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Beyonce TEASES "The Mrs. Carter Show" Photos, RELEASES "Back To Black" REMAKE With Andre 3000

 photo beyoncg4.jpg

Beyonce has just teased some carefully selected shots from her "The Mrs. Carter Show" World Tour.  See the "candids" inside and listen to her "Back To Black" remake with Andre 3000.

 photo beyong1.jpg

Fan fans waiting for "The Mrs. Carter Show" to stop through their town, they can get a glimpse of Mrs. Carter in action, with a few carefully choreographed "candids" from her stop at the LG Arena in Birmingham, UK last night.

 photo beyoncg2.jpg

Previously, we told you that Mrs. Carter had banned photographers from her live shows, and now the only professional pics you'll see of her on-stage are those hand picked by her and her team.

 photo beyonc3.jpg

We imagine Bey knows exactly when she'll be photographed and the show's photographer, Frank Micelotta, knows exactly when to press "click". We don't mind...it makes for a great picture.


And in new releases....

On his East Village radio show, producer Mark Ronson debuted the "Back To Black" remake that Beyonce and Andre 3000 created for The Great Gatsby soundtrack (May 7).  When asked what he thought about Bey and Andre remaking the Amy Winehouse track, he said“I’m flattered and honored. I know Amy would be too."

Helmed by executive producer Jay-Z, the soundtrack will feature Fergie, Q-Tip, Lana Del Rey, Emeli Sandé, will.i.am, and others.



Sounds just fine for the

Sounds just fine for the movie. Can't wait to see my baby Leo
Laia's picture

I forgot to mention the

I forgot to mention the carefully selected pics. Girl, please! If you're proud of the work you do on stage and you leave it all on the floor, a few unflattering pics of you "killing" it shouldn't rattle your cage so much that you now need to control those images. True fans and even critics don't want to see a watered down version and don't enjoy pre-packaged celebs, they like the authenticity.
Santi114's picture

The beat during andres

The beat during andres section gave me chills. I actually think his part does a better job of adding something new to this amazing song. I agree with the other posters who say that the pain of a toxic relationship is missing from Bey's vocals but all in all, for the Great Gatsby it will serve its purpose. It would have been sick if they had slowed down Amy's own voice and added Andre's first person section.
Santi114's picture

Like Amy's dad said Beyonce

Like Amy's dad said Beyonce did'nt add anything to the song. This was one of my Favorite Amy songs and this is why Beyonce is not one of my Favorite Entertainers because she CAN'T BLOW LIKE: Mariah, Whitney,Christina A, or Celine, Beyonce can't WRITE HER OWN MUSIC LIKE: Mariah,Amy,Adele,Sade,Alicia K,Pink or Lauren Hill and many others, Beyonce CAN'T DANCE LIKE: MJ, Mya,Ciara ,Janet or Aaliyah. Beyonce is SO MEDIOCRE compared to other Entertainers she has NEVER EVER BEEN ON MY RADAR as far as TALENT IS CONCERNED! I MUST SAY EVEN Rihanna HAS A BETTER CATALOG of MUSIC than she does! Beyonce's music won't stand the test of time nor will the be considered CLASSIC. This GIRL has NO CREATIVITY FLOWING THRU her VEINS! Amy REJECTED Jay Z when she was ALIVE so he goes and SCOOPS her her MUSIC now that she's gone! CREATE YOUR OWN MUSIC, WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS! This is the PRICE YOU HAVE to Pay when you are UNORIGINAL & DON'T HAVE CREATIVITY. You have to PAY BIG$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TO REMAKE TALENTED PEOPLE SONGS! Amy's dad THRU SHADE and still GOT PAID!$$$$$$$$$
Shay's picture

agreed. well said

agreed. well said
mona1402's picture

You NAILED it! Nothing but

You NAILED it! Nothing but truth in what you said....ALL OF IT!!!

Where's the pen so I can

Where's the pen so I can co-sign all of this?
Peace Silas's picture

I feel u on this to the tenth

I feel u on this to the tenth power. I usually don't even click into Bey posts bc more annoying than her talentless soft porn image being shoved down our throats are the basic-minded fans that obsess over her. My litmus test for talent, depth and range for a singer is whether or not they can woo u without all of the staged dramatics & choreography. Could Beyonce take out that ridiculous honey blonde I wana look mixed weave pull her hair back in a bun, trade the leotard and bodyshaping tights for a full length dress, lose all the back up dancers and instead of bouncing around the stage gyrating & violently pumping out pelvic hip thrusts flashing her cooch & tush when possible, could she stand still in front of a microphone without all the gimmicks and manage to wow an audience like Sade?? Of course she can't! She is an over exposed sensationalized unoriginal fraud. It takes a team of 1000 to put together her image, write her bubble gum songs, stuff her into half dresses and then block media and entertainment outlets from supporting real musical talents, writers and singers. I believe the Beyonce wipeout is the reason why Toni Braxton doesn't.want to do music anymore. Bey killed the craft and ruined R&B. Talented singers and writers can't find success unless they are sexed up and popping coochie. Toni ain't bout that. Real talented artists didn't mind professional competition, we had Whitney, Mariah, Anita, ChanteMoore, Sade & dozens of other artists at the same time. We had a variety of artists to enjoy. But the Bey camp can't co-exist or afford to compete so they block other artists in the industry payola style.... Can't stand being forced to deal with this one dimensional airhead....
JSalsa's picture

