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Jason Collins' EX-FIANCEE Found Out He Was GAY.....LAST WEEK!

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Carolyn Moos, the ex-fiancee of Jason Collins, dated the baller for eight years but never made it down the aisle.  Last week...he told her why.  See what she said about Jason "coming out" inside....


In 2009, NBA baller Jason Collins called off his wedding to fiancee Carolyn Moos with an off-court play that left her heartbroken and wondering "why?" Last week...she got her answer.

Before Jason became "the first openly gay professional American athlete", he made a long overdue phone call to his former girlfriend of eight years to explain why he abruptly ended their engagement.  Carolyn, a 6' 5" former WNBA player, opened up to TMZ about the intimate phone call her ex-fiance made to her a few days ago,  

"It's very emotional for me as a woman to have invested 8 years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to understand."

Though he'd kept his fiancee and family members in the dark for many years, Jason talked to GMA's George Stephanopoulos during a taped interview this morning, and revealed why he was finally able to come out.

"I always knew I was gay, its like you know that the sky is blue but you keep telling yourself it is red. I fought it for a long time but when you finally get to the point of acceptance there is nothing more beautiful. It feels incredible.'

He also talked about his relationship with Carolyn and what stopped him from getting married saying, “Calling off the wedding was obviously a tough decision but it was the right one because I knew I wasn't getting married for the right reasons.”

And now that they've talked about what happened a few years ago, Carolyn says she's ready to move forward and isn't holding any grudges, 

"I care about [Jason] tremendously and only want the best for him. I want Jason to be happy for a lifetime and stay true to who he really is, inside and out."

Watch Jason discuss coming out to his family and his ex-fiancee here:

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Eight years is a LONG time to

Eight years is a LONG time to string a person on but she should be glad that he didn't marry her and he had the presence of mind to cancel the engagement.
Marek's Wifey's picture

I dont agree with being gay

I dont agree with being gay its not natural not right. but if you chose to be gay that you just dont bash the people that dont

Wow...he basically led her on

Wow...he basically led her on for 8 years! That's precious, biological clock 8 ticking years!
C2C's picture

We have close to 7 billion

We have close to 7 billion people on the planet and counting.Yes, two people of the same sex cannot produce children , yet through science we have artificial insemination and other ways to conceive. By this reasoning ;the human race will cease to exist "hypothesis "is a flawed argument.

Yes but it is not natural

Yes but it is not natural reproduction meaning not of God whom is our creator. A world created in a test tube is not quite of natural reproductive order. If God wanted us to date the same gender we would all be men or all be women. The point of their being both is so that we can reproduce. I don't go against God, but do what you will with that.
cutethatsall56's picture

Sam Champion the weatherman

Sam Champion the weatherman on GMA also made a big anouncement about gettng married to his gay lover. Frank Ocean now posting pictures of his male lover.

So what I'm straight. Why is

So what I'm straight. Why is it a gay person have to tell the world they come out the closet. What if we all go around saying that we are straight. Now I have a idea who's really running the world.

Have you been told you should

Have you been told you should burn in hell, beaten, bullied because of the shear fact you are heterosexual?

There are way more

There are way more heterosexuals that are bullied on average that gay. I guess they don't count though.
cutethatsall56's picture

You don't need to tell people

You don't need to tell people your straight. It's a predominantly heterosexual world we live in. It's an overtly sexual society we live in that just so happens to be heterosexual. That's like dumb white people that complain that there is a black entertainment television, and ask the dumb question "why there isn't a white entertainment television (WET)?" Or "why isn't there a NAAWP as opposed to a NAACP". As a majority, you are represented wholly. These people just want to not have to hide who they are just because of your intolerance.
TrueThinker's picture

There are way more

There are way more heterosexuals that are bullied on average that gay. I guess they don't count though. Also please don't compare sexual/bedroom matters to black/white issues. It's not the same at all. There is no closet for being black. Its fine do you and be gay but tht doesn't mean that it needs to be force feed to children, and adults alike. Just be gay and live your life, and let us live ours but there is a forced agenda through media and it will take humanity out and first the black culture.
cutethatsall56's picture

For what?! Being straight??

