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PARTY FAB: Cassie's RockaByeBaby MIXTAPE Release Party in Atlanta


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Cassie went down to Atlanta, GA this weekend to celebrate the release of her RockaByeBaby mixtape. Chick is serious about promoting this project.  See pics inside....

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"Numb" singer Cassie was seen walking into the Atlanta hip spot Compound on Saturday for her official mixtape release party for RockaByeBaby.


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The pretty gal tweeted, "ATL... we're here!!! Come out tonight & turn up with us at Compound!!!! @agentertainment @cirocboybonds #cirocgirlz"

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 photo 086.jpg

it's been a busy summer for Cassie who's starred in ad campaigns for ASOS and Forever 21 in the past few weeks.

 photo 063.jpg

She smoked from a hookah with friends.

 photo 065.jpg

"Empire Girls" star Julissa Bermudez came out to support Cassie.

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Lifestyle expert and tastemaker Kenny Burns was there to celebrate.


Photos via Cassie-Ventura




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Kcny's picture

She looks good!!!

She looks good!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Why does her face look like

Why does her face look like the Joker, I hope she hasn't been injecting it with shit. She definitely does NOT need any surgical enhancements. I actually think her mixtape is pretty dope. Great production and features for a mixtape, and I can't stop listening to Paradise. Can't knock her hustle. She came out like 6 years ago and is somewhat still standing. One thing that we cannot say, is that she is messy. All the shit that gets said about her and to her (ehem Charlamagne) and she's still so positive. More power to her.
Yas's picture

Diggin' Cassie's outfit.

Diggin' Cassie's outfit. Julissa not so much.
GetUrLife's picture

Cassie look gorgeous as

Cassie look gorgeous as usual. her mixtape is nice
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Is that lil Zane in the 2nd

Is that lil Zane in the 2nd pic? Wonder what he is doing now days.
kastro11's picture

LOL no that's Young

LOL no that's Young Berg.....still wonder where he is? After he put his foot in his mouth about dark skinned girls, the world turned on him.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

That's Yung Berg...dude

That's Yung Berg...dude writes a lot of hits....just gotta get that reputation back from getting smacked up everywhere he goes!
Money First's picture

shes so pretty!!!

shes so pretty!!!
litebrite's picture

Cassie Rock ur dam self to

Cassie Rock ur dam self to sleep...ain't no body got time for that BS!!!!!
Like Really's picture

music is music, it does not

music is music, it does not matter if its free, i like people embracing in music


Missy's picture

I didn't know they had

I didn't know they had release parties for mixtapes!? Lol!
Coffy's picture

FTFO!! lmaoooo

FTFO!! lmaoooo
Realist's picture

who the hell promo's a

who the hell promo's a mixtape? aint they free? wtf
BritJackson's picture

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