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WEDDING FAB: NBA LEGEND Michael Jordan MARRIES Yvette Prieto In PRIVATE Star-Studded Ceremony

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeach4YOOTbh8NsDl.jpg

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan (shown above) and his new bride Yvette Prieto were serenaded by Usher yesterday after a star-studded West Palm Beach wedding attended by Tiger Woods, Ahmad Rashad, Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing. See photos inside....

 photo yvetteprieto.jpg

Yesterday, Charlotte Bobcats owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan walked down the aisle, for the second time, to wed longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto during a super private ceremony in front of hundreds of guests in West Palm Beach, FL.

 photo BI4lRkVCcAA9wUz.jpg

The actual ceremony took place at the Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church (the same place Donald Trump married Melania) with 2,000 invited guests.

 photo BI4mpeUCMAAKZga.jpg

Umbrellas were used to prevent cameras from snapping the arrival of the bride.

 photo BI4nWTdCAAAZDaz.jpg

Though we haven't seen pics of the bride and groom, photographers were able to snap the arrival of the bridal party.

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeach6tVWMoYQqYHl.jpg

One of Michael's former rivals, NY Knicks Hall of Famer, Patrick Ewing, was among the high-profile guests.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-28at114756AM.png

Notorious cheater Tiger Woods and Ahmad Rashad, who's going through a nasty split with Sale Johnson, came out to celebrate their golf buddy's nuptials. Hmm...we wonder what advice THESE TWO gave the groom during the bachelor party.

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeachKTGg5npuiHWl.jpg

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeachKgLJ4m12nLHl.jpg

Michael's former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen attended with his wife, former "RHOM" star Larsa Pippen.

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeachnybDZ87Hf0Ul.jpg

And Michael's mom Deloris Peoples looked great in her ivory mother-of-the-groom suit.

 photo MichaelJordanYvettePrietoMarryPalmBeachw3mFuuTAXZOl.jpg

Photographers and fans stood behind barricades to catch the happenings.

 photo michael-jordan-wedding.jpg

So how did the guests party AFTER the wedding?  Sources  say Usher, J-Jon, Robin Thicke and MC Lyte were booked to entertain at the reception which was held underneath a tent near Michael's 38,000 sq.ft. home in the Bears Club area of Jupiter, Fla (a town in Palm Beach County).  Commenting about the setup, one source told Gossip Extra,

“Three tents are being put up in his backyard, over the surface of two football fields.  I calculated a total under-roof space of about 600 feet long by 150 feet wide. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been working weddings for a while. It looks like he’s having about 2,000 people over.”


Congrats to the bride and groom...


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Photos via PCN/Twitter/SplashNewsOnline/TMZ




Mike looks like a dirty old

Mike looks like a dirty old man with a young school girl. Not a good look. Get that paper girlfriend, you'll deserve it for waking up to his fugly mug. Not hatin, just keepin it real.
listen2me's picture

Mike looks so old. Wow!

Mike looks so old. Wow! What happened to him? Looks like he's lived some rough years since retiring from the NBA.
The Real Thing's picture

Congrats MJ you are the man.

Congrats MJ you are the man. Show younger brothers how a successful brother should do it. You gave your ex 168 Mil and you still banking then you significantly upgraded. You also put that money hungry useless bitch in her place after 16 years!!! I wish you and your queen nothing but success. Damn scottie your wife is gorgeous!!! I love seeing brothers show case their self worth. Brothers there is a world of beautiful woman lusting to be with us because we are what holds the black race together.
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Either you are white man or

Either you are white man or white woman, because you say "brothers" like a true Uncle Tom...and you can actually spell big words, you even highlight what is most important to keeping white people thinking they above the rest...you are so Brilliant...keep trying...YOU LOST!!!
Afroch1c's picture

Right on point! No brotha

Right on point! No brotha would call himself uncle tom with a photo like that.
listen2me's picture

Actually you lost because you

Actually you lost because you replied IDIOT!!! Thanks for making my day dirt bag courtesy Uncle Tom Jr.!!!!!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Nobody lusting after nobody

Nobody lusting after nobody unless they got some money. Tiger, Michael and the rest wouldn't have a white trophy wife or girlfriend if they didn't have money. Keep believing that crap.
JewelryLover's picture

WOW @ his backyard. DAMN!.

WOW @ his backyard. DAMN!.
PacificGirl's picture

Man that's a lot of people!!!