For what?! Being straight?? Please. And mind you I'm not saying it doesn't exist because I'm sure it does, just like reverse racism. But heterosexual people do NOT even come close to being scutinized like the gay community. Not even close. Does it count? Sure it does. Ignorance no matter the origin is still ignorance. I'm sorry that you fail to see any comparison to discrimination regardless of its nature. Black people kill me with this shit. Clearly we can't change our skin but that doesn't mean you can't compare struggles of inequality or acceptance. It kind of reminds me of that sad little child on the playground that refuses to let you play with his toys because you won't follow all of his silly rules. Give me a break. Just because gay people weren't subjected to the level of anguish that black culture has endured and is still enduring doesn't mean there isn't likeness to both social groups. Gays are told from young that they are wrong and are mentally oppressed. Sexual nature is at the very core of our fiber. One of our most basic instinct. And teaching someone..especially a young someone that you are wrong and destined for death is despicable. This is nothing more than religious rhetoric being used to thwart progression. Oh...hello history (sarcasm). Funny how when gays speak up about their sexuality and a movement for recognition as valid contributors to society they are forcing you...but the overt presence of heterosexual nature through media and public display is just simply a wonderful normal thing. Hmm..imagine that
TrueThinker's picture

Disgusting...on so many

Disgusting...on so many levels. I'm disgusted by Jason Collins. I'm disgusted by this story being the story of the week. Fuck two dudes fucking each other in the mouth and ass. I'm disgusted by the leader of this country...the LEADER...promoting tolerance for this type of shit by calling this dude to "congratulate" him. Disgusting. How about calling the black man in Chicago to congratulate him for getting back up after he's fallen and being the best he can be in support of his children, woman and community. It's a truly fucked up day when leadership has fallen to this level of disgust and black men find sexual satisfaction in another fucking man. Disgusting.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

This is exactly what I'm

This is exactly what I'm talking about. You're so focused on what doesn't appeal to you that you lose sight of the damn point. You are not gay. No one is trying to force gay thoughts in your head. If you could remove your preference from the equation for just a damn second and understand that we ALL have not just that BASIC carnal desire towards another humanbeing but also the same basic need of an emotional connection. THAT is the common ground that ALL of us share! It's not the ACT of two men or two women that you need to comprehend but the fact that gay people feel and want the same companionship that their heterosexual counterparts do. THAT is how you step outside yourself and look at the whole picure AND STILL reserve a respectful opinion. i dont personally find fat people attractive but i understand the laws of attraction and that some people are. no problem. they still deserve love and the same sexual desires that i do. What the hell is so hard to see about that? I know it's hard for feeble minds to believe but you can still be strong in faith and love God and disagree and STILL be accepting of others differences.
TrueThinker's picture

problem with your argument is

problem with your argument is that blk folks, generally speaking, are EXTREMELY conservative on certain issues - homosexuality is one of them. statistics have shown that blk folks are overwhelming religious (we believe in a higher power) and take the bible to be the inerrant word of god. btw, your point about fat people is way off base. many people are fat due to some type of psychological trauma, lack of education on healthy eating/meals & exercise and poverty (lack of access to fruits, veggie and whole grain).
wildlife's picture

That they are. But

That they are. But understanding humanity does not take away from your spirituality. Some black people have this notion that if you understand a gay persons desire -that it is the same as denying Gods word. Utter nonsense. God has allowed us free thought. It is a gift. Why on earth would it be a crime in Gods eyes to understand where someone is coming from and still have a difference of opinion? Understanding is not defeat. That's all I'm saying. As far as the fat person perspective, I was not referring to the physical nature of comparison, but rather in terms of attraction. This applies as such to the subject.
TrueThinker's picture

oh ok ok. now i understand

oh ok ok. now i understand what you mean about a fat person. blks, generally speaking, are not yet at the level of fully embracing humanity, with all of its frailties, practicing non-judgment and loving one's neighbor as him/herself as commanded by jesus christ when it comes to the issue of homosexuality. as a preacher's kid i was indoctrinated with the teaching that homosexuality was wrong and ALL homosexuals are on their way to hell. it wasn't until i met and became friends with gay people in college that i began to take a critical look at the biological underpinnings of homosexuality. i personally believe homosexuality is not a choice. now, do i express my views on this subject matter to my family - absolutely, unequivocally NO because i will be told that i'm going to hell for liking gays.
wildlife's picture

Spot on , however the

Spot on , however the morality of 99% of people contributing to this site is coming from a 1 century perspective,(insert biblical text here) Nevermind the other Levitican laws. This issue is far more tantalizing since it hinges around sex and anal pleasures. Oddly enough Lesbians do not undergo the same scrutiny. Why? The emotional well being of gay men seldom if ever enters their minds.

