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GUYS WITH KIDS: The Game And Wiz Khalifa SHARE Family Flicks


 photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at70337AM.png

Rappers The Game and Wiz Khalifa posted new photos with their kids.  See the rappers in "Daddy mode" inside....

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at65943AM.png

Rapper The Game took his family and a slew of friends to Disneyland to celebrate the 6th birthday of his son King Justice Taylor.  He tweeted, "Me @lovetiffney @harlemcarontaylor @littlemisscali & the 6 year old Birthday Boy" @kingjusticetaylor turnin' up at Minnie's tea party in the V.I.P. ha ha ha..... #KingJusticeBday #Disneyland #Family #Fun #Instagood #Instacool #Love #Goodtimes"

Tiffney Cambridge may have not have gotten the wedding she wanted....but she surely got a man who loves his kids. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at70300AM.png

And The Game surrounds himself with friends who also take their roles as fathers very seriously.  "Me @groovyQ & @nujerzeydevil @Disneyland with our daughter's #RealFathers #FuckADeadBeat"

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at70417AM.png 

Cali Dream posed with her proud papa on one of the park's rides.  "Daddy's Disney Princess. @littlemisscali #disneyland #kingjusticebday #fun #family #instakool"


And another proud papa...

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at64930AM.png

Wiz Khalifa posted a pic of his son Bash sleeping on his shoulder, "He fell asleep on his dad. This is all i care about"

  photo ScreenShot2013-04-27at64951AM.png 

And Wiz and Amber Rose are already making sure their bundle of joy is stylish from his head to his little toes.  Wiz proudly showed off his son's sock swag, "Little daddy boy in his chucc sox"


Photos via Instagram



Adorable kids.....wish I

Adorable kids.....wish I could see Bosh's face....those cheeks look kissable lol.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Game is sexy.

Game is sexy.
brownlace's picture

The Game's children are so

The Game's children are so adorable. Him and Monica have the most adorable celebuspawn babies on the planet right now.
Bird's picture

Dang, all of Games kids look

Dang, all of Games kids look just like him! All have those droopy eyes and funny shaped nose. Damn.
sexe757's picture

these men are just poor

these men are just poor excuses of dads one is a dope head,and the other one have no respect at all for his babies mama, none of them are married.and i wonder do his clothes smel like weed ,because he smoke 24/7,so i know the contact is strong poor baby is probally high now..and who do he think his baby is Blue Ivy.he only gone to show the feet,you are not that important,you are not Bey and JZ,PEOPLE COULD NOT WAIT TO HER HER,BUT YOU AND AMBER,PLEASE,NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT LOL..AND BACK TO YOU THE GAME,DID YALL GET A SECOND SEASON,NO BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR BABY MAMA IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT, SMH,AT THESE PEOPLE GET YOUR LIFE,IN MY TAMAR VOICE,WITH YOUR WHOLE BODIES PAINTED UP LOOKING LIKE FOOLS..LOOK AT THESE MEN FOR EXAMPLES,TI,DRAKE,BEAUTIFUL SKIN NECK CLEAN FACE CLEAN,JUST HANDSOME YOUNG MEN..

Lol I was with u until u said

Lol I was with u until u said T.I. and Drake SMH
layah2sexc's picture

DRAKE?! Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

DRAKE?! Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You obviously don't listen to his lyrics if you think he's a good example of anything.
PacificGirl's picture

What?! Are you saying TI and

What?! Are you saying TI and Drake are good exmaples of good men/fathers? The same TI that has been arrested several times for either drugs and or guns? Not to mention all the kids he had out of wedlock with more than one woman. And Drake who is trying his best to be hard? Girl stop!
Suga Bear's picture

The Game's kids are cute.

The Game's kids are cute.
AyAy's picture

I don't get it...if u don't

I don't get it...if u don't want to show u kid don't show them. this showing half a body n socks crap is just stupid....like really who the hell are you? Michael Jackson?

Maybe the baby is funny

Maybe the baby is funny looking. It happens. Most newborns look like wrinkle old people and their skin peels. *shrugs*
Suga Bear's picture

Anything 4 some attention I

Anything 4 some attention I still don't understand the need to display precious family moments if he really about tht "father life". No need to use your kids for some ends cause guess what ain't nobody still gonna buy yo weak azz album.......
MzOpinionated's picture

Really?? Lol...its funny to

Really?? Lol...its funny to see how some people think. Umm...its called twitter and Instagram...EVERYONE posts pictures and tweet pictures of themselves,their families, things that they are doing. That's the whole point of having the accounts....How are they trying to get attention? *SIGH*
Prettygrlmika's picture

just by watching The Games

just by watching The Games wedding show I grew a dislike for his baby mamma! She is pretty and educated with a nasty attitude and a fuxed up personality. If you wanted the ring you should have did that before spitting out babies aszjack! I bet Tiffany take takes the Games balls and wear them. Trust you can tell she makes him cry after arguements. No fux given
SlowNeckBecky's picture

...and no one is married.

...and no one is married. this is a joke.
wildlife's picture

Chuck socks...cute!

Chuck socks...cute!
AnoniNYC12's picture

The game need to go ahead and

The game need to go ahead and marry his baby mamma and stop playing. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

Jesus likes to see Black

Jesus likes to see Black Families happy (even if the Mom's are White)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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