Man that's a lot of people!!! I can't care how much money I have, that bill would make me have an asthma attack.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Scottie Pippen's wife has got

Scottie Pippen's wife has got a bangin body....woooooooooooooooowwwwww
Bigswole1's picture

Congratulations I love you

Congratulations I love you forever Mike! I don't care who you marry! I just hope the poor girl accepts all your flaws, because you and I both know you can't be faithful to save your life.
KENNEDY78's picture

Love and Beauty are in the

Love and Beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, but if your pockets are longer than your d*ck ~ it can buy/lease you some good looking putang. Unless he's dribbling a ball again, I could care less about who this old geyser is dating, marrying or phucking¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture

I don't know, I feel a

I don't know, I feel a certain type of way. Just the grandness of the ceremony I guess. I'm guessing this is his wife's first marriage. I hope it works out (my confidence isn't that high and i'm trying to stay positive).
Niknik's picture

A ratchet post. A post full

A ratchet post. A post full of cheaters and their Becky's. Really? What's black and fabulous about that?
JewelryLover's picture

not a damn thing.

not a damn thing.
wildlife's picture

Wow I can't believe she's

Wow I can't believe she's Cuban!! Cubans are very racist against African Americans...certainly the ones their daughter or son brings home..When she told her parents she was dating a "black" man, they must of screamed!! But, she said well, its "Micheal Jordon"!!lol..the parent's reply, oh ok si!!lol..

They took a look at the bank

They took a look at the bank account, hugged and kiss their daughter before kissing the ground and thanking God for a deep pocket son in law negro or not! Money talks rascism walks, I guess
Marek's Wifey's picture

Black men are inferior. They

Black men are inferior. They don't care that your family is completely racist against them. All they care about is the lack of melanin the woman has....
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99.9% of white men keep the

99.9% of white men keep the wealth in their white community. that is why they will forever be ahead of negro men. they'll date and love a black woman, but when it comes to caring for people and carrying on their race with white offspring, they choose a white woman every time, because black women cant have white children. this woman here will NOT give him any children. there is no reason to marry in that case. she only wants marriage for MONEY.
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@cassandra29 A Jewish author

@cassandra29 A Jewish author wrote a book about how the Black American could improve their situation while on this continent. He made several outlines, but one stuck out in my mind and this is what he said: "When a black male in America achieves any sort of wealth or prominence he finds a mate of a different race and in turn never returns capital that mostly likely attributed to his success back into his community. Thus never truly creating black wealth in America" Jews have that down to a science, though I cringed to find out a Jew wrote a book about our position in the US a lot of what was written was true and kind of embarrassing. We all know about the Holocaust and how the Jews have risen to prominence by sticking together. A Jewish man would never bring a German woman home, it just won't happen. They support all their Kosher markets and corporations. They own everything in their communities..Black men that are native to the US are just lost.
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Excuse THE phuck out of you

Excuse THE phuck out of you but God created Adam in his own image and he was a Black man....take that how you want. Anyway, He gave him dominion and power over all earthly beings and angels including the devil. The devil, Iblis, wants to be God so bad that he then created his own race of humans....the white man.....who of course could not be blessed with the same spiritual power that God's creations are given. Therefore, the Black man is superior in mind, soul, and spirit.....not body since the devil currently has free reign on earth to "prove" he can be better than God. And another interesting fact....the devil was a Black angel and he looks like the finest man God ever created....until he shows you what his spirit looks like....ugly as sin and scary as shyt!!!
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i honestly mean no harm but

i honestly mean no harm but where in the world are you coming up with this stuff? the devil a black angel? the devil creating white people??? none of this is in the bible and it's not scientific in nature. dna doesn't support your argument. in addition, there is no such thing as 'race'. 'race' is a social construct.
wildlife's picture

Bye Michael! I love your

Bye Michael! I love your shoes..and that's all! I will not buy another pair though lol And Scottie P.'s wife's butt is SO FAKE! NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

I don't know how to feel. So

I don't know how to feel. So I'm going to stay quiet.
cutethatsall56's picture

Must of had a swirling

Must of had a swirling time.Congrats btw
Tren's picture

For the Love of

For the Love of Money......next
star's picture

REAL QUESTION......didn't

REAL QUESTION......didn't they have a baby together?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't think so. Thought he

I don't think so. Thought he had all of his kids with his ex-wife.
CheyPie's picture

I could've sworn they had a

I could've sworn they had a baby like 1 or 2 years ago, but I can't find anything on it. That is the STRANGEST thing EVEEER. Anywho....... Thanks anyways.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

that's what happens when you

that's what happens when you abort the negro baby
cassandra29's picture

When I see things like this,

When I see things like this, Fantasias new song "without me" comes to mind...
Onyx's picture

Congrats to this brotha, and

Congrats to this brotha, and may success and wealth be unto him FOR ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE. I mean he just had a ethnic woman come out and try to bring him down USING A CHILD "Which is typical!!" Be with who makes you happy and someone you can build a future with, not with a woman who only think about themselves and dont think about future generations, don't put your seed in a group of women who don't have family values and arent really for you any damn ways, and will rather do some reality show shit after she fucked you over. But again CONGRADULATIONS TO MICHAEL JORDAN AND HIS BEAUUUTIFUL WIFEEE. And goddamn Scottie Pippen wife got assssssss!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