Yeah but this is a very

Yeah but this is a very important matter because its getting to extreme numbers especially in the black community. It's being feed to young kids as the way to be before their even old enough to discuss these topics in a mature fashion. The reality is that its not the same as being hetero because it goes against the natural order of human reproduction. It's to the point where if you don't agree with being gay then you're a gay basher. This will remove the black culture eventually as exponential numbers of blacks see being gay as a fad, or something cool. As if everyone was gay the population would be ZERO. That should tell you a lot.
cutethatsall56's picture

The funny thing is that it's

The funny thing is that it's not. Black people are susceptible to being gay just like the rest of the worlds population. These gay or bisexual people were always gay or bisexual. The reason you like many others assume they are all turning gay is because they are finally not giving a shit what you think about them. That have always been a part of your community, your church, your families, your political parties, your schools, your friends, ect. What's intimidating to the homophobic community is that these gay individuals, particularly men because we all know that's the real disgust here...not women, aren't flaming and flamboyant. All of a sudden they can't be type casted. Black heterosexual men will always be heterosexual. There is no threat there. Gay men have come from some of the most stable homes and communities. Lets focus on bringing up strong responsible men period and quit avoiding the real issue of prioritizing things like education, and being responsible for ones actions.
TrueThinker's picture

Also that's incorrect about

Also that's incorrect about gay black men coming from the most stable homes...very untrue..the majority of black gay men that I've talked to and its been A LOT have stated extreme circumstances in their childhood from being raped by uncles, to mom's getting their head blown off in front of them, etc so don't do that. It's not true. Fraudian Psychology states that if a man doesn't have an ACTIVE male participant in the home before age 5 he will develop his sexuality toward homosexual thus being more like the female in his life, and that's also all I hear from gay men...no FATHER present. Or no male figure period present in their lives to develop how to be a man. A woman CANT teach a man how to be a man. Even if you live in a household with 2 parents if that male isn't an active participant the odds are he will lean toward being like his mom. This is also been observed on numerous occasions. This is real life in the black commmunity so you can run from it but its there.
cutethatsall56's picture

It is in fact in EXTREMELY

It is in fact in EXTREMELY high numbers and that homosexual agenda is very much being pushed by the media so that the black family continues to fail, and therefore become non-existent. Any city right now with a large population of blacks besides Detroit is inindated with grown men sleeping with each other. Black women are the most single women out of any culture in America. There very much is a problem because anything in extreme is a problem. Even an older gay male told me that he thought there was a problem because he sees young boys now doing it as a fad rather than authentically being homosexual. You can ignore it but please believe in 100 years african americans will be whipped out between the interracial marriage, heavy drug use, homosexuality, and HIV. Wake up.
cutethatsall56's picture

The homosexual agenda as you

The homosexual agenda as you so eloquently put it, is to be respected in the same light as their heterosexual conterparts. To be seen and heard. As long as men, women, little boys and little girls identify as gay, they too need to see themselves represented in society. Not shunned because of it. Not pushed in to the proverbial closet to spare your non interest. Heterosexual sexuality is blatant in its most truest form all over the media. This acknowlegement gay sexuality will not end society. That is scare tactic of religious porportions. Black people are not turning gay. Black gay people are speaking up. There is a difference. There are black gay communities because they go where they are less likely to run in to people who judge them. Again, I don't know who your references are but sexuality is not black and white. Some gay people have very well been abused, and act out because of it. Doesn't mean you get to blanket them under that notion.
TrueThinker's picture

