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BEACH BABE: Kelly Rowland Flosses Those Killer Legs In Miami

 photo article-0-1988AF6B000005DC-693_634x385_zps3c74a254.jpg

Kelly Rowland worked on her brown & bronzed glow while chatting on the phone and soaking up some sun in Miami yesterday.  Check out the beach babe relaxing and looking extra happy inside....

We can't blame her for being so happy these days when she looks this good even makeup free. Kelly Rowland took some beach time for herself to relax over the weekend in Miami, and showed off her legs at the same time:

 photo article-0-1988B167000005DC-484_634x404_zpsd61dfb8c.jpg

   photo article-0-1988AF97000005DC-45_634x415_zps25a7bcde.jpg  photo article-0-1988B083000005DC-734_634x399_zps94f59523.jpg

The "Kisses Down Low" singer offered up kisses to a mystery male friend and was joined by other friends on the beach:

 photo article-0-1988B10F000005DC-969_634x381_zps25cad30f.jpg

 photo wenn20304554_zps36f6f952.jpg

Loving her fedora and bright green and zebra print cover up.  Kelly is now set to release her upcoming studio album Talk A Good Game on June 18th, the same day she will be rocking the stage on "GMA."






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Kcny's picture

Looking good Kelly!

Looking good Kelly!
Denise2007's picture

Get it Ms. Kelly!

Get it Ms. Kelly!
Beautyfulones's picture

Where are all the racist

Where are all the racist comments about dating outside the race? I guess that only happens if it's a black celebrity male dating a white woman . . . hmm.
jgraves58's picture

Right!!! Nobody saying "She

Right!!! Nobody saying "She hate her daddy" nobody saying "She's a self hater" nobody saying "She's a bed wench" nothing!!!!!And this is a woman who said a white man was the most beautiful man on the planet!! NO OUTRAGE!! AND SHE ALSO SAID SHE HATED BEING DARKSKINNED!!!I believe alot of black women just don't want black men to be happy. But when they get they white man it's all good BUT BLACK MEN ARE 2ND CHOICE after the white man let em goo. They want simple minded nigga whoo will be a simp for black woman when that white man show his true motives and let her go. Thats why i always say BLACK WOMEN ARENT LOYAL if the white man wanted black women THEY'D BE OUT THE DOOR QUICK AS FUCK they just want you to be there when shit don't go well aka a fallback guy thats all black men is to black women is a FALLBACK GUY. Shit the black race in general IS A FALL BACK RACE. If a mixed breed hung around whites and was treated like royalty and then they found out she was black and started to treat her like shit SHE CAN FALLBACK ON THE BLACK RACE TO COMFORT HER. Just like Mariah Carey did....
LetsGetIt's picture

Looking good Kelly! *Sings "I

Looking good Kelly! *Sings "I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it first!"*
C2C's picture

Boycott KELLY ROWLAND!!!!!!!!

Boycott KELLY ROWLAND!!!!!!!! Boycott her!!!!Just kiddin lol... But dark skinned black women LOVEEE THE WHITE MAN, that's all i see with the white man is a dark skinned sista. But one thing i can say about the white man WHEN HE DATE OUTSIDE HIS RACE AND GO BLACK he get the finest , sexist, chocolatest black women on the planets. I CAN HONESTLY SAY I NEVER SEEN A WHITE MAN WITH AN UNATTRACTIVE BLACK WOMAN NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR. Nigggasss/black men on the other hand just goooo after anyyyyyyyy white woman, like come on broo that shit aint even impressive, black women look better than white women anyways when they are natural and themselves but they put soo much shit in they head and on their face it's ridiculous just to look like white women "WHO ISN'T EVEN THE SYMBOL OF BEAUTY ANY GODDAMN MORE" THEY PLAYED OUTTTT. Im just being real....Only people going crazy over white women are nigggas from the hood / black men who never had access to white women growing up and white men who trying to keep them on the pedestal when it comes to being the symbol of beauty
LetsGetIt's picture

Kelly looks fabu.

Kelly looks fabu.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Nice post!

Nice post!
JewelryLover's picture

She is soooooo beautiful.....

She is soooooo beautiful.....
Sweetlips7's picture

Loving her beach cover up,

Loving her beach cover up, really cute!!
Realist's picture

give it up for sexual

give it up for sexual chocolate!!
shuga's picture

nice post.

nice post.
wildlife's picture

Love her rocking her own hair

Love her rocking her own hair on her down time! Get it girl...#teamNatural

I just love her natural

I just love her natural curls!!! Team Natural
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Team brown skin! She should

Team brown skin! She should of been kissing on me. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stories as well
V's picture

wow Kelly thick up but that

wow Kelly thick up but that blonde in the pic is giving her a run for her money..thicknesssss
Bigswole1's picture

Key is thick, shapely and

Key is thick, shapely and healthy looking that white woman is clearly chunky and slightly overweight, hence the big arms. Yall love to make sure you big up white woman even if you have to make that ish up in your head.
Keys's picture

Loving the look.

Loving the look.
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