An "ethnic" woman tried to

An "ethnic" woman tried to bring him down? She was attempting to find out if he was her son's father which by the way he never denied sleeping with her. Also you never know what really took place because nobody in there right mind would push that so hard and then all of a sudden back down with no payoff. Lastly, Michael Jordan still hasn't taken the DNA test, and refuses to do so. His money, and power bought him out of being a dad, and that's not to be praised.
cutethatsall56's picture

Marriage is only for 2 things

Marriage is only for 2 things - raising a family and passing on the wealth. Anytime a black fool denies his black child and wont even pay child support with all of his enormous wealth, he is a complete fool, who needs to be kicked out of the black community into the welcoming arms of white cubans who everyone knows hate blacks. he will get what he deserves.
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This nigga is obviously a self-hating, misogynist fool. He sound so stupid with his hate filled words in every single post. First he address black females as women then bitches? This nigga obviously has mother issues and he probably was raised by some woman-hating Islamic bean-pie eating single father. This is my last time responding to this Klan-ass nigga!
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So I guess you're in favor of

So I guess you're in favor of the eventual extinction of dark skin, broad noses, and natural big lips lol..You do realize that if black men continue to procreate with non "ethnic" women, over time YOUR ethnic features will disappear too, right? If you're all for a beige America with nobody that looks like you, cool ... Your legacy will be one that is barely recognizable in two generations when your grand kids look like Paula Patton's aryan baby (nothing wrong with their child -- he's adorable). And you can believe those kids will not be claiming your black ass -- I already see it in my nephew who is half black and white -- his white mother doesn't want to "teach him about race" and now he sticks his little nose up around all my black cousins. PS -- Just to piss you off -- know that I'm a black woman, a Masters student in a relationship with a black man who is a teacher, we both have no kids, and have happily been together for 3 years, and we're doing just fine...I know that hurts your heart to read.
Girl's picture

@Girl ~ you're wasting your

@Girl ~ you're wasting your intelligent breath on a suffering fool ;-)
GetUrLife's picture

hahah @GetUrLife you're too

hahah @GetUrLife you're too right, the second I pressed "Post comment" I was like, wait I forgot who I'm responding to -- that was a waste of time and energy!
Girl's picture

Those hollerin about racism

Those hollerin about racism in this comment section..please look up the definition.
Zetagirl's picture

Thank you. Totally using the

Thank you. Totally using the word all out of wrong context.
Keys's picture

Before Prez. Obama.....Mike

Before Prez. Obama.....Mike Jordan was King of the Earth (and Scottie Pippen's Wife...Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

All I've read primarily is

All I've read primarily is one racist comment after another on this blog. So much negativity and hatred . . . scary. Michael Jordan is successful, has made mistakes and has been fortunate enough to have found love again. I'm happy for him. If people don't want racism they'll have to start by not being racist themselves, stop thinking like a racist and stop making shameful racist statements about others.
jgraves58's picture

Not one racist comment.

Not one racist comment. You're eerily ignorant and clearly don't know the definition of the word.
KENNEDY78's picture

If you look at history this

If you look at history this racism journey didn't begin with blacks. It began with whites. Also this war is still taking place right in front of our eyes. Now you can take a blind eye to it and make believe that its not there, but its definitely there.
cutethatsall56's picture

no one on here has written a

no one on here has written a racist comment. in order for racism to be present, one must be prejudice AND in a position of power. power that is only granted through years of systematically terrorizing and dominating over a group of people socially, economically and politically. therefore, blks CANNOT be racist. reverse racism simply doesn't exist. what you are reading are folks, mainly blk women, who are fucking fed up with blk men and their bullshit antics. blk men who go white, even though blk women were the ones who nurtured, cared and supported these men all of their lives. michael coon jordan has made a fortune off of blk kids begging their parents for 'i want to be like mike' shoes and yet mike has yet to thank and give back to the blk community who has made him a fucking mogul. but as i stated earlier, blk men are gonna learn....
wildlife's picture

I never understand why black

I never understand why black people supported Michael Jordan. He never did anything for the community nor stood for anything. All he did hustle it with his expensive sneakers. We have to get better with who we support and who we deem role models. It should not be athletes because majority of the time the grow to hate or separate themselves from the skin they are in.
Keys's picture

Completely agree.

Completely agree.
Zetagirl's picture

Michael's mom looks GREAT.

Michael's mom looks GREAT.
Laia's picture

Mike's mom looks younger than

Mike's mom looks younger than he does. His first wife of 17 years was a pretty African American woman now he has married a Castilian Cuban (a real Spanish lady) hope it last Mike.

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