Ok...when I made reference to

Ok...when I made reference to "gay men have come from the most stable homes and communites"..I wasn't referring to black men in particular. I was actually making the point that this tired excuse that gay people exist because of sexual abuse or because they come from homes with no fathers has been a meritless venture by the homophobic community since..well..since Freud. The medical community historically have made assumptions and claims about homosexuality because they simply couldn't explain it. Freud was no different. That statement you quoted is simply archaic, generalizing and down right stereotypical. It's kind of scary the research and experiments they did back then. You aught to look it up. Anywho, some of the most flamboyant, overly feminine men have been brought up in two parent homes with a mother and father. Homes with wealth and stability. Yet there they are. ...Too much love from their mother perhaps? I don't know where you surveyed gay people but those experiences are NOT the norm. Sexual abuse happens all the time and even in situations where the child has been molested by the same sex it is no guarantee that that child will practice homosexual tendencies. Now you may trigger dormant sexual nature but it is not created. Some actually show regression of sexual feelings depending on the level of trauma. Now if you want to talk abou the black community and its lack of proper grooming of not just young men but young women as well..that is another subject.
TrueThinker's picture

So much racism on this

So much racism on this site...is this where bitter black girls vent their frustration? Its like the black version of storm front but with ghetto/ ignorant dialog...... carry on
Tom Jones's picture

Nah were not bitter. Black

Nah were not bitter. Black men want us to be bitter but were smart enough to know that the majority of DL black men hide behind white chicks. If anything the girl in the picture above is the most bitter. ;)
cutethatsall56's picture

@cutethatsall56 Right! Who do

@cutethatsall56 Right! Who do they think coined the term "beard"? certainly not black women.
KENNEDY78's picture


MY FATHER SWEARS BY THIS! I kid you not my dad always says any black man interested in non black women has homosexual tendencies. He has always said this. Its Louis Farrakhan theory as well even though I don't follow him. White women have been known to marry openly gay men for companionship. Thats why I don't trip when I see IR couples because WW allow anything. He looks gay to ME how could she not know? I have white colleagues who's "boyfriends" are "gay for pay" meaning they have sex with wealthy men for money. He's allowed to come home and stick his dick down her throat after being with another man for days.
KENNEDY78's picture

This is not logic. It's a

This is not logic. It's a stereotype. You ASSume to classify an entire social group as fake. ..And you know what they say about ASSumptions..
TrueThinker's picture

STOP TROLLING and learn to

STOP TROLLING and learn to comprehend whats written. There were no ASSumptions made in my post. The only assumption made was by YOUR ignorant ass when you completely misquoted me. Claiming I said entire group was fake? That wasn't even implied you idiot! don't put words in my mouth.
KENNEDY78's picture

If by trolling you mean

If by trolling you mean responding to your post, then I'd advise you to not comment, because clearly you wanted people to see what you were thinking. Im sry i know u got agitated that i called you an ass but seriously, your post was riddled with assumptions, from your dad assuming all black men not interested in black women have "homo tendencies" (<---that is a quote btw), and how you don't "trip when u see IR couples because WW do anything" (<----another quote). "Looking gay"...assumption. Gay for pay doesn't even fit your argument. It's like reading a post on MediaTakeOut. Lets just post things to start confrontation.
TrueThinker's picture

You're pissed that people

You're pissed that people have opinions that don't please you? Grow up! you're trolling. Youre harassing or attacking everyone on the site who's views differ from yours. That is juvenile. And no, I didn't make any assumptions, you may wish to pull up a dictionary before you try to use words out of context. If I can look at this man and clearly see that he is gay, WHICH HE IS, how is that an assumption genius? Thats rhetorical by the way. Now go salvage whats left of your miserable life and kick rocks with bare feet you're dismissed! Do not reply to me please...
KENNEDY78's picture

No. Not even slightly. I

No. Not even slightly. I respect a difference of opinion. What I don't care for is lazy thinkers. Attackers are the ones that post stupid assumptions...and demean an entire group of people...which clearly you don't comprehend. The fact that you would reiterate your ASSumption that he was gay based on his appearance further proves my point. So I'll retract that apology. Your pathetic attempt to insult me because of your shortcomings does nothing but show your lazy logic. Good day simpleton.
TrueThinker's picture

