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SERIOUSLY? Peter Thomas & Cynthia Bailey HOST "The Unscripted Reality Awards" PRESS CONFERENCE!


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Peter Thomas, the husband of "RHOA" star Cynthia Bailey has created an award show that will honor reality stars and all their ratchet behavior with the announcement of "The Unscripted Reality Awards." See who turned out for the announcement inside....

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"LAHH ATL" star Mimi Faust was among the "talent" who came out for the announcement of The Unscripted Reality Awards.  Created by The Peter Thomas Entertainment Group, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino and David Mays, their press release says, 

"The UnScripted Reality Awards will honor individuals who star in the plethora of reality shows that entertain and intrigue us.  Just as the film community has the Oscars, the music community has the Grammys, and the television community has the Emmys, this award show will bring focus to the genre that is steadily making a huge mark on popular culture."

Yes....you read that right.  And we can only imagine the categories:  Best Fight Between Two Baby Mamas; Most Outstanding Deadbeat Dad; Best Bar Brawl; Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Chick With No Real Talent....the award nominee list could be endless.  

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Karlie Redd came out to toss her name in the ring.  We wonder if "Louis, Prada, Gucci" will get her a Best Rap Song nomination.  Wait....is she a singer or rapper? 

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"Big Rich Atlanta" stars Sharlinda Parker and Sabrina Rowe were there.

 photo seve3.jpg  

"Married To Medicine" creator Mariah Huq was there. We wonder if she would be offended that we nominate for the "Best NeNe Leakes Interpretation" award?

 photo seve1.jpg

Jazze Pha posed with rapper Vawn.

 photo sever13.jpg

"Married To Medicine" star Kari Wells was there.  

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Curvato "designer" and "R&B Divas" star Nicci Gilbert might compete with She By Sheree for "Best Clothing Line."

 photo seve11.jpg

And "BBW LA" star Bambi will give "RHOA" stars Rasheeda and Lil' Scrappy a run for their money as the "Best Rapper". 

 photo seve10.jpg 

And Toya Bush-Harris of "Married To Medicine" posed with "The Sisterhood" star Tara Lewis.

The ceremony will be held at Woodruff Arts Center on September 4, 2013.


Photos via Seven




Cynthia just IRKS me with

Cynthia just IRKS me with that OLD,MEAN, BROKE ass Peter most models don't end up with OLD MEN with no money like that REJECTED PETER! These 2 hosting this mess is already LOW and WRONG! I guess Cynthia was NEVER really on Naomi or Tyra's level of modeling any way but at least Kimora married an old rich man with Russell Simmons unlike Cynthia's man OLD MEAN BROKE man! Where do I start? Toya Bush Harris need to get her teeth fixed, just RECONSTRUCT HER MOUTH starting with THOSE GUMS AND BIG ASS HANGING OUT THE MOUTH TEETH of her! Those UGLY twins from Big Rich Atlanta are some of the UGLIEST twins I've ever seen. TWICE THE UGLY! The twins and Shay Buckley from LHHA need to get together and be UGLY TRIPLETS! Tara Lewis from sister wives looks like DMX wife, BAMBI LOOKS POOR with that GRANDMA WIG ON, Nikki Gibbert has a BIG ATTITUDE to MATCH HER BIG BODY! Kari from married to medicine is SO FREAKING UGLY her and her HUSBAND look like PLASTIC SURGERY MONSTERS! Karly Redd know she's a 60yr old woman with her lying self! Mariah is not ugly but need to do better with the BAD WIG AND MAKE-UP! MiMi is the only one looking nice. What a sad DEGENERATE GATHERING! Trying not to use RATCHET so much but it descibes this event SO WELL!
Shay's picture

Cynthia is so pathetic it is

Cynthia is so pathetic it is unreal. As beautiful as she is, I know she could have married someone better than this. She knows the only way she can stay married to him is to figure out a way to fatten his pockets. Why would you marry someone who your family knows will bring you to nothing but misery and they have to suffer with you he isnt even the father of her child and never will be because he is only in it for the money and he marches down the aisle on your wedding day with his woman friend, and you dont know that is his REAL woman cynthia is probably voodooed. their is know other explanation for marrying someone who stole from you BEFORE the wedding. pitiful
cassandra29's picture

Girl Cynthia is pathetic

Girl Cynthia is pathetic she's a follower and any one who would marry an old man who has already been married 5 times has pure ROCKS FOR BRAINS! Cynthia is Pretty but has no sense at all!
Shay's picture

These "rich" b*tches in

These "rich" b*tches in Atlanta need to get better WEAVEOLOGISTS [sic]. Stevie Wonder could do a better closer. TACKY!¡
GetUrLife's picture


GetUrLife's picture

Ghetto just does not stop in

Ghetto just does not stop in ATL. It is ashame that the world view of Atlanta is a bunch of thirsty low class black women who are pretending to have class. I never want to set foot in this city.
lola69's picture

the medical community has to

the medical community has to be upset about their community being portrayed as low class. and why dont we here activist like jesse jackson, who loves to criticize young rappers, talking about black images on the screen being negative. the gays love to pick up these shows.
cassandra29's picture

@lola69 ~ me either!¡

@lola69 ~ me either!¡ Hotlanta my a$$.
GetUrLife's picture

i don't want to see ugly ass

i don't want to see ugly ass Peter ashy lips on T.V. I don't really want to see him on RHOA not to mention anything aftewards. Can't wait till they get divorced. He must be great in bed to date anyone beautiful like Cynthia or Nia.
lola69's picture

I love Karlie Redd's dress

I love Karlie Redd's dress but its ill-fitted on her. She needed a better fit age/size appropiate dress. Bambi seems stuck in the 90's a little but maybe its me.
cutethatsall56's picture

Hair. Does anybody have any?

Hair. Does anybody have any?
Zetagirl's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

are they serious? .tamar

are they serious? .tamar braxton got some nice boobs though...i cant believe her nude pic leaked..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

lmao..this is gunna b so low

lmao..this is gunna b so low budget. Is Boris and Cynthia going to have hosting duties again? ..because that went well on RHWOA.. :/
TrueThinker's picture

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tom070's picture

My reaction? TOTAL LAUGHTER -

My reaction? TOTAL LAUGHTER - LMAO!!!!! I just can't with this news - LOL!!!
Happy Lady's picture

celebrating coonery and

celebrating coonery and buffoonery. this is a joke.
wildlife's picture

That Nose Job on the white

That Nose Job on the white chick is weird as hell......lol
star's picture

Reality TV is so stupid now,

Reality TV is so stupid now, time for Hollywood to take entertainment back. This mess is ridiculous.

kari is gross, and boring.

kari is gross, and boring. its so funny when she tries to act bougie.. girlfriend with those lumpy bumpy silicone lips you aint fooling no one.
islandgirlsrocks's picture

What is this Kari woman

What is this Kari woman wearing? Where does she shop? It does seem very ratchet. But I won't lie, I will be watching.
IslandVibez's picture


PinkyDaGoddess's picture

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