BAHA..Yes to all of this..and

BAHA..Yes to all of this..and what's more annoying is media pretends as if she brought something new or betta to the game! Lol..it baffles me too bcuz everything Bey has done is merely a redundant repeat frm her disposable catalog, even now w/ all that bouncing, it doesn't TOUCH a Janet Tour! Hehe As u stated aint a creative bone in that chiles body but Stan's gobble it up like she the second coming of sum New world...NOT!..Same Place w/the Same Sh** over last umpteenth yrs!! Smhlol...*sips last night cap
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, 100% agree with

@Like Really, 100% agree with you, her fans wished she had Mariah or Whitney vocals and while she's doing her basic dance routines, her stans wish she were doing a great choreographed dance act like Fatima use to give Aaliyah, or Paula Abdul or Tina Landon use to give to Janet J, or like Micheal Jackson type of INNOVATIVE performances or Mya or CiCi! Her fan are hopelessly DELUSIONAL and just accept any HALF ASS THING she does for them! Same Old Songs Same Old Dance Routines, nothing new and nothing CREATIVE! I'm so UNIMPRESSED and BORED by her, she NEVER MOVED or STIRRED ME AT ALL!
Shay's picture

I've never a more ruthless,

I've never a more ruthless, dark and consciousless generation. Again we are all entitled to our opinions, but there are some things that we spout that baseless, untrue, and hurtful. The type of things that if these people died tragically, one with a heart or conscious would regret saying or typing. I'm just getting your remorse and apologies can't be heard by the dead so why bother spreading such venom? I look forward to the plethora of ignorance in replies...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

The song was nice, especially

The song was nice, especially Andre 3000's part. If it was a stand alone track I think most people would agree. But because it's a remake it's going to be compared to the original. I definitely enjoyed Amy's version better, but I give Dre & Bey credit for doing a nice job. It's not like the song is horrible. And I'm sure it'll fit in well with the music production of the film which seems to have a modern (almost urban?) feel. I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see.
CheyPie's picture

That's exactly why Amy wasn't

That's exactly why Amy wasn't f'ing w/that jerk when Alive!!  Ugh whatta insult..Ruining a finished piece of art that was perfectly executed! #classics sumthing his wife still ain't got! Smh.. *sips B-52
Like Really's picture

Him and Bey KILL me with the

Him and Bey KILL me with the sneaky shit they do which is why I can't support them! Bey has the AUDACITY to try to make a song about a painful, unhealthy relationship into something...SULTRY! I mean where are they doing that! Come on!

I agree with Amy's father,

I agree with Amy's father, this remake is should be un-made. It brought nothing new to it, no emotional depth at all. I am sure Amy is turning over in her grave. Beyonce you just don't have the depth to remake this song, no pain at all....having a good voice only takes you so far. I don't believe you. You don't go back to black but I wish you would.....
Lakesha Jenkins's picture

a few thoughts. i think it's

a few thoughts. i think it's safe to say that a lot of people will hear this track and not like it. the only bright spot on the song is andre 3000. he did a pretty good job in bringing something new, fresh to the remake. secondly, people will have issue with the cover because bey, once again, did not bother to get pre-approval from the amy winehouse estate to record the song. how can someone take a worldwide classic hit song from a grammy award-winning album and not go through the proper legal channels to remake the song??? this is not about hating beyonce. it's about taking a critical, hard-nose look at beyonce's character, or lack thereof. it's also about bey's value system and how she views the world, which, in my opinion is narcissistic. 'if i see something i want i will take it.'
wildlife's picture

first im just going to

first im just going to address the legal matter! cause all the rest is bullshit you talking. andre 3000 nor Beyonce have to do with any of the legal shit its Jay-z which is the producer over the whole album for the movie so if anything its not beyonce its who ever is putting the songs on the album together! beyonce probably dont give two fucks about this cover because she isnt getting any money from it she has more important shit the worry about like this sold out world tour shes on dumb ass
BritJackson's picture

bullshit?? before ANY artist

bullshit?? before ANY artist covers a song it is preliminary procedure for the artist's management team to ask for a SIGNED COPY of the legal documents granting the artist the right to remake a song. i have an mba. i know what the fuck i'm talking about. if a songwriter believes his/her music is stolen, the aggrieved party ALWAYS, IN EVERY FUCKING CASE, sues not only the production company but also each INDIVIDUAL singer/rapper who contributed to the song. and guess what? the judge in almost all of these particular cases finds the production company AND EACH FUCKING singer/rapper guilty. therefore, in the case of the great gatsby, amy winehouse's father, who is head of his deceased daughter's estate, threatened to sue not only the musicians but also the movie studios for failing to buy the rights to remake the song. i'm also willing to bet the movie studios and/or jay z paid upwards of at least $500K to settle this case. they had no choice since the soundtrack was already completed and the movie drops in the next few weeks.
wildlife's picture

