia and Mackie look good together. I can see some chemistry for a good movie somewhere.
ThatsAFact's picture

Am loving this fantasia...

Am loving this fantasia... her album is dope...
Sweetlips7's picture

Fantasia looks wonderful!

Fantasia looks wonderful!
C2C's picture

Fannie, Fannie,

Fannie, Fannie, Faaaaaaanie....Girl You Are Looking Good. You Look Relaxed And Stress Free. I Hope You Got Rid Of The Excess Baggage That Was Weighing You Down. Much Success With Your Future Endeavors.
Keyths'Girl's picture

she's so beautiful inside and

she's so beautiful inside and out . love tasia
Mary Jane's picture

She looks absolutely amazing,

She looks absolutely amazing, and I am loving her music right now.
GTGal's picture

keep going fanny!!! you are

keep going fanny!!! you are moving in the right direction. there are so many of us genuinely rooting for you.
wildlife's picture

I have to say...I could never

I have to say...I could never stand this chic and her voice, but she has really stepped her game up AND she has been dressing herself in the light. Kudos to her. ..And the new music is really good.
TrueThinker's picture

Fanny does look good and they

Fanny does look good and they look good together what the heck was Jesse doing on there. He hasn't been in anything since that one failed movie with Sally Richardson
lola69's picture

Fantasia been looking good

Fantasia been looking good lately, but she gotta chill on that deodorant tho. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads too
V's picture

ok, so yes, Fanny looked

ok, so yes, Fanny looked young and cut on WWHL. She and Anthony look nice together.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

WOW! Fanny finally got it

WOW! Fanny finally got it together. It wasn't too long ago she was walking around looking ratchette.....tities sagging, belly hanging..etc Finally someone decided to get the girl a few push up bras and some spanx! I am happy 4 her. I am buying the album today!
sexe757's picture

all she needs now is clear

all she needs now is clear deodorant and body makeup for those prison tats. something looks different about her face. I heard the album was dope tho. her voice coupled with her real emotion is a recipe for classic songs.
shuga's picture

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