I see your just another gay

I see your just another gay bully trying to force everyone to be gay or agree with that alternative lifestyle OR ELSE. You guys are the real bullies.
cutethatsall56's picture

Me? Bully? Not even. As I

Me? Bully? Not even. As I said before, lazy thinkers that talk none sense deserve a good tongue lashing. Besides...I barely even took it there.
TrueThinker's picture

I hate it when people lead

I hate it when people lead others on. if you know you're gay (you've always known according to you) why be in a serious relationship? if you're gonna pretend to be something you're not at least consider other people's feelings
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

If you prefer giving your

If you prefer giving your pistol a "Sh*tty deal" then don't come poking around a female. It is so wicked, perverse and narcisstic to string someone along emotionally knowing all along that you are whatever the hell you are. He feels so much better now.....What about that woman you hurt you asshole.
JewelryLover's picture

I must admit, I get a chuckle

I must admit, I get a chuckle out of seeing her standing next to him; and he prolling had blk chicks feeling left out. Now who's got the last laugh! I'm telling you, all these sellout negroes get these white beards cause they're hiding something that blk chicks won't stand for! Sistas stop sweating these negroes plz, they're not worth it!
listen2me's picture

@listen2me YES! Truth.gov

@listen2me YES! Truth.gov
KENNEDY78's picture

OMG you sound so BITTER!

OMG you sound so BITTER! What's wrong boo-boo did a Black man leave you for a white woman. Give it a break. This is some of the RACIST shyt I have ever read. And you woman got a nerve to say "racism still exists" yeah it does. It evolves around those bitter jealous woman that can't see it's not about black or white but it's about love, respect and loyalty! Grow up, Let your racism die!
MelsBoutique's picture

A sistah would have peeped

A sistah would have peeped that from the jump. "Ut uh. Get you ass up out of here." I'm sure dudes will be lining up to get a piece of all that pipe. What an asswipe.
JewelryLover's picture

Another blk man, posted up

Another blk man, posted up with a white chick who's just a beard for his perversions that most blk women won't accept. Take note sista's, most of these rich blk men are hiding behind beckys.
listen2me's picture

Humans are going to become

Humans are going to become extinct soon going down this path. The media is continously force feeding homosexuality down everyone's throat or your bashing it. The reality is no matter how you feel about it, it is not the natural order of life and reproduction. That will never change. The problem is not that people are gay, its that the gay bully's of America are trying to force everyone else to be gay as well. The media is doing this in a very suddle way just pay attention.
cutethatsall56's picture

you took the words right out

you took the words right out of my mouth. i've been saying this forever. STOP FORCING IT ON PEOPLE!!! we get it...geeze
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Co-sign to the upteenish

Co-sign to the upteenish power. Don't hate gays but feel sorry for the confusion that must be their mental state. I believe some ppl are born gay, just like some ppl are born with birth defects. They shouldn't be discriminated against but that lifestyle will bring inpending doom to humans. I applaud him for coming out and being honest to the world.
listen2me's picture

The comments on this

The comments on this particular subject matter are so completely fucking retarded. How do you cosign ignorance? It's like one of you spew vomit and the others can barely contain themselves trying to lap it up. Frustrating, but funny all at once.
TrueThinker's picture

don't give a fuck about ANY

don't give a fuck about ANY blk man who shuns blk women and exclusively date white (except for michael jackson. rip). i sincerely hope all of his beckys go get an aids test.
wildlife's picture

Look, if you're gonna hate on

Look, if you're gonna hate on someone for who they choose to date at least do it all the way! Don't make exceptions for MJ. Yes, he was a talented man, but also very weird....he doesn't deserve special treatment. Also, I think he stated that even though he's gay he hasn't engaged in relationships with any other men. So I think his exes (I hate the term "Becky") are just fine.
CheyPie's picture

you actually believe he

you actually believe he didn't engage in relationships with other men??? lmao. that's what they ALL say. lol btw, don't call mj weird. i love him.
wildlife's picture

Well...we won't ever know for

Well...we won't ever know for sure. And sorry. LOL. MJ was indeed a strange man. Let's call a spade a spade.
CheyPie's picture

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