What makes you think Jay Z

What makes you think Jay Z who is a proven successful business man didn't go through the proper legal channels? And Amy's father said he was paid, so yeah there's that.
Suga Bear's picture

jay z initially never applied

jay z initially never applied for nor paid for the rights to record the song, according to amy's father. jay, bey, andre and whoever else just literally went into the studio one day and laid down a remake track of the song. you can't do this. it's illegal and it looks bad, particularly on beyonce since she has been rumored for many, many years to "allegedly" take other artists' music and claim it as her own. jay z or the studios (it's unclear exactly who) paid the license fee and most likely a penalty fee for unauthorized use of the material.
wildlife's picture

You have a point (although

You have a point (although the profanity is unnecessary). Even on her previous projects I felt her father was the one making most of the business decisions and his tactics seemed a little shady. But at some point, if you're consistently getting called out about stealing music, I'd think she'd want to be more involved and take responsibility for what's going on in her camp. After all, if she's a "Grown Woman" and wants the rest of us to "Bow Down," she could at least make sure her stuff is in order first. Right?
CheyPie's picture

Really, these pictures aren’t

Really, these pictures aren’t much better. It still reveals the shallow and ugly person she truly is. AND I AM INFURIATED WITH THIS DUMB ASS REMIX, *UGH!* Now I can’t unhear it.
Peace Silas's picture

you females KILL me on this

you females KILL me on this site! you click on a Beyonce post just to come and HATE! No im not a "STAN" as yall may call it either. She probably doesnt do anything for yall, but be proud of a BLACK WOMAN doing her thing and being successful, because as i can recall, back in the day, women weren't even allowed to cast a damn vote! #smh i just cant hate on a bitch who is doing her thing!

Just saying I'm not a STAN!

Just saying I'm not a STAN! *SCREAMS* you are one of her BIGGEST STANS!
Shay's picture

they all the same pressed

they all the same pressed undercover fan using different usernames.
BritJackson's picture

She needs to go away for 20

She needs to go away for 20 years like Tina Turner so all this can be new again. It's repetitive and no longer fresh.
TeaNicole's picture

She's trying to get it all

She's trying to get it all in, while the iron is hot, because she knows that nobody will be checking for her in 20 years, with her disposable self.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Told ya'll that PHONY Bitch

Told ya'll that PHONY Bitch has to control everything in her life...24/7 smh..........lol
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Exactly! I recently mentioned

Exactly! I recently mentioned the hooker cud use a lil self-deprecation at this point! Like Really, BISH been  screaming to pull the trigger...Smh *sips a B-52
Like Really's picture


Rena1970's picture

LoLoL... Now all thats missin

LoLoL... Now all thats missin is Tonya Harding @her silly lookin azz!...*Sips B-52
Like Really's picture

Lol.. I couldn't said it

Lol.. I couldn't said it betta myself thank god it's nearing her expiration date..she old and tired like those lace fronts she insist on wearing
MzOpinionated's picture

Hopefully she won't play him

Hopefully she won't play him and replace him in the video.
Classic87's picture

I dont mind the cover but i

I dont mind the cover but i dont love it!
BritJackson's picture

I like the song. Y'all should

I like the song. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

She could've kept that

She could've kept that annoying song and her "carefully selected" photos. I see she didn't care about how her dancer looked in the photo, being that she selected a shot of him looking like they share the same butt pads.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

so you mean to tell me that

so you mean to tell me that you are obsessed with her ass that much that you know she wears booty pads? lmaoo smh
BritJackson's picture

So you mean to tell me that

So you mean to tell me that you are obsessed with her ass that much, that you refuse to see the truth. Either you're in denial or you're apart of the cataract community.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

They should have used the

They should have used the original song for The Great Gatsby soundtrack.
BeautifullyTaelored's picture

I see a Yeast infection

I see a Yeast infection comn'n on in those tight tight fits...smdh
Caligurl4life's picture

I kind of agree. I like the

I kind of agree. I like the song...maybe updated it as a remix feat. Andre 3000 (I like almost anything he does and think he sounds good on this).
AnoniNYC